2018 Ford Transit-250 Base | Video tour with Tom

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Hi matt tom mccoober here with uh prime mercedes-benz um i just wanted to put a short video tour together for you on a ford transit van that we got in so since the last time we spoke we uh we took this one in and um i figured i’d put this together for you so give you a second option versus what we looked at which was a brand new 144 uh sprinter so what we have here

Is a medium roof 129 wheelbase ford transit it is a gas model so there are some differences between this one and the one we looked at this one being gas two-wheel drive and it is a base model but it is a perfect work vehicle as you’ll see it was used as a work vehicle you will see some of the blemishes acro around the bumper and on the sides that is definitely

On there but it is also priced to match that as well it’s got just under 60 000 miles on it it is a clean running and driving van that i think might work well for you it is a little bit shorter our 144 is about 19 feet the 130 um clearly about two feet shorter than that so as we come around i’ll open the back for you this is a cargo model so we do have nothing

In the back here but i know you do travel with a lot of furniture you do have plenty of room in there a nice little step up i will show you that i can stand up all the way in here almost almost completely straight up and down but you shouldn’t have too much of a problem putting in big pieces of furniture you do have a uh a barrier here that does have a door

That opens so if you do need those longer pieces of wood um you can open that and carry it up through the center there i’ll close that and then walk around the other side because there is a sliding door i’ll show you on that side and then we’ll take a look at the interior so as we come around the side you’ll see like i said it was used as a work fan so there

Are still some blemishes on this side but we do have um side access as well it’s a nice a nice little step up in there um you do have lighting um so if you’re working at night or whatnot might be uh helpful all right so that’s kind of the outside in the back let’s take a look at the inside all right now we’re back inside the van here we uh i’ll go over some of

The features in here so like i said it is a base model so there aren’t a whole ton of options but we do have some nice features like power windows power mirrors that’s all over here power door locks uh with keyless entry obviously not push button but we do have keyless entry on the key fob we also have a bunch of charging ports up here um a nice radio with your

Climate control auxiliary audio if necessary plenty of storage cup holders and then above we have a plenty more storage above the visors if necessary and then this also does have a backup camera that is placed in the mirror so that is super helpful for backing up a cargo bin especially with the barrier in the back it’s harder to turn around and look so that

Kind of goes over most of the features on this ford transit if you’re interested please feel free to reach out my number is 207-653-9942 thanks you

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2018 Ford Transit-250 Base | Video tour with Tom By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough