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2018 GMC Canyon SLE Crew Cab

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Hello eric mark alderman from alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re best known for awesome deals and fabulous service eric thanks for inquiring about this new arrival it’s a 2018 gmc canyon sle crew cab four-wheel drive pickup truck underneath the hood you’ve got a 3.6 liter v6 engine puts out 305 horsepower and 266 foot-pounds

Of torque now with the sle you get all sorts of additional features starting with those sharp looking 17 inch aluminum wheels and then running around the front here we’ve got high intensity projector headlamps that are surrounded by c-shape daytime led daytime running lights we’ve got that nice iconic chrome gmc grille which contrasts really nicely with

The bright group blue metallic you can see below it’s gm certified you also have lower fog lights now i’d like to take a closer look at the wheels and tires it’s got a matched set of goodyear wrangler tires have quite a bit of tread left on them take a look at the condition of this wheel looks nice and sharp there this truck has all sorts of safety features

Including four-wheel anti-lock brake system also stabilitrak helps keep you on the road and winter driving situations another perspective there take a look at the tread on the rear tires there’s that rear wheel there inside the crew cab you’ve got a split flip up rear seat it’s kind of hard to do while holding the camera but if you bear with me just a second

You get a little handle here and then this flips up underneath you’ve got nice finished off storage area so depending on your combination of people and cargo you’ve got some different solutions get a nice flip down arm rest with a cup holder rear winded defogger with a manual sliding rear window inside quite reasonable amount of room here you can see i’ve got

Some extra knee room there some usbc ports 12 volt power outlet up front nice contemporary interior with a huge eight inch gmc intel link display nice large buttons and control knobs that in case you have gloves on a very athletic looking interior nice soft touch materials and craftsman uh quality craftsmanship throughout see the french stitching that extends

From the door up onto the dash and you’ve got some nice wood grain and metallic accents throughout i like the brushed aluminum around the information center nice thick leather wrapped steering wheel with controls for the information center and the cruise control i’ll hop up front take a closer look here the driver’s entry point i like to look at various points

For condition painted door handle here looks all nice and sharp here you can get an idea of these nice soft touch materials that french stitching there’s a wood grain here’s the driver door controls i don’t like to be in excellent shape look at the sill plate that looks nice we’ve got husky floor liners all cut to fit six way power seat and then this part of

The upholstery takes the most amount of wear and tear and you can see that’s in really excellent shape right there then you’ve got two different types of material here you’ve got a more breathable fabric on the touch points and the more durable material on the wear points inside you’ve got wood grain around the shift knob you get these gmc welcome animations and

The driver information center and also the gmc intellilink and then this has factory navigation as well as gmc or i’m sorry apple carplay and android auto i apologize it’s onstar navigation uh but then you can get navigation with the uh apple car player or the android auto in my particular vehicle i use uh waze it’s a popular um popular app then you’ve got heated

Seats both passenger and driver side and also a high definition rear camera apologize for the light pollution there it’s got guide bars and then you can press this and that lines you up for a trailer hitch and the guide bars turn with the steering wheel give you your direction of travel now i’ll show you another kind of neat touch here a little bit of an easter

Egg so here you control the driver information center with this button right here and so if we go to the left and we go down to options click options and scroll down to the info pages and then hit this check mark right here so i hit the check mark oops let’s see info pages let’s see options info pages maybe i hit the right one uh edit list that’s what i want to

Do so if i go down and it gives you some different options there and you can so you can do engine hours battery voltage even transmission fluid all sorts of neat pages that you can put in there fuel economy so it’s kind of nice to be able to customize it to whatever you want so nice touch there with the information center over here you’ve got two speed transfer

Case so you’ve got two high you can do auto four wheel drive four high or four low we’ve got nice drilled tail lamps this truck is kind of a nice sharp touch with a chrome rear bumper and then we’ve got corner steps in the bumper nice generous in size in case you’ve got weights on spare tires underneath there here’s your rear camera right there this is a locking

Tailgate and then this comes down nice and easy it’s got a torsion bar on the tailgate it makes it easier to lift it comes down nice and smooth boxing is in reasonable condition doesn’t look like there’s a little bit of light scratching in there but doesn’t look like it was used extensively another angle of the truck love the color there’s another perspective on

The tires down the side front passenger side tire just a close-up of that wheel so eric that’s the 2018 gmc canyon sle crew cab if you’d like to learn more about this truck just click the learn more button down below or if you’re on youtube there’s a link in the comment section or come see it for yourself at alderman chevrolet buick gmc route 7 south in rutland

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2018 GMC Canyon SLE Crew Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC