2018 Ford F-150 4×4 Supercrew 5.0L V8 10-Speed Auto – POV Driving Impressions (Binaural Audio)

-Filmed with the Sony FDRX3000 4K Action Camera

Today i’m gonna drive the 2018 ford f-150 platinum supercrew 4×4 this has the five liter v8 and the 10 speed automatic transmission some new design cues for 2018 this is the hundredth anniversary of ford trucks just pretty exciting makes it easier to stuff up nice easy way to get into the truck is my first drive and a five liter v8 i’ve only defended an

Ecoboost up until recently so i’m excited to see how this feels on the road there’s nothing like a good v8 you guys have seen any of my past videos on new f-150s you’ll know that i am a fan i think my ford’s been rocking and rolling with this new truck i’m curious to see how the tennspeed auto works however i did get a chance to drive a raptor and it felt like

The tuning was just a little bit not quite complete they needed just a little bit more work to finalize everything so see if this 2018 f-150 is any different really decent power you get up there for sure an hour at seventh gear cruising in about 40 miles an hour eighth gear i like though you can see your gear selector up there you know the ecoboost is nice but

I do like this truck in v8 form it just feels right it sounds ago to tons of power brake pedal feels nice for a truck this thing drives so well it’s very easy to drive it’s quick it’s responsive it actually handles pretty decently well despite its size and weight ford has done a really good job taking away the typical truck driving feel out of 39 50 it’s just a

It’s a really nice platform a little bit of hesitation from the transmission there but overall feels pretty good we manually select gears here’s a little bit more refined little bit more smoothly tuned in the raptor that i drove i think if i had to buy a new truck i would probably put the f-150 at the top of my list just because of how comfortable and livable

It is on a daily basis i think let’s do a quick little 0-60 test here get quite a bit of wheelspin on this rainy day but it really gets up and goes the power from this five litre v8 is awesome and a ten-speed does shift super smoothly that is one thing i do miss about the new raptor is it just doesn’t quite rip like the old one did though it is faster and has

A lot more usable torque than power i’m glad ford is still offering the v8 because it is a very good truck just a little bit of handling here on this corner nice and flat feels good no drama boy trucks have come such a long way in the last ten years this is almost a luxury vehicle now fighting for traction it is a little bit greasy out today i will i will give

It that nice quiet cabin very isolated in here and here just the subtle purr of that vide from the exhaust behind you i like it pretty seamless stop-start technology there alright guys well that will wrap up this video goal is just to give you an idea of what this new truck is like to drive especially with the v8 we’ve done some ecoboost videos in the past but

Definitely wanted to get a drive it on this car especially with the new tends to be transmission thanks for watching let me know if you guys have any questions in the comments i’m out here all day driving a bunch of cars at autobahn country club at the midwest automotive media association’s fall rally so i’m just getting into a bunch of stuff driving it making

Some videos it’s a good way for me to get just a bunch of content for the channels in a shorter period of time nice truck got a little dirty i might drive i really do like the front grilles on these new f-150s they look super sharp looks good even in white

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2018 Ford F-150 4×4 Supercrew 5.0L V8 10-Speed Auto – POV Driving Impressions (Binaural Audio) By TheTopher