2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar P250 R Dynamic SE

In this video, we go over the paint condition, ownership history, and features, and start this Land Rover up for you.

Welcome to alpha cards my name is dimitri and today we’re checking out year 2018 uh land rover velar this is an amazing vehicle it’s a one owner a vehicle local vehicle that we purchased from the original owner and we did a number of improvements including rear brakes tires synthetic oil service comprehensive inspection and land rover service scheduled service so

This has all been done let’s check it out together beautiful beautiful color and as i said only 20 000 miles 23 to be exact it’s a one owner exceptional condition and it has close to seven thousand dollars in options the vehicle was purchased brand new in april of 2018 and the factory warranty is good through april 2022 and it qualifies for extended service

Coverage the options would make this particular vehicle more attractive than some others on the market at the similar price so check out our listing on alphacars.com a-l-p-h-a-c-a-r-s we have a detailed list of options detailed list of improvements and you can download the original windows sticker of course the clean one owner carfax all that on alphacars.com

Or you can simply give us a call at the 978-263-9000 condition is impressive there are literally no imperfections that i can report to right now i’m looking at the front end of the vehicle it is impeccable and we did of course we did a top level uh detailing on it there are a couple of small tiny little touch-ups i know we’ve done i cannot see them right now so

They’re nicely done but there were no major damages or scratches and the paint is beautiful and wait until we get inside the vehicle it is very very pretty and very very nice so let me just get the key here it is and look at these fancy door handles the interior is beautiful very modern very functional exquisite luxurious and yes it’s our dynamic huge panorama

Sunroof beautiful seats there’s still a true new car smell here the condition is very close to new vehicle condition the rear bumper and the rear of the car again i’m not seeing any imperfections they look very very nice let’s peek inside beautiful beautiful beautiful condition checking out the rest of the vehicle yep power recline rear seats the switch is

Right there gorgeous collar combination nice little storage area behind here large screen for this is the interface with the vehicle control systems the defrosters all that is a touchscreen nicely done you can see some very nice compartments throughout the vehicle good sized glove box and here is the original window sticker so yeah the condition is very

Close to new you can see the new tires that we installed front brakes in excellent condition rare brakes are new that we installed the paint is absolutely gorgeous and as far as the paint the whole car is a regional factory car it has never had any body work or paint work all the paint meter readings range from uh probably from five to six let me just confirm

Exactly from five to six which is consistent with the uh factory uh finish we just popped the hood so let’s look at the engine compartment it is very very clean very clean nice fuel efficient uh engine with excellent performance excellent dynamics joy to drive so let’s get the engine started very comfortable seats very very comfortable seats all we need to

Do is push the start button right there it starts right up nice display the screen the uh the screen tilts out and gets in a more vertical position we have our heater controls right here beautiful sound you can just tell it’s high-end sound system and in fact it is it’s the meridian surround sound we have navigation media phone really nice light interface

Very modern very stylish our temperature controls right here it actually has a heated front windshield when i say heated it’s like on the mercedes g-class on the high-end range rovers there’s actually a heating elements integrated inside the triplex uh front windshield so you cannot see them when you pick the right angle on the certain light you can barely

See them but they are super super functional volume is nice and easy control right here you have your air conditioning you can turn off your traction control not sure why would you do that but you can and everything is nice and solid and there are absolutely no imperfections it is just in beautiful beautiful beautiful condition and look at the huge panorama

Sunroof overhead control panel really nice steering wheel with metal pedal shifts you also have a navigation screen right in front of you you have our dynamics display with the rpm fuel and temperature and you have other driver assistance functions on your left side and you can customize the screen pretty much any way you like it if i wanted to get my hands

Nice and warm all i need to do is press the heated steering wheel button and that’s about it then to put it in drive i am going to just do that neutral drive and i have the camera view right there uh back up camera because i had it in reverse for a second there it is it also has the parking sensors and you can see the vehicle geometry right there on the right

So we’re gonna put it in drive there’s a sport mode right next to it and oh the steering wheel is already nice and warm awesome so we’re gonna take it around the building i like the throttle pedal engagement you can tell it’s got plenty of power but it’s not jumpy at all it actually feels nice and smooth and not feels it is a nice and smooth engagement and

I love the heated steering wheel the navigation system functions nice and quick there’s a speed limit right there so you know uh what is the speed limit on the road you’re traveling incredibly stylish rear view mirror it’s like oh my god i don’t know who designed it uh which engineer but they did an absolutely awesome job we’re just gonna take a quick drive

On our small back road right here and of course we’re going to put a seat belt on by the way the seats are very very comfortable very comfortable and this vehicle feels no different than a new automobile there’s no maintenance you would need to worry about it comes with a new fresh synthetic oil change all factory maintenance up to up to speed up to date um and

Of course new tires uh front brakes in excellent condition new rear brakes uh it tells me over there on the left how many passengers seat belts on and so forth and as far as heat control it’s right here and i can just turn it down a little bit wow it’s beautiful nice and soft the controls are so gorgeous like you don’t want to let them go you just want to turn

The fan up and down just because it’s so smooth i’m very familiar with this road uh it’s kind of bumpy i’m in fact i’m going over some good size bumps and you’d feel nothing nothing inside it’s so quiet the suspension works so awesome yeah beautiful scenery here uh we’re still enjoying the foliage and i just adjusted my speed to recommend the 30 miles per hour

Which is noted by the road signs and also inside my vehicle right here very convenient we do have the navigation system and you can see it instantly on your uh in front of you or here on the side it is an absolute joy to drive yeah we’re gonna turn around pull into um one of my favorite spots which is this little valley and we can have a better look at the

Vehicle walk around it i’m gonna put it in park right here i’ll leave the engine running so let’s check this out yeah i do have a plate inside the vehicle look at the weight it just looks it’s beautiful the collar is gorgeous it’s impeccably clean and it’s all original nice set of wheels and please check out all the options that are detailed in our listing

You’ll be very very impressed it’s an awesome value for anyone that’s looking for a fun functional family suv dual exhaust the underbody is impeccably clean on this vehicle which is to be expected for the vehicle this age there are absolutely no dents or chips anywhere on the side panels windows are nice and clean all the trim around the windows nice and

Clean stylish name plates beautiful styling of led lighting throughout the vehicle and modern door handles are very very impressive here in the mirror you’ll see some driver assistance functionality and awesome lines throughout the vehicle great design so thank you very much for viewing this video from alpha cars please subscribe to the channel and let us

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