2018 GMC Savana 3500 2WD Walk Around. (SOLD)

2018 GMC Savana 3500 Passenger Van

Hey good morning guys we’re here at grand haven state park beautiful grand haven michigan tried to wait for a day that wasn’t so sunny to deal with the glare i had a lot of guys ask me i just posted this van for sale i think two days ago and some guys asked me from a ways away if i could do a little video for them so i’m gonna do a little walk around video on my

Vans the 2018 gmc savannah 3 500 this is a one ton passenger van this has a six liter v8 it is two wheel drive it’s 155 inch wheelbase it’s the extended wheelbase lt trim package leveled you know trim level it’s a 12 passenger configuration so that leaves you with about four feet behind the rear seat and the back door which is nice if you carry something in the

Back you don’t have to pull a seat out right from the get-go this has a weld tech this is two wheel drive it says a weld tech designs five inch lift kit the fox shocks all the way around aluminum body shocks for a one-ton band this thing rides sweet i was very surprised it’s one thing i was nervous about when i ordered this fan brand new in 2018 was ordering a

One ton but i spoke with jeremy at well tech designs yeah he told me everything’s gonna be all right we put this lift kit on and he was right this thing rides great mdrp double walled exhaust tip looks pretty cool stainless steel the wheels are oe wheels a company out of sarasota florida builds these uh reproduction wheels i guess they’re called these are like the

Sierra hd wheels from a few years back that they custom make to fit our bolt pattern particular that kind of that uh oem off the off the manufacturer line look more of a stock oem look these are general grabber x3s 265 70 18s i’m trying to believer right around 33 inch diameter i’m not mistaken does have a heavy duty tow package from the factory color i think

Gm calls cardinal red it does have a full uh igl ceramic coating i installed these tow mirrors which are a lot better than the stock ones i got the blind spot mirror they help out a ton i don’t want to use those clip-ons i have those too i have the oem original mirrors and the clip-ons that would go with the fan got led headlights in there you see low beam high

Beams there you go these are power heated in powered in heated mirrors still a defrost in the winter time six-speed auto transmission with trans cooler this does have the heavy duty a 220 amp alternator with an isolated second battery underneath the driver’s side frame rail in there can’t see it because i moved it up on the frame to get it out of sight a little

More nobody wants to look at your battery when you’re checking out your van right got the rear backup camera which does display on the head unit which is nice so it’s a little bigger screen rear locking differential i did install a hell wig i think it’s an inch and five eighths rear sway bar seemed to help out a little bit you can also have some custom-made toe

Flaps rock flaps in the back that i made very quick and easy to get on and off when you’re towing something you don’t want rocks to be off hitting here hitting here whatever you’re towing there let’s check out the back since we’re back here it’s been super clean eat off this thing man audio assistant the rear has a 250 watt powered 10 inch bazooka tube which

Does fill the space well these big bands it’s hard to get some good sound out of these but this thing does it really fast windows check out the interior super clean guys this van’s got just under 29 000 miles on it got oem floor mats in here i do have a hexel mat front mat that wraps around this front little dog house here for both sides around in the winter

Time i had it in here for about a month i usually we’ll put these back in here in summertime the kenwood head unit navigation dvd capable 120 volt output here usb it’s wired up to your head unit or your digital things i added this little charging port here but it’s got 12 volts here and here traction control you know all the goodies it does have rear ac and

Heat which is nice for the passengers it’s got a full pulk audio system six speakers the amp is underneath back there past your seat kind of hard to see the screen fired up here see ya as you can see it’s got uh see no see no service lights no nothing on here kenwood pops out i’ll show you there it’s kind of dvd capable i can show you how the thing sounds

Because that’s kind of you know i don’t know how those sound down on a phone on camera but uh you got 28 900 miles so we’ll head back outside i got a rear uh brake controller here i installed right here on the top of the dash velcro down there i didn’t really these things don’t really have a great spot to mount these except maybe down by your knees so i’ll put

It in my location it does have all your controls on the steering wheel if i mention that cruise audio one owner had this thing since it was brand new non-smoker zero pets in this thing it’s clean guys very clean you could eat off of this thing it’s so clean beautiful van you don’t see me beautiful red vans like this this thing does draw some attention see the

Mirrors there like i said full igl ceramic coat on this few years back from lakeshore car care here at grand haven hope this answers a lot of your questions you guys are asking and able to see it almost in person got any other questions hit me up let me know if you’re interested this thing won’t last long good weekend guys

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2018 GMC Savana 3500 2WD Walk Around. (SOLD) By MB28