2018 Mercedes AMG E63 S 4MATIC+ BRUTAL Drive Review Sound Acceleration Exhaust

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Pink a comparable pet a scratch hello guys welcome to murrs burns king i’m in pristina at mercedes-benz cotton dolly and i’m here with the mercedes e63 s 4matic plus and in this video i will take it for a drive and show you how it handles so let’s go so let’s see what kind of beast lies underneath gorgeous the engine has a v8 it produces 612 horsepower

850 newton meters of torque 0 to 62 or 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds top speed of 310 km/h so that’s really fast amazing so let’s go for a drag race what guys the mercedes e63 s 4matic plus so i will put on the seat belt so let’s press the button as you can see this thing you are just amg some music but not for today so let’s put it in sport+

You can do it with this dynamic button over here they switch i just switch it down to sport plus and now the suspension goes into sport plus the exhaust and the steering view in sport so it’s more direct so i put the my foot on the brake hit the button to start and let’s listen or i will just tell the roof okay let’s listen awesome guys this is the

Screen in front of me i will put the content on engine data yes so it will show me the boost how much new to me to some using there’s also a an amg performance setting and which will show you the boost so now it’s in the reverse here you can see the 360 degrees camera with the reversing camera let’s go and the steering will feel so nice leather with

Stitching a flat bottom with alcantara on the side on the sides so as you can see the camera are still working so let’s listen guys crazy a lot of potholes let me take a left turn i’m still in sport+ so let’s listen and see how the score performs a serious business currently it’s on teen navigation screen but there’s also an amg setting so you can

Press back and then scroll to vehicle and let’s go to dynamic select engine data so now it will show you exactly how much newton-meters you are using kilowatts the horsepower so let’s accelerate once more so now the engine is in comfort and when i switch it to sport plus you can immediately see that the rpm change changes and the sound is different

So this is the comfort mode and it really doesn’t feel that aggressive it quite comfortable action the performance i love the plops it’s so loud and this there’s also of course a race mode which so i’ve said it right now let’s try this i use the both paddle shifters amazing this becky – sport+ because the race mode is very aggressive actually

We’re gonna make a video about the e63 especially this new one i don’t know what to say i just listen to the sound and it’s amazing you can really see people love this car it’s very famous very known the e63 let’s get the amg performance yes so now it tells you how fast were driving the km/h the boost how much newton-meters you’re using this amg

Has a v8 a 612 horsepower stunning 850 newton metres of torque and also whether find special of this car is that the license plate it actually says 612 ps german for horsepower 3.6 seconds to 100 so it’s extremely fast top speed of 310 km/h thanks for watching merge events king guys stay tuned for more videos

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2018 Mercedes AMG E63 S 4MATIC+ BRUTAL Drive Review Sound Acceleration Exhaust By MercBenzKing