2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLT Z71 Suspension Cooled Seats Black Oshawa ON Stock #181179

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It’s a great day at mills motor is 240 bond street easton oshawa this is the 2018 gmc sierra 1500 slt 4-wheel drive crew cab in the onyx black you got the zed 71 suspension package leather upholstery heated and cooled seats and so much more let’s jump on in and get a look around all leather upholstery through here captains chairs you got that wireless charging pad

Let’s work our way inwards left to right see what’s included in where everything is located you got the chrome assist steps or the door to help you get in notes power driver adjustable seat the premium floor mats a bose audio the leader in sound how about power folding mirrors just gonna hold this button right down there and see those folding mirrors in action

Integrated turn signals built in and again the controls for the folding mirrors right there you also have memory seat and memory mirrors with two presets trailer break four wheel drive selector leather wrap steering wheel and yahtzee heated steering wheel here’s your icon for that to turn it on and off forward collision warning you can set that up for different

Distances and it’s going to keep you informed about the flow of traffic around you headlights and turn signals intermittent wipers cruise control on the left and we’re also gonna find the toggles here on the left hand side to us save and scroll through some favorite radio stations get the hazards gear shifter with tow mode hands-free calling and voice command the

Driver information center menu scroll through here using those arrows and it’s gonna show you all the info you need to know about your slt right there at your fingertips and you also have a volume control right there behind the steering wheel we’re gonna get to the tach momentarily and show that off to you first of all take a look the power adjustable pedals nice

And easy to handle this for this truck if you have some shorter legs in or really long legs ain’t nobody thought it was power adjustable pedals make it comfortable drive traction control on and off for the cargo lamps parking sensors on and off and you do have front and rear parking sensors here the lane keep system so you’re going to get an alert if you start to

A drift out of traffic and you also have your hill descent control tracking activity to usb to 12 volts and three-pronged power so plenty of opportunities to plug in and stay connected storage space get a pair of cup holders here wireless charging mat as mentioned and you have the usb ports once again on the inside to usb auxiliary at 12 volt power and up above

You’re gonna find that full powered slide and tilt sunroof controls for that are located right here so you can let that nice fresh air in beautiful blue sky above there’s your slide tilt function located right next to it both of these within arm’s reach of the driver so you can easily keep one hand on the wheel your eyes on the road and control that garage door

Openers led lighting and this right here will control that full powered sliding rear window get nice cross breeze going through the truck and that is a great look around the fronts final thing we’re going to show you here you got the chrome accents on the key fob remote start and the alarm fob as well 20 inch chrome aluminum wheels here wheel locks installed goodyear

All-terrain tires and the zed 71 suspension the rancho brand rear shocks you get the spare tire there the gmc branded mud flaps tailgate steps here both left and rights chrome rear bumper with the parking sensors in the rear once again hookups there for trailer and hitch with the trailering package all ready to go and the gmc branded hard tonneau cover also have

Easy lift and lower tailgate and you got that spray-on box liner as well so this is gonna protect the truck you’re not gonna have any scratching or denting it’s gonna take the brunt of anything you can throw at it got the tie-downs located throughout and the led box lights below help you work away and there’s some darker conditions back in position and you’re

Ready to hit the road at the chrome bumper up front you got the front parking sensors the fog lights said 71 suspension badging chromed mirror caps and chromed door handles and lots of room as you would expect here in the back of the crew cab the leather upholstery continues as does the full coverage premium floor mats 12-volt power back here for your passengers

To plug into room for three passengers fold-down armrest with cupholders split bench seat so feeny little bit more storage space you just pick those seats up in one hand carry-on power windows woodgrain trim notes soft touch materials and again nice deep tinted glass dripped got all the latest tacking here including the onboard navigation very quick and intuitive

Maps gonna take you where you want to go traffic icons gonna show you where the troubled spots are on the road and you can plan your trip around that and hopefully avoid any problems projection for enabled smartphone so you can plug in by a usb and enjoy things like apple carplay android auto phone icon allows you to pair your devices up use it for hands-free in

Storage media and all of this is on an am/fm sirius xm satellite radio platform with touch screen time and temperature display we’ve got sms text messaging and full range of onstar services including the wi-fi hotspots and it is with a full-color rear a backup camera with trajectory and of course you got the parking sensors is mentioned dual zone climate control

For heating and air conditioning got the ac button right here fan speed operator front and rear defroster and heated and cooled seats want to give this one a test drive come on down to mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa where we always do whatever it takes

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2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLT Z71 Suspension Cooled Seats Black Oshawa ON Stock #181179 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.