2018 GMC Savana RWD 2500 Explorer Limited SE- The Dream Camper and Road-trip vehicle?

Doing review of this 2018 GMC Savana 2500 with only 10k miles for $65,961

Hello guys this is alex here car guy with michael strona of bellevue hope you’re all doing well and today i want to make this a very exciting video about a vehicle actually a minivan that you don’t see every day and this is certainly one that i don’t see every day so i wanted to make this uh video i want to show you what we took in on a trading guys a matter of

Fact actually i have appointment on it so i’ll be i’ll be trying to sell it a little later today so i wanted to show you what that is it’s a 2018 gmc savannah 2500. um i’ll be honest with you i’m not 100 sure what trim level that is it might be a ls it might be a lt um you know this is the uh you know explorer van right here you see it right here and then um this

Is like a super high-end um super high-end trim and super high-end minivan i’m gonna show it to you this is a 2018 and it only has like 10 000 miles on it um i believe somebody traded it in for like uh suv or something like that and then um i’m going to show it to you on the outside it looks super nice it’s definitely this is a vehicle for long road trips for

Big families camping going have some fun and all that so um here’s what it looks like on the outside and then of course the very very most exciting part about this is on the inside which i’ll i’ll show you in a little bit but i wanted to show you it’s a massive you know 2018 gmc savannah i guess the trim level is called explorer you know i’m honest i’m not too

Familiar with these but i wanted to show you how cool it is guys and let me go inside i mean this thing is as i like to say um very funny turn but i like to say psychotic okay so you know when you open the doors the driver or passenger have the automatic running boards and here you have a very nice you know seeds uh nice patterns these are very comfortable this

Is actually super high-end rich material it’s not like most gmc’s this is definitely a high-end uh production on that look at where the heated seats button and levels are this is so slick i mean and then looking at the dashboard it’s got the standard gmc look it’s got a bunch of cupholders here wow these seats are comfortable i’ll tell you it’s got you know this

Is an ac120 you can actually plug anything a bunch of power plugs right here one for usb um you actually can uh enable or disable the power running boards this is the onstar system for gmc um traction vehicle stability control you got infotainment system um which is nice that’s the gmc one um turning on the radio and all that stuff um it does have the does have

The navigation as well um and air conditioning as well so it’s got a bunch of zones for climate you can adjust the seat uh from here look at this this adjusts that seat so wow it’s so cool and then here’s that dashboard for you guys so you got got ten thousand miles on it and you know it shows you all the features that stand for all the most american vehicles

You know oil pressure level temperature level uh battery voltage level and fuel level okay and you got uh you know power seats uh and then power mirrors power windows and all that good stuff um but now let me show you the most exciting part i mean look at that top guys you have have light up here you know this is all your lighting and stuff like that you can turn

On all these lights look at this and this is for the back so the most exciting part about this gmc surveillance is this guys look at the back i mean god look at this it’s got this all the lighting actually got the actual tv in the back i’m gonna show that to you look at all these little windows out there i mean it’s so slick i i just can’t imagine just you know

Hitting the road you know getting like bunch night people in it and then we can go on a long road trip and just have fun and forget about the world you know nice curtains like i said everything is high end on this vehicle guys it’s um it’s super nice the price on that one is 65 991 so just under 70 grand that’s how you would open the rear okay and then look you

Have these actual curtains which you know you can extend out like that they’re actually high end i mean everything touching right here it’s all super nice and high-end guys i guess like i said this is a super nice and extremely high touch trim level so let’s hop in the back and see what we got i’m excited i am excited okay i’m closing this look at these seats

I mean you can adjust these seats like you can tilt them back um this is a total of nine seater vehicle guys um i’m almost standing up right now it’s got a sunroof all the way in the back that’s so cool jbl speakers air vents in the back it’s got a decent trunk space okay so you can definitely pull your suitcases or your camping gear back here and then uh i’m

Sitting all the way in the back right now check this out you actually have a tv here so that tv you actually have remotes in every pocket here okay and of course you got you know game power plug you can plug in your usbs right here you can turn the speakers off you got 12 volt off and on um you got of course headphones for for people who are riding and want to

