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2018 Hyundai Ioniq PLUG IN HYBRID PREMIUM PHEV S A, King Motors Dublin

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Hi welcome to kingwood as you click the link to our 2018 hyundai ioniq plug-in hybrid and these little ionics have been a real revelation for me when we first got them i didn’t expect a whole lot from them but they’re actually a fabulous little car really pleasant surprise and the spec is just obscene on them i’m going to take you out now i’m going to show you

All the buttons and functions and features and some of the spec on it like would blow your mind absolutely fantastic other than that there’s a link in the video’s description should you find it on youtube or something just click it it takes you right back to the ad it shows you all the specific details of the car how to finance etc um and finally i’m just going

To put the price here as to what you can finance the car for from truos should you choose to here we are driving the ionic and uh i have to be honest it’s i find them to be the most impressive car um that we’ve had in the last three to four years in the sense that like my expectation of them versus what they really are was so wrong i didn’t expect much from

These ionics and stuff when i got them i thought they’d just be like a permanent prius and they’re really not like they’re really not the spec on them is obscene i’ll start at the start so you’ve got the obvious stuff you’ve the big eight inch touchscreen in the middle that gives us sat nav full bluetooth phone connectivity meaning the phone is connected you can

Play all your music through youtube all that kind of stuff great for kids we’ve got a reverse uh camera on it grand relatively standard stuff we’ve got heated seats in the car we’ve also got a heated steering wheel in the car again i say it all the time but that used to be the realm of range rover and aston martin so normal cars like this didn’t have stuff like

That a few years ago so it has that but it has what i believe to be the single greatest invention in motor cars for the last 10 15 years i would say is on this car and that is radar cruise control it’s the best thing in the world basically with this car i can set a speed on the cruise control of 80 miles an hour and just let it go it will lock onto the car in

Front so if the car in front is only doing 60 miles an hour you will only do 60 miles an hour at a safe distance when that obstruction is out of your way it’ll re-accelerate up to 80 miles an hour it also has lane guidance assistance meaning it effectively nudges itself through the lanes on a motorway so it effectively drives itself down the motorway which

Is just amazing and if your life’s like mine my life has always been full of kids and at the minute i’ve a one and a half year old and you’re up at night and you’re tired in the mornings and that kind of stuff this is a godsend on the motorway absolute godsend well you don’t have to tune in that much the other thing about it then is its only job is to uh is

To break you know watch for obstacles on the motorway so it’s better than you at it and when if something breaks hard in front of you this car will stand on its head to stop it will do it faster than you it’ll react quicker than you and it’s more um it wouldn’t take any of the risks that your human being would do so it’s an absolutely fabulous system and then

Onto the range of these things there’s another thing that these do best overall the plug-in hybrid stuff which we specialize in now at this stage this hyundai ioniq and the the kia uh kona thing they are uh the best in terms of their actual range they say that this car when you do any research on them they’ll do 39 to 40 miles of actual range real range however

When you look into it you’ve got aircon on your driving and all that kind of stuff all the actual internet reports back from people who own these cars are saying they’re getting 32 to 33 actual genuine miles of electric range out of these things that’s obscene that is definitely my commute covered twice that’s me to work and back and to work and back on one

Single charge which it will do overnight five hours on the three pin granny charger inside the house they’re fantastic fantastic and the advantage they have over a prius just to circle back around to that is they have an actual gearbox the prius has a cvt gearbox which isn’t the greatest thing in the world when you get out onto motorways and stuff and i know

Pre as well because both my mother and my father not have prius so when you’re out in the motorway that guzzle fuel this won’t do that this will be quite good on fuel on the motor because it has locked in actual gear positions so absolutely fantastic thing and i suppose a second actual uh bonus above prius at the minute the prius are they’re a fine car they

Really really are um i’m a fan as i say i’ve got my my parents in them effectively um they’re making a premium prius are very popular with taxi men so they kind of price them a bit artificial at the minute they’re certainly making more money than they should because taxi men are using them and so there’s a massive saving on one of these over prayers like this

Versus an 18 prius five or six thousand euros worth of saving and you really gain no more other than that then this car is still in its manufacturer’s warranty so it’s kind of a no-brainer like you’ve got at least i think it’s two and a half years left of warranty on this i’d have to check just to be sure but it’s a serious piece of case very hard to beat but

That’s it i’ll stop talking about the car there i’ll move on to us briefly who we are the company and just to give you some scope on who we are we were one of the very first ever second hand dealers to be an simi dealer and now we’re an aia approved dealer on top of that the aaa approval allows us to offer up to two years warranty which again isn’t relevant

On this car but what the aaa stuff really does for us it says a lot about the type of business we are because they’re the aaa won’t just allow anyone be an ambassador for their brand they’re very protective of their image and that kind of stuff so it speaks volumes for the type of business we are the type of people we are but other than that we’ve well over 55

Start google reviews we’d love you to read them and just to give you an idea who we are if you are traveling or anything just to give you some scope on what you can expect when you come to see us but that’s it i’m going to leave the video there and i just want to say thanks for watching we appreciate you taking the time to do it hopefully it showed you some of

The really nice things about these cars surprised you uh pleasantly i hope um but other than that i’m going to leave it as i say and uh that’s it so goodbye and hopefully we will see you soon you

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2018 Hyundai Ioniq PLUG IN HYBRID PREMIUM PHEV S A, King Motors Dublin By King Motors Dublin