2018 Kia Niro Plug In Hybrid

2018 Kia Niro Plug In Hybrid

2018 tyin ero plug-in hybrid a pragmatist pedaling a greener future the idea is simple plug it in when you can and your visits to the pump will become less frequent that’s probably the way plug-in hybrids like the cayenne arrow should be pitched to car buyers as much as regulators and policy makers revere feds and see them as an important step on the way to electric

Mobility the reality is that too often the format can involve glaring compromises excess weight sluggish performance and higher cost all for the sake of the occasional delivery of a few miles of electric driving the best plug-in hybrids sell themselves on low running costs and not over complicating things and that’s exactly what kaya has done with this narrow the

Call maker has managed to fit in 8.9 kwh battery under the backseat without encroaching on seating or cargo space there’s a 3.3 kw onboard charger capable of providing a full charge in about 2.5 hours with a common level to commercial charger or about nine hours with a 120 volt wall socket compared with a regular non plugging niro hybrid the feb also has upgraded

Power electronics and a stronger electric motor good for 60 horsepower versus 43 total output remains 139 horsepower and 195 lb-ft but there is enough electrified muscle to reach 75 miles per hour in f mode plug it in when you can our first drive opportunity took place in california the state slated as the initial sales focus for the model although it will be

Available for order throughout the united states where kaia started us out with a full tank of gasoline but not a full charge a move that we took as a not-so-subtle statement about how the brand sees this model on a 498 mile meandering route from costa mesa california to san francisco we did one recharge at our overnight stop in paso robles which fully topped

Off the battery we also plugged in the car briefly of other various stops whenever we easily could do so about ten minutes at a time in several instances over there as many small recharges we added the equivalent of nearly another full charge and finished the drive with the trip computer indicated 51 miles per gallon we didn’t have to refill the eleven point four

Gallon gas tank at the end of the drive there was an indicated forty four miles of gasoline range remaining muddles and money the nira plug-in hybrid will be offered in lx x and x premium trims base lx models include a power driver’s seat dual zone automatic climate control lane keeping assist adaptive cruise control and a 7.0 inch touchscreen infotainment interface

With android auto and apple carplay connectivity x models at blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert plus upgraded upholstery and heated front seats the top x premium which is what we drove gets a 7.0 inch display panel in the gauge cluster having a tachometer display for sport mode plus leather seats ventilated front seats a heated steering wheel a harman

Kardon audio system a wireless phone charger and an 8.0 inch center touchscreen with navigation pricing ranges from twenty eight thousand eight hundred forty dollars for the base car climbs to thirty two thousand four hundred forty dollars for the x and tops out at thirty-five thousand four hundred forty dollars for the x premium while the base price for the nero

Hybrid is twenty four thousand one hundred eighty dollars factor in the four thousand five hundred forty three dollars federal tax credit for the plug-in in the difference in price between the two all but disappears and that’s before any additional state incentives that could make the plug-in effectively cheaper it’s the inherent practicality and value that sells

Us on the narrow it’s no wonder the hybrid has outsold the closely-related high bay ionic by nearly two point five to one in the us to date and is gaining on the prius with crossover like seating space style and versatility there’s no real downside to the plug-in nero charged it a couple of times a week when you can and you’ll have one of the most efficient vehicles

On the market that also can take your family anywhere on the weekend you

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