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2018 Ford F150 XLT Sport – Exterior & Interior Walkaround

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– 2018 Ford F150 XLT Sport

Welcome back to last go forward what we’re going to bring to you is the new 2018 ford f-150 what we have here is an xlt package with a sport package as well what we’re going to do is compare this 2018 f150 to the sport 2017 f-150 as well and go with some style and design cues on the exterior and also talk about the five motors that are available for 2018 so let’s

Start out with just some of the design cues that have changed on the vehicle what you’re going to notice first and foremost most is the predominant headlights now this being an xlt is going to run the halogen headlamps you’re going to see that this makes this huge c type of shape engulfing that center part of your grille now ford has been really really predominant

With their grilles recently and definitely bringing you a new design with the grille the lower portion here that’s painted to match on the on the xlt sport package and then you’re going to notice a different contour in the bumper itself as well so what we did is we actually pulled up a raptor as well to this because that’s where i really saw that kind of follow

Through because you’ll have this this dip in the bumper here you have that lower painted to match area between the grille and the bumper you saw that kind of carry through this year in the 2018 hate to run back and forth but i want you to be able to see the 2017 and see where your bumper is really for the most part pretty flat all the way through and instead of

Going down like the 18 it actually comes up just a bit so it’s really carrying through a look and kind of bringing out that really pronounced widened stance of what’s offered in the 2017 and 18 ford raptors so i do like that girl i love it and you’re going to have this paint painted as a magnetic metallic color here if we go into the lariat series you’re going

To see your headlights change and do an led light coming around now you head with a quad beam leds available in the lariat and up you had last year a c-shape okay and that kind of went around the outside bezel of your headlamp now it’s going to come in and come through here on the lariat series and you’ll see you’ll see what i’m talking about because what we can

Look here on the raptor and see that c shape of the led headlamp and the quad beam leds now you’re going to see that led come in here okay so just using this headlight as an example that’s what we’re taking a look at now ford is bringing to the table six new wheels that are going to be available so completely different wheel designs this is going to be the 18-inch

Wheel that is offered on the sport package now you are going to have an upgrade and an available 20 inch wheel that can come with a sport package xlt as well definitely wanted to get a good look at what that is because you have the inlays painted as magnetic color with an outside brushed aluminum finish sport package they carried through that fender flare on the

Front and rear of the truck xlt in a chrome package not going to have that offer this year again other options that i definitely want to pay attention to was our well class exclusive or f-150 exclusive is your side led spotlight mirror okay so this is an option that you can actually have while parked or while driving up to eight miles per hour we carried through

Again with the paint to match door handles on the sport package those will be replaced with chrome if we do the chrome package a magnetic painted running board is going to run alongside this crew cab f-150 as well so 2018 also offers this side step that is going to be easy to access the box of the vehicle if you have something along the lines of a tailgater a back

Rack that’s going to be on the back side of the vehicle so the nice thing about that is as you kick it into place you’ve got some production that ford is going to offer you see your boot or shoe isn’t going to be scratching up the paint on your new f-150 with this – we’re going to offer an fx 4 package if you see an fx 4 package it’s going to delete this sticker

Staying sport replace it with fx 4 that’s going to be available in the xl the xlt deliria the platinum and the limited options so that is a nice option to have but you’re not going to see that fx 4 sticker on the side of vehicles in the king ranch and above levels ok so they’re just going to delete that option ok and not have that sticker on the side of it chrome

Exhaust step on this truck – and now you’re offering a different taillight well we wanted to focus in on this taillight this isn’t a standard taillight for xlt this is the enhanced taillight with led when you have the blind spot radar system or the blind spot monitoring system that is available on this truck and this series as well so to see that led come through

This will kind of mirror what we’re talking about with a headlamp as well how that led comes into the center instead of just the c shape on the outside of it now another thing that you might have noticed this is an ecoboost engine the door on the passenger and the driver’s side they deleted the ecoboost badges so now you’re not really going to know what engines

Under the hood of this truck until we take a look at the tailgate the tailgate will signify if we’ve got a flex-fuel engine which is going to be available late availability in your 3.3 liter that’s the new v6 that came out for 2018 that replaces the 3.5 liter the 3.5 liter previously had 285 horsepower we went up to 292 in the 3.3 liter we also went up in torque

About another 8 pound foot of torque in the ecoboost engine this being a 2.7 liter 2.7 liter still carrying the 325 horsepower but took your torque from 375 up to 400 okay here’s some other options that are going to be no choice options with with f150 every single engine is going to have auto start/stop that is a definitely something that they’re paying attention

To the efficiency of what the trucks doing for your miles per gallon here’s the other things that have changed your motors have definitely changed too but let’s pay attention to some of the aesthetics and then we’ll get more into the engines you get your f150 now this is a recessed f-150 logo into the tailgate here so they removed the f-150 badging that was up here

In the center and they’ve put this kind of recessed in and a really predominant f-150 logo that’s going to go into this too so i like that a lot actually it’s a way to definitely reface the the back of the truck this is going to be a 302 package having your back up camera and reverse sensing system but the inside of the truck has changed as well and actually had

Somebody already point out this but what’s the difference in your antennas okay well your antenna on the f-150 from 2017 was just a slick top very low-profile in china that you see up at the top of this 2017 as i walk over to the 2018 model year you’re 18 modeler has this shark fin style in china what does that indicate when you see that new for 2018 you actually

