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2018 Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid Review

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2018 Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid Review

Volkswagen tiguan all space 2018 review it is the most successful suv made in germany the tiguan half a million people opt for this all-round vehicle with front-wheel or all-wheel drive each year the second generation of the suv came onto the market in 2016 now volkswagen has come up with something even more the new volkswagen tiguan all space an independent

Variation of the best-seller a spacious family car with a 109 millimeters longer wheelbase and 215 millimeters additional exterior lengths for more passengers more luggage and even more versatility the optional five plus two seat tiguan all space had its european premiere at the 2017 geneva international motor show the new volkswagen suv fills the space between

The familiar classic take one in the upper range suv touareg therefore the tiguan all space boasting up to 760 litres of luggage capacity also appeals as a charismatic alternative to all those motorists and families that previously had to rely on a van because of the amount of space required when the tiguan all space is loaded to roof height up to the seat backs

Of the first row its storage capacity is an impressive 1920 liters volkswagen tiguan all space with balanced proportions the tiguan in the new tiguan all space were developed at the same time accordingly the two body versions consistently exhibit a confident stance on wheel sized at least 17 inches marco pavoni of the volkswagen design team is responsible for

The exterior of the tiguan we have designed the rear doors of the tiguan all space to be longer the bonnet was also raised up at the front above the radiator grille to adapt the proportions to the longer overall length says the exterior designer pavoni goes on to say a very unique formative line accentuates the side window design that rises behind the c-pillar

Volkswagen tiguan all space similar to atlas model in the usa the bonnet and silhouette show deliberate parallels to another new volkswagen suv the atlas developed for the usa at the front there is also the newly designed radiator grille with its chrome trim strips some of which extend into the headlights and suggest a visual bridge between the tiguan all space in

The atlas particularly striking the upper chrome strip that stretches across the entire front end tiguan all space vehicles are also all equipped with granite grey underbody protection as standard two front sections just like the classic tiguan the tiguan all space is also available in on road and off-road versions of the front section the latter can be ordered

With an optional off-road package together with special engine underbody protection that extends to the bumper for off-road driving the off-road front section improves the vehicles approach angle by 7 degrees newly designed roof section volkswagen tiguan all space vehicles are all equipped with roof rails as standard the roof itself was also redesigned striking

Structural lines are being used for the first time instead of a smooth roof surface in homage to classic suvs they extend lengthwise along the roof from front to rear if the tiguan all space is equipped with the 870 x 1364 millimeters panoramic sliding sunroof the structural lines are of course only on the rear roof area

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