2018 Ford Expedition Max – Rattle On Start Up Repaired – Phasers Complete – 38 Mile Test Drive

And this is what it is here this should be locked out and it’s not i see driver side intake fail more than anything intake uh on both of them more than anything and then rarely ever see exhaust fail almost always driver side intake see this one the exhaust wall exhaust over here won’t intake won’t lock out so like i said i got everything apart i’m gonna go

Ahead and clean everything up get everything reinstalled the next picture you’re gonna see is everything back together and timed all right just got the front cover on got new seals and everything put in it um just nice nothing excessive nice even silicone push out a lot of people just gobb this stuff on here and there is no reason for that it just makes a mess

And takes longer to dry you can see here i got nice even all the way around got new tensioners and stuff in um got the cam caps torqued or the cam bolts torqued they are i think it’s 30 foot pounds back it off 360 degrees 18 foot pounds and then 150 degrees past that which ends up coming out to an equivalence of like 120 foot pounds total so all that’s torqued

Down new tensioners and stuff are put in and uh yeah we’re going together so let’s uh get it all together and see what she looks like as we’re going so i got the crank in now i got it installed you got to like take a big like 32 millimeter socket and get it started and tap it as far as it’ll go so you can catch four or five threads i use the old bolt to draw it in

All the way and then i swap it out put the new bolt on there and then i torque it down it’s like 37 foot pounds and then 90 degrees and then 60 degrees and then it comes down to like 120 foot pounds overall so that’s where we’re at all right here we go just got done with the phasers key on i’m gonna flood mode it first so and go in here and auto search this

Thing and reset keep alive memory for it clear out any codes that were there before and just now i it started a little rough even though it wasn’t rattling the rattle cam phaser stuff went it was like idling high 1100 1200 rpm wouldn’t come down and it was because i left the quick connect boot or a vacuum tube off at the booster so i went out there and plugged it

In and all of a sudden it’ll drop down immediately smoothed out so now i’m going to go in here and clear everything and reset keep the live memory let it run for a little bit then we’re going to take this thing for a test drive it’s running quiet real quick everything’s good seems to be sealed nothing’s leaking i’m gonna go down there and wash it all off what

I noticed there’s a little bit of a rattle but it was not from the engine it was back here that right there broke away from that shield on startup so i’m going to put a washer on that and shove it back up there because you know what’s going to happen if i don’t it’s going to be ever since ever since you did this it’s your fault you did it you broke it come on

Let me fix it real quick so there’s no ever since i was able to get a little lock washer up above it and kind of fold the one side over that’s broken the other side came down on top of the collar that’s the best i can do right now because some of the material is actually gone but it ain’t ain’t hitting the exhaust no more normally it’s this clamp right here that

Breaks or this one and you’ll hear that rattle on startup and you just take them down and put a big hose clamp on there well she is driving really good no issues no nothing at all no overheating everything is just great no rattles no chatter i washed the engine bay down i wiped the car down anywhere that there was fingerprints because remind you i had to do a door

Lock actuator assembly on this vehicle as well for uh for the previous video where it said uh transmission not in part transmission not in park and that was an issue because of the door lock assembly the actuator in some way so i had to go through the diag for that and repair that while it was here so that was done already just test driving uh we do a minimum

Of 30 miles on a vehicle before we release them because we’ve had problems with just doing one or two basic test drives on our test route and then uh all of a sudden faults pop up you know because it wasn’t driven long enough so i’m gonna put about 30 miles on this right now everything’s good no check engine lights no nothing no nothing leaking got back to the

Dealership we’re gonna put a porter in it put some fuel in it and i’ll let them drive it for a while and at least get full 30 miles on it i’m gonna go to my next job everything’s good everything’s dry nothing leaking full of fluid good to go i just got back i put about 38 miles on it had to have some fuel put in it because it was dropping kind of low fluids full

Motor’s dry no our engine for the purists out there nothing leaking anywhere everything sound vehicles running great the cooling system everything’s bone dry we’re ready to roll baby yeah i could get my fingerprints off the oil filter i forgot to wipe that off but yeah everything’s good no front cover leaks no valve cover leaks no fluid leaking under the vehicle

How clean she is well i think uh at this point this job is done and uh customers can come get their vehicle they’ve waited long enough you’ll be blessed

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2018 Ford Expedition Max – Rattle On Start Up Repaired – Phasers Complete – 38 Mile Test Drive By Ford Boss Me