Have a wi-fi hotspot that’s give me about $20 a month three so you’re able to do up to 10 devices on that wi-fi hotspot inside this truck which is awesome definitely new and definitely requested from our customer base to to be able to have things like ipads with kids in the back seat with your biggest cab in its class definitely something to pay attention to it

Sounds like ford listened so what i wanted to talk about quickly was just a couple different motor options that ford’s bringing to the table too you have your second-generation ecoboost 3.5 liter now putting out 470 pound foot of torque still at 375 horsepower from the 2017 model what they’ve done there is just awesome awesome changes and a big thing is is they’re

Using a aerospace technology and they call it a super alloy for the the twin turbo or the twin parallel turbo system that’s going to be on your 3.5 liter changes that they’ve made to the 2.7 liter to help produce a little bit more torque is they’ve hollowed out the camshaft on that truck too and you do have dual overhead cam options running throughout the motor

Line up that ford is bringing to the table the 5.0 liters that’s increased to 400 pounds for the torque and has gone up to 395 horsepower so you’ve seen that 5 liter carry from 365 to 385 to l 395 and you’ve increased your torque from the three 80s now to 400 pound-feet of torque what this is telling me is we’ve got more power you’re not going to have the same tow

Ratings that you had for 2017 expect those to go up ford hasn’t released the final figures of what their tour ating zar expect to see a number somewhere around 13,000 tolerance that is awesome very impressive and a couple people have mentioned – well the grille looks like enough 250 or superduty that ford is producing so we brought one of those in here for you to

Be able to take a look at one video and see all four trucks to see how this has come about this is the 2017 ford f250 so if you’re comparing the grille here you’re seeing the inlet you’re seeing the two the dual bar here as well so yeah i would agree absolutely this right here is is going to show where the air flow is two bars of chrome now we take a look at the

2017 absolutely it looks like the super duty girl you are going to see the headlights coming significantly further than the way that they’re in gulf the grill on the super duty so paying attention to these four trucks definitely something to keep your eye on with ford here at lascaux ford we’re going to have unbelievable options we have over 200 f-series available

For you so we just wanted to be one of the first to release what this truck is if you’d like to take a look at the interior follow me i’ll show you a couple things for 2018 on the interior of your f-150 well welcome back to the 2018 f-150 interior well here’s a couple cool things that they’re doing well we mentioned that you’re gonna have the wi-fi hotspot you

Can have the sink 3 with the largest in-class display on your center stack available on the lariat with 8 inches auto start-stop located up here your traction control system in the sync 3 what we’re going to have on this package this is a 302 xlt f-150 so the 302 a package is going to include heated seats remote start we have an optional locking rear differential

On this vehicle as well this trucks not equipped with it but it is going to be a standard option you’re going to see on the fx 4 package or an ala carte option that you can get in a different package in the sport or the chrome package without fx for things that i like to point out though with this truck 2 is the availability of a giant massive twin panel moonroof

Ok the largest in class period it is massive so you see that that is going to be the moving piece here it’s going to go underneath the other panel that’s going to be a stationary panel but twin panel moves it’s huge let’s focus in on the seat new seat pattern here so we do have a heated seat for the driver and passenger you’re going to be running this tread pattern

Through that through the seat too so that’s gonna be going for the driver and the passenger and the rear occupants as well it’s pretty cool option how about the first in class on a couple things about rear inflatable seatbelts first in class then you’re also going to have a new pedestrian alert system so we’ve had the the cruise control the adaptive cruise control

And before it would prepare your brake boosters on the truck for an abrupt stop now it’s actually going to have an additional feature that is going to be able to slow the truck for you and prepare you for an abrupt stop it’ll slow the truck by 30 miles per hour so if you’re going 35 and you have an abrupt stop it’ll take you down to 5 miles per hour then you know

Any occupant or driver input is definitely required for the additional 5 miles an hour to zero by applying the brake system but we’re going to see here we’re in a wi-fi zone now this trucks are actually automatically going to connect to your wi-fi and do self updating with wi-fi as well i love the truck definitely a huge fan inside the steering wheel in are going

To be a leather wrap steering wheel you’re going to have your backup camera power sliding rear window rear defrost reverse sensing system and the last thing that we wanted to point out was just a little bit different placement of what they’re doing with the rear camera – so you got it a little bit different tailgate handle and where the camera placement is if we

Had additional options like the upgraded towing package okay we don’t have that on this truck because you would be seeing a dial here and that’s going to be for the backup assist so i knowing in this truck right now we don’t have the additional cooling systems for the additional tow package that’s available on the f-150 this one is going to be without locking rear

Death and without that additional trailer towing package don’t want to bring that to the forefront other things to still have number one 400 watt power inverter here and you’re going to have one on the back side of your console as well definitely some unique features f-150 is right fit for you feel free to give us a call this is a lascaux ford and my name is paul

Jagman one of the sales managers here we’ve got good phone number to reach us at eight one zero six two nine two two five five check us out online wwl asco we appreciate your watching and we’ll get you more updates on the newest latest and greatest as soon as they come out

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2018 Ford F150 XLT Sport – Exterior & Interior Walkaround By Lasco Ford