2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited Platinum For Sale Video Tour 12 2020

2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited Platinum For Sale Video Tour 12 2020

Hello my name is mike johnson taking you on an inside and outside video tour of this 2018 chrysler pacifica there’s a van not a minivan it’s a full-size van plug-in hybrid the minivans were a little bit smaller they still call it a minivan but i always say these are pretty much full-size vans so chrysler pacifica plug in hybrid runs on gasoline so if you buy

This car you have to go to the gas station and buy gas just like a normal car but it’s better than a normal car in the sense that when you get home you can plug it in it’ll charge up its onboard battery and deliver about 30 miles of electric driving the following day that saves you a lot of gas mileage and this is the top of the line uh limited model up on the

Roof i showed you it has a panorama sunroof the like a triple sunroof goes all the way back it’s got a power shade so if you don’t want the sunroof to glare in on you you can close the shade with a touch of a button when you’re going nice places like national parks state parks tall buildings so spectacular view out the panorama sunroof and then this has all the

Top-of-the-line state-of-the-art safety features so it’s got the radar adaptive cruise control with a front camera so up on the windshield there’s a front mounted camera rain sensing windshield wipers automatic dimming high beam headlights it’s got a radar sensor for the cruise control so you can turn on the cruise control when you’re out in the middle of the

Desert set it for 80 miles an hour and drive straight on into city traffic and never have to touch the brake because the car will automatically slow on cruise control for the vehicles ahead all the way down to a full and complete stop this one has brand new tires all six tires are brand new and you’ve got these california carpol stickers this has the red axis ok

Sticker so you can drive alone immediately in the carpool lanes of southern california diamond lanes on bridges tall roads any place you see the little diamonds symbol this lets you use that lane with only one person in the vehicle it’s a very nice vehicle it’s got front and rear parking sonar sensors front and rear radar sensors blind spot monitor surround

View camera so there’s a it has a backup camera system that looks like a helicopters hovering over the van taking video of the surroundings which is really cool but it does it using stitching the image from the four on-board cameras so you don’t have to bring the helicopter with you it’s very cool feature some of the newer cars have that feature all the normal

Minivan cool features like power open and close side doors so you hit the button remote engine starting leather seats this has cooling air conditioned cooling seats i notice i’m opening the doors from the remote control blu-ray disc player with dvd headsets video player screens in the back of the seat with lots of usb ports everywhere so if you bring ipads or

Something with you everybody can plug in their ipads it has the lounge recliner seats in the middle these are basically captain’s chairs with easy flip the lever and easy access to the third row seat just fold flat into the floor third row seats gets really good gas mileage and it’s very very quick it’s extremely fast and powerful vehicle all your buddies that

Are buying the uh hemi v8 suvs you can outrun them it’s extremely quick but it gets up to 80 miles per gallon because of the plug-in hybrid technology and i’m going to explain that in a little bit just showing you features of the vehicle these seats you just pull the string and they fold flat into the floor now i’m holding the camera so i don’t want to do that

We do have the floor mats we do have the headsets and the remote controls for the video players still has warranty on the vehicle so pull the number one handle that folds flat into the floor here factory warranty because it’s a plug-in hybrid could be up to 15 years or 150 000 miles under california emissions law this is a native california car look even here

There’s usb ports right there so you can charge your devices in the back seat there nobody’s gonna have a problem with dead batteries and this even has a wi-fi hotspot built into the vehicle so instead of paying a active subscription for all your kids phones and ipads to have access to the internet just pay one fee for the car to have access to the internet

And then all the devices can connect to it when you’re in the car automatically it’s pretty cool so this has the radar adaptive cruise control there’s a little button here on the lower portion of the steering wheel that’s the distance following and to enable the cruise control to follow their vehicles closer or farther away it’s a very cool feature that is very

Addictive and lowers your stress level when you’re driving this super quiet sneaky quick 0-60 is like 7 seconds and that’s even at high altitudes because you have two electric motors in addition to the 3.6 gasoline engine so it’s got a lot of power you got triple engines on board to propel you forward but if you’re plugging it in every day because it’s a plug-in

Hybrid the way that works so you go home at night you plug it into a charging plug which comes with a vehicle and then charges up for maybe five to seven hours overnight the next day it’s ready to drive 30 miles of pure electric before it switches over to using gasoline so if you’re just running around town you may go a whole day without using any gas but if

You need to jump in and drive to another state or another city the first 30 miles it’ll try to use electric only as much as possible and then i’ll switch to gasoline as needed but most of the time probably about 40 to 60 percent of the time the engine will be off not burning any fuel which means if the engine is off and you’re still driving that means you’re

Not polluting when you’re driving you have the onboard navigation system right now we’re getting data from the internet a wind advisory for our location we click ok or we could show map it’ll give us a map of the wind advisory it’s got onboard navigation but there’s even in addition to its regular onboard vehicle navigation that has apple carploy carplay and

Android auto so if you have an iphone or a google android based phone you just plug it into the usb port in the dash here one of them and it will your apple carplay maps will appear on the screen which is really cool so you can say hey siri take me to queen mary and everything appears right on the navigation screen you don’t have to tell it to the car you just

