2018 Chevrolet Trax LS AWD

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Good afternoon vanessa joe wolf here alderman chevy buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re famous for awesome deals and fabulous service i want to personally thank you for your inquiry this just arrived 2018 chevrolet tracks this is the ls trim level let me take in a little tour as you can see from that front plate this vehicle is certified pre-owned

Which means it’s undergone 172 point inspection also means you get an extra one year or 12 000 miles on the comprehensive warranty up to six years or a hundred thousand miles on the powertrain this is a one owner vehicle finished in silver i actually just bought my daughter this exact same car which is fantastic i trust in all the safety features um it’s got

Enough content she’s happy uh tires on this appear to be in very good shape as you can see that wheel’s in excellent condition it’s a great all-wheel drive vehicle i feel confident with her driving around this winter in it as you can see there’s plenty of room in the back seats for her carton around friends and so on and so forth it’s actually pretty feature-rich

Also so i’ll go over some of those features let’s head up front and take a look at that this vehicle has power windows and door locks as you can see with the driver’s entry points in excellent condition auto on off headlights this particular one only has 19 125 miles on it does have bluetooth it’s got your menu button here you click through it’s got some valuable

Information miles per hour fuel economy remaining oil life all the very important stuff gas gauges digital over here is an automatic of course if your usb and auxiliary ports air conditioning heating controls does have apple carplay and android auto it’s probably one of my favorite things knowing that she doesn’t have to pick her phone up at all as long as she’s

Plugged in here her phone mirrors itself on the screen also has am fm radio which is nice of course bluetooth you can stream directly from that so very feature-rich vehicle again all-wheel drive take a look at that rear wheel there also in excellent condition as you can see nice hatchback plenty of room nice cargo cover there if you have valuables back there

It does unclips you can take that right out and those seats do fold 60 40. very easy to close the back wheel also in excellent condition it also has onstar with a subscription to that you can make sure that um everybody’s safe gives you crash notification and many other features has a nice stitching on the dash for a nice upscale look so a lot of car for the

Money show you that last wheel there again no evidence of curb rashing just in excellent condition so vanessa if you’d like to learn more about this 2018 tracks ls click the learn more button below or come see it for yourself route 7 south in rutland or check it out on the web at aldermen chevrolet.com

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2018 Chevrolet Trax LS AWD By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC