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2018 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew 4×4 with 2.7L EcoBoost V6 // review and test drive // 100 rental cars

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This is rental car number 98 and today I’m driving the 2018 Ford F-150 XLT.

This is rental car number 98 today i’m driving the 2018 ford f-150 xlt now there is a ton of trim levels for the ford f-150 i went to the ford website i think i kind of 35 in total so let’s be a little bit more specific about this one so the xlt is the trim level this is also the 4×4 it has the ecoboost technology in it it’s the super crew cab so the largest

Extended cab model that ford offers on the f-150 and it has the five and a half foot box which is another way of saying it’s got a 66 inch bed in the back of the truck so put that all together and we have a vehicle that msrp s4 around 42,000 dollars so let’s jump in by popping the hood taking a look at what’s underneath so you can see what you get for 42 grand when

You spend it on a ford pickup so this is the 2.7 liter ecoboost v6 engine comes with an electronic 10 speed transmission that has a bunch of options on it you can switch between tow and haul mode snow and wet eco select in sport modes all by pressing a button on the gearshift as i mentioned before this is the 4×4 option so it’s an additional about four grand for

That and it kicks out about 325 horsepower and you get five thousand pounds of towing capacity all that put together get you some ok gas mileage considering this is a rather large pickup 19 miles per gallon in the city 24 on the highway with a 23 gallon fuel tank so right now gas is about three dollars and five cents a gallon by me that means you can fill this thing

Up for about $70 which isn’t too bad you also get fords easy fuel system so there’s no twist off cap and that fuel cap is located on the driver’s side of the vehicle all right so that’s a lot of information but what does it really mean in real-world driving scenarios well first off i found the turning radius on the f-150 to be pretty decent especially considering

How large this vehicle is although the handling is pretty nice you have some pretty huge tires on this thing so it really does hug the road well and going around corners feels really comfortable i think my most well i think the thing that’s most exciting about this it’s really the acceleration i typically go to an abandoned weight station on the interstate pull

Up to the stop sign right here and slam down the accelerator and you can see that this thing hauls pretty fast especially considering how large it is and that it’s a pickup truck it’s actually a lot of fun to drive i think i really like it cuz you sit so high up on the road so you are towering above all the other cars but all in all this thing that’s pretty fun to

Drive so i highly recommend taking it out for a spin alright so there’s a lot of amenities to talk about so let’s jump in the vehicle so i can show you around first off i do want to mention that i’m 6 feet tall and i still have to take quite a big step and jump in to get it inside this thing it really is that high off the ground anyway here’s the key fob for the

Truck three buttons on the front really nothing on the back pretty simple design which i like it doesn’t have a lot of weight to it i typically like my key fobs a little heavier so that’s really my only complaint here does have a flip out key it’s not actually a true key fob and because you have a key you have to insert it in the ignition where you’d expect it to

The right of the steering wheel to start the car up alright now that we have the car on we can take a look at the steering wheel setup on the left hand side you have some buttons to interact with the center display in the gauge cluster below there you have your cruise controls on the right hand side of the steering wheel you have controls that interact with the

Display in the console in the center of the vehicle you also have buttons below there to interact with your phone the gauge cluster is a little bit simplistic but i think that’s appropriate for a truck like this you just have two big gauges and then a kind of a small screen in the center to show you a little bit of information about the vehicle the gearshift is

Also located up here by the steering wheel it’s fairly easy to click through all the gears and there’s a button on top of that gearshift that lets you switch between drive modes and we talked about this when we looked at the actual engine itself but there are a number of different ones that you can cycle through including towing sport mode eco mode etc shifting

Your gaze over to the left of the steering wheel you have all your standard controls over here your window controls mirror controls a little bit down below you have a the door locks located right here and then up on the dash you have the controls to adjust the headlights and then below there you have your electronic parking brake i kind of thought this was a weird

Spot to put the parking brake and because of that i didn’t find myself using it too often but it is located here and it does seem to work just fine and since we’re on this side of the vehicle i just want to point out the door handle i guess the latch to open up the vehicle it’s not your traditional latch it’s this well i don’t know how to explain it but essentially

You have to pinch the door handle and the latch together in order to release the door and open it back up took me a couple tries to get used to it but afterwards it works fine no problems at all i also want to talk briefly about the side view mirrors blind side detection is available for an additional option but this truck didn’t come with it instead you get a

Nice cutout in the upper left hand corner to give you a little bit more visibility around the truck really liked this a lot it’s easy to use and well it’s located on both mirrors which is a nice added bonus all right so let’s keep going so if you shift your gaze upwards you’ll see that there’s a large sunglass holder up here along with lights to illuminate the

Cabin you also get a standard rear-view mirror with no bells and whistles so there’s no garage door opener automatic dimming feature here just a standard rear-view mirror down below there you get a nice storage cutout that i found really convenient to use it’s just a great spot to keep things so i put my sunglasses my toll pass all kinds of things here and it’s

Deep enough so things aren’t gonna slosh out if you hit a tight corner it really is super convenient and then down below there you get your center display this is a little bit small but that’s ok for me i mean this is a truck so it should be a little bit rugged it’s not a touchscreen although you do get dedicated buttons pretty much everywhere around the display

So it’s pretty easy to navigate through all the entertainment features below there you find your climate controls i found these to work really well i like that there’s nice big dials and that this is centrally located so it’s easy to reach honestly i was able to get this car to a really convenient temperature pretty quickly even though it was about 93 outside the

Day i drove this truck and then down below the climate you do get a usb port a power port and then below there well this is probably an ashtray but it is a larger ashtray so it can fit things like a larger cellphone like mine so that’s convenient i also brush past this before but up top kind of to the right hand side there is another 12 volt power port that’s an

Added plus because it is nice to have multiple ports if you need to charge your devices alright so if you look down towards the floor you’ll find that you have two cupholders down here along with a small cutout in between that you can use to store some change underneath where your center seat passenger would sit there’s also an additional storage bin on down here

Just nice and convenient and then if you lower down the backrest for the center seat there’s also an additional storage space down in here so you can store some additional items and then on top of that you get some additional cupholders and a small cutout that’s pretty much perfect to store a cell phone i found this to be really convenient cuz it has a little bit

Of a groove around it so your phone’s not gonna slip off while you’re driving around alright since we’re talking storage let’s close things out by talking about the glovebox it’s a nice big size you have several sort of storage areas built in kind of like shelves so i think you can get a lot of stuff in here if you want to alright so that’s pretty much all the major

Highlights of the front seat let’s jump in the back seat so you can take a look at what kind of amenities your passengers are gonna get a chance to enjoy first off leg boom back here is pretty abundant i’m 6 feet tall and i still had you know six to eight inches of room between my knees in the back of the front seats that’s nice i also really like that these back

Seats fold upwards so you can kind of clear out the space and make room to store some larger items back here you know folding these seats up and then back down is really simple it really doesn’t take any effort at all which is a really nice feature i also want to mention that on the back of the front seats you do get some small pockets that are built into the fabric

To store some additional items on the back of the center armrest for the front seat passengers you do have two cupholders in a fold down kind of shelf system power port that’s going to require an adapter and then kind of towards the floor you also have two usb ports to charge some of your gear it’s also and i think kind of most importantly the car seat anchors back

Here are really shallow so it’s super easy to install a car seat it’s one of my biggest pet peeves when auto manufacturers bury these deep in the seat make it really tough to install a car seat but that’s not a problem with the f-150 thankfully all right so i know it’s not a lot but that is all the major highlights of the backseat let’s close things out by taking a

Look at the bed and the very back of this truck i mentioned this before but i want to sort of emphasize it this is the super crew cab so you get a five and a half foot box that means you only get 66 inches of length back here i think it’s plenty but if you’re buying a truck to haul some larger items you might want to look elsewhere this one also has the dural liner

Bedliner i took a look around and i couldn’t find any major cracks or nicks so it looks like it’s fairly tough there’s also four hooks on the four corners of the bed to help you tie things down which is nice all in all i’m pretty impressed with the space back here the wheel wells do infringe on the area ever-so-slightly but you still get a lot of usable storage

Space back here to haul some things around to close things out i want to mention that you do get a full spare it’s tucked all the way underneath the truck itself i did not take it off i wish i had because some people have told me recently that it’s kind of a pain in the butt to get undone but i’ll leave that up to you anyway that’s all for now for the 2018 ford

F-150 xlt i’m going to keep going 4×4 with ecoboost super crew cab with a five and a half inch box and this one comes in oxford white it’s quite a bit anyway i really enjoy driving this one i got to spend three days with this truck and it’s a little sad to let it go so after all that time i think i’m going to give this one four-stars look this is a great pickup

If you’re a ford fan you’re gonna love it i think i prefer the ram 1500 not sure why i think it’s just a personal preference but there’s nothing wrong with this truck i would gladly drive it again anyway that’s it for now please leave a comment below and let me know what you think especially if you think i got something wrong and thank you for watching and i will

Catch you in the next video i’ll see you then

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