Show it on the car it’s really cool this one has the harman kardon premium sound system i should mention the window sticker is visible in my photos this was a fifty thousand dollar vehicle so somebody whipped out fifty thousand dollars plus tax another five or six thousand dollars on top of that depending where they live so they probably paid about fifty five

Fifty 56 000 to buy this vehicle so it’s a really good deal getting a really nice vehicle for a fraction of the cost now i don’t want my video to be too long i did mention this has brand new tires all four tires are brand brand new and these tires come with road hazard warranty so let’s say you drove it home in the first 10 miles you ran over something sharp

And it ruined the tire that’s covered under road hazard warranty this manufacturer offers road hazard coverage on the tire so that’s really cool it’s a very good brand they’re called milestars which include the road hazard warranty looking inside you’ve got your panorama view sunroof open on the front it is closed on the rear but you can open the rear as well

This has air conditioned seats so these seats actually get cold with air conditioning or the heat having cooling and heating seats is a big benefit that’s a rare feature it’s very luxurious feature i would recommend that you read carefully through the window sticker because there are so many features on this vehicle it’s really hard to rattle them all off if you

Bring your your kids on a long cross-country trip they can bring their xbox or playstation put it in the center console it has 110 volt power so they can plug it in and connect to the video screen and play xbox or playstation right here in the car it’s really cool feature let’s go look under the hood i’m going to turn the engine off which is actually not running

It’s running on electric power right now in a few minutes i’m going to whip out the calculator and show you some of those benefits but let’s show you the vehicle first the engine is nice and clean like i said when you’re driving 40 to 60 percent of the time the engine is completely off shut down and you’re only using the electric motors to propel you you have to

Really put your foot on the gas for it to need the electric the gas engine to kick in and when it does boy you just take off like this was a camaro or or dodge charger or fast car like that but because of the electric power it does it very quietly you’re not making loud roaring engine sounds when you’re gunning it around town another look at the brand new tire

So i’m going to point out a few safety features of this vehicle before i wrap it up and there are cash incentives so it does have blind spot monitors so a little light lights up in the mirror when somebody’s driving in your blind spot like in this area here or we have a blind spot right here like if you were parked next to the wall or between two big trucks and

You need to back out it has actual radar unit underneath the bumper hidden in here there’s a radar unit and that will check for cars and pedestrians approaching vehicles that can be detected up to 100 feet away coming at like 40 miles an hour to give you a warning so you don’t back up in front of somebody that’s very cool it also has the front and rear parking

Sonar in addition to the camera it has roof rack with crossbars and on this model the crossbars fold away into this so they’re tucked away so they’re not making wind noise or keeping the car wash from washing the top of the car when you drive through it so but when you have to haul a luggage on a longer trip you can put the crossbars they fold across and then

You can put your skis on top or whatever you’re going to bring surfboards kayaks and head out for the wilderness so this is a gasoline powered vehicle but the plug for the plug-in hybrid connects right here so when you’re looking at pictures these are pretty rare not easy to find so when you go home you just connect the connector right to the charging port from

A regular 110 outlet it doesn’t use very much money worth of electricity it’ll charge up the vehicle and you’ll be good to go now there are cash incentives this isn’t a pre-owned vehicle but there is up to 11 000 cash incentives one program is replace your ride program that’s kind of hard to get into and it’s only for southern california they’ll pay up to 9500

Of the cost of buying this vehicle if you qualify and have a trade-in the additional programs that are currently available is southern california edison is offering a thousand dollars they’ll send you a check for a thousand dollars if you buy a plug-in hybrid through the end of 2020 so if you want that thousand bucks you better do it quick that’s a nice savings

Uh la department of water power is offering uh fifteen hundred dollars so if you have lad wp you can get that so we’re gonna whip out my calculator here and we’re gonna take a quick look so i mentioned you go home at night you plug it in it charges up 30 miles a day on a single charge times 365 days in a year that’s 11 000 miles of electric driving so if you

Drive 12 000 miles a year you may be only buying gas to drive a thousand miles and the other 11 000 miles may be electric only if you drive sixteen thousand miles a year you may only be buying gas to drive five thousand miles and the other eleven thousand miles is free but this is a possibility that you could charge it twice a day and double that up it’s a perfect

Vehicle for the family they’re very rare they’re really nice i do like them this is like the 11th one i’ve had i’ve been looking all over the country but um this one is from california so it hasn’t been exposed to the snow and road salt and stuff like that’s really nice give me a call first check my website make sure it’s still available go on my website look at

The pictures the website is mybestcar.com mybestcar.com mybizcar.com is the website see if it’s available or if i have something similar right now i have three i have a brand new 2020 with a thousand miles on it and then i have this 2018 and i have a really really nice 2017. they’re all top of the line with the same option packages panorama roof harmon carton

Stereo navigation video players but they do have lower models but i have the top of the line in stock right now so my name is mike johnson give me a call 951-681-2101 thank you foreign

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2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited Platinum For Sale Video Tour 12 2020 By mybestcarcom