2018 Lexus LC 500 H walk around video

Hello this is bob harris uh doing a walk around video for you here on this lexus lc i’m going to go ahead and start right here in the front these videos are here to kind of give us a walk through on the car let us know any issues that we might see with the vehicle and we’ll start here like i said at the front of the car with the front bumper everything’s good

On the surface it does have a protective film on the bumpers and the hood so you do have some little rock chips here in that plastic film a little bit of damage underneath that front bumper there the rest of the bumper seems to be in good shape got a little bit of a chip there on that lid is in good shape free of any chips scratches dings or dents bumper

Front fender of the vehicle no damage or any issues there we got some michelin tires they’re fairly new a little bit of curb rash on the wheel nothing major windshield is clean and free of any chips scratches cracks none of that there driver side mirrors in good shape no damage got the driver’s side door no door dings you got one little scratch there got a

Panoramic roof no chip scratches or anything like that no damage up there rear driver side fender got a couple little things this is a hybrid like i said the tires are in good shape this is the rear driver side wheel moving on to the rear bumper rear bumper is clean just a little bit of a scratch here most likely can be buffed out no problem rear deck lid on

The trunk a few small little scratches again probably can be buffed out uh we just did a light clean on the car so we have not detailed the vehicle yet this light here is cracked a little you might need a replacement moving on to the passenger side rear of the vehicle square quarter here looks good no damage passenger rear tire and wheel passenger side on the roof

Glass looks good no rock chips no scratches no nothing there passenger door looks good no dents or scratches or dings mirrors in good shape and free of any damage front fender looks good no damage there and this is the front passenger side wheel also in good shape and that’s the exterior of the vehicle go ahead and take a look at the interior front door panel

Looks good got your alcantara inserts no damage dashboard is in good shape free of any damage very clean on the interior here really no damage small bit of wear right here on the corner of the center console but that is it there’s no other real wear marks you got a little bit here on the seat just where the bolster is power seats with lumbar take a look back

Here in the back everything looks good there very comfortable car pop that trunk open interior trunk space looks pretty good so the golf clubs might be able to fit in there passenger door panel everything’s in good shape no damage or wear passenger side seat in good shape no wear and tear dashboard again is in great shape nowhere here all the floor mats are

In the car this is the rear seat area on the passenger side again very clean that’s pretty much it for the interior and i’ll pop the hood for you can see the engine compartment hybrid components there very clean under here runs nice and smooth and that’ll conclude the video here for the walk around on this lexus if you have any questions feel free to reach

Out to us and we look forward to talking to you thank you

Transcribed from video
2018 Lexus LC 500 H walk around video By Classic Cars of Palm Beach