Enjoy some quiet comfort time um turning the tv on look at this i mean god that’s so cool you got all that stuff you got the cd disc you got youtube netflix hulu amazon um you know you got app store i mean this is so cool this is so cool and right here if you guys can see you can actually dim you can dim your lighting or you have usb channels right here like for

Your phone and stuff and then like i said if it’s me this is so comfortable and so sweet in the back it’s unbelievable it’s got armrests pretty much got arm rest everywhere of course you can tilt these seats back i’m probably sitting at the most comfortable spot which is the back it’s super spacious back here i can actually turn on my uh i mean lower my armrest

Like this and then oh my god just enjoy the view and the sky wow that’s so cool guys i mean i’m impressed i i you know we rarely see a vehicle like this like cargo van nine seater camper like that but they’re so sweet you know like i said we’ve we took it in just a handful of days ago and look at all these curtains you know you basically have no sun but you

Can actually enjoy have these little windows and that sunroof all the way in the back that you can see through and you can enjoy while you’re riding in that okay so as you drive that’s what you’re gonna be seeing you have a bunch of cup holders for all your stuff all your drinks you can put back here of course you got seat belts everywhere because you know that’s

Safety you got seat belts on all the seats of course that’s normal and all that so speakers all the way at the back here i can hear it dimly of course you can adjust the speaker levels you even got curtains all the way in the back so if you want to be fully isolated from the sun if it’s a hot day you crank the ac on and you know you just you do that you turn you

Know i see this if i turn that down now now i’m all covered as well wow this is so cool so yeah guys 2018 gmc savannah uh 2500 l uh explorer trim which apparently gives you all the high end nice features like i said the seats are i mean these seats are you know more high-end than a you know first-class airplane if you ask me you got seat pockets and all that

Stuff um you can you can turn on the lights on and off if you wanted to you can adjust your light levels you can turn on your tv even if you’re sitting like somewhere here in the back you know which i’m gonna show you you know wow you know you got nice arm rest you can tilt your seat back of course kind of have a leaning seating position and you definitely get

Comfortable and let the driver uh drive it and take you wherever you guys need to go and have some fun so like i said for 65 grand it is a lot of money i’m not gonna lie to you but at the same time you’re getting a super nice camper you can you can have fun with your family with your friends family and uh go on a long road trip and and just enjoy memories right

I mean i think a lot of cars outside of you know being you know commuter some cars we need to get to just enjoy right and that’s definitely one that’s definitely not one you’d be getting for a commuter it’s definitely not one that you you’ll be getting you know unless you maybe have 10 kids um you’ll be getting just for fun for pleasure and and all that so that’s

What it is guys again it’s uh look at this it says limited sc so i guess that’s the trim like i said i’m not familiar but i guess it’s limited sc or explorer or maybe the explorer is just the limited build lineup and stuff like that but yeah the most impressive thing like i said this is a four year old vehicle and it only has 10 000 miles on it which 10 000 miles

It was only driven about 2500 miles a year which they probably people just use it for camping and stuff like that so super nice guys i’m gonna get out here and um you know like i said it’s it’s a sweet sweet vehicle it’s a lot of fun um nine seater 2018 gmc savannah 2500 i guess limited sc explorer with tvs with high-end seats and all that stuff um great vehicle

Great camper a lot of fun um 65 991 is the price and it is available here at michael’s of bellevue on the east side here in the state of washington um and our address is 30 80 148th avenue southeast bellevue washington uh 9807 is our zip code right here guys and we are getting very high-end stuff i mean i’ll tell you there’s somebody came in earlier today with

Like a 29 bentley continental four-door super nice who was thinking about trading it in for this one okay so um super nice like i said opening the driver door opens up the uh power running boards and you kind of have nice step step and you’re hopping right on the driver’s side you know if you’re gonna be the driver you have all these features you know you have

Cruise control you have bluetooth and all that um like i said you can tow with it uh gas mileage is not gonna be favorable it’s got a big v8 in it so like i said it wouldn’t be anything better but but yeah that’s what it is guys so like i said here it is like and subscribe if you have any questions let me know if you like these minivans um this is the one we have

For fun i’ll be trying to show it later so thank you let me know and like and subscribe have a great day guys

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2018 GMC Savana RWD 2500 Explorer Limited SE- The Dream Camper and Road-trip vehicle? By Aleks Car Guy