2018 Ford F-150 In Depth Review | 3.5L V6 Eco Boost | DGDGTV

2018 Ford F-150 XLT In Depth Review | 3.5L V6 Eco Boost | DGDGTV

Hi my name is tom product specialist with capitol ford a proud member of dgdg comm we’re here to check out the 2018 ford f-150 all right let’s go we’ll start off with the front end here on the 2018 f150 you’ll notice the front end does resemble the super duty series from 2017 you can also look at the front lights they are different as well one other thing it is

An option it’s not included in this xlt but if you jump up to the lariat button above there’s the option to have the front collision warning that detects pedestrians all right guys let’s check out under the hood now under here we have a 3.5 v6 ecoboost which does come over from the 2017 we do have the 10 speed transmission as well so again comes from the 2017

It does have 375 horsepower as well as 470 pounds of torque giving you better fuel efficiency and power with using less gas so today we’re looking at the f-150 xlt package it is a very popular trim package you can get it very close to the base or very close to the lariat that’s why people love it so much you will notice some buttons here right on the side of

The door that is a code right so every car comes with its special code so if you lock your keys in there you have them upstairs anything unlock the car for you now we’ll look down here at these running boards you’ll notice they are the same as the 2017 now the wheels you will notice they are different that’s one thing they did across all the trim levels you’ll

Notice that they will vary from the 2017 models of course the famous fx for off-road package has not changed all right if we check out the tailgate here guys you will notice that the lights as well as the front ones are slightly different one big thing they changed on the back is the f-150 imprint bringing it back from some of the older years now if we open the

Tailgate right here one very popular feature is this step come and equipped with the handle also inside of the bed itself you will see that there are lights so it will light up your bed at nighttime you’re going camping alright guys we’re gonna move into the interior now on this xlt it does have the grey interior also the sink three system as well as the window

In the back that is power we’ll get to that a little bit later for now we’re looking at the sink 3 system here you do have your apple carplay android auto navigation all those fun features on the steering wheel itself you will have your cruise control voice commands buttons to control your sync system move to the center cluster you will have your climate control

Heated seats four wheel drive trailer backup assist a lot of buttons going on here on our center cluster here one other fun feature about a lot of our ford vehicles is the smart charging usb unlike a lot of other vehicles the smart charging usbs will actually detect for example if you have an ipad it’s really a little more a little bit more charge but if you need

An iphone so the adapter will actually put it out put more power depending on what’s plugged into it so as an option on the 150 there is the option of having the power pedals so your gas and your brake pedal will actually come closer or farther away from you based on your height alright guys once again my name is tom product specialist at capital florida proud

Member of dgdg comm one thing i do want to leave you with is this 2018 f150 also comes with the option of 4g lte built in if you do have any more questions feel free to give us a call here at the store come on in i’d love to meet you

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2018 Ford F-150 In Depth Review | 3.5L V6 Eco Boost | DGDGTV By Del Grande Dealer Group