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Kung sinabing sub-compact sedan, siguradong Toyota Vios agad ang nasa isipan ng marami, ngunit may #2 on the list na hinding-hindi makakalimutan ng lahat, ang Mitsubishi Mirage G4. Ano nga ba ang laman ng isang Mirage G4? Tingnan dito sa aming review.

Hi i’m cal young and welcome to this automark.ph vlog 2018 mitsubishi mirage gls 1.2 tada acuv and this one right here is an acuv now anyway the mitsubishi mirage g4 is basically the sedan version of the popular hatchback mitsubishi mirage and so you still get the same really big lights on this one this trim also gets a lot of chrome on the grill around the fog

Lights and you also get really big headlamps trend with this car yoho drink so there are both flowing lines and curves as well but the general hood is very short 15 inch rims repeaters aside miramo then the shape of the car it’s really nothing special it’s your typical subcompact car however mitsubishi roof line so more chrome on this one chrome then you also get

Rather big lights with this camera so you can use your key to open this you get even more space inside then that is a full-size liter inline three engine with my big technology or variable bio timing this one only makes around 78 horsepower mega mobba and 100 newton meters of torque now if you compare this to their competitor yes it’s rather low in terms of power

Figures pero advantage and since three cylinders ah interior mitsubishi mirage for not bad ja for its class so push button start for this one porsche so left you push button start mode instead of usual safety features you do get airbags for both the driver and the passenger side so not bad plus materials more generally it’s okay for its class yes it’s metro heart

Of plastic at some point again for its price point not bad two tonne so it’s white and black steering wheel it’s wrapped in polyurethane and it feels kind of like leather it’s not real leather but not bad but unfortunately you can only tilt the steering wheel but you cannot telescope it instrument cluster mode basically rpms left speedometer seven inch touchscreen

Climate control one zone only air vents belongs aside but interesting shapes rectangles like curves aside down below spaces in this one you have an automatic transmission in this case this is a cvt it’s a continuously variable transmission then if you notice it’s also a two-tone not just from the side but also the seats itself so these are white which complements

The black interior and punctating seats which is actually rather rare in this class you also get your own cup holders over there better since my cup holders are passenger seats for the diversity again this is a 1.2 gls it’s a 2018 year model at binabendana manitos automark as an acuv a secondhand car named warranty so first off uh augusta now anyway driving

The mitsubishi mirage for first impressions like the driving video so it feels exactly like a video is very similar to avios and main difference is that with this one the car is very easy to maneuver and gundama visibility codes plus this exact model so it’s an inline three it’s a three-cylinder engine now 1.2 liters and it makes like 78 horsepower which is a

Lot less than what you would get for example with the vios the 1.5 which can do almost 100 horsepower a little bit over a hundred which means na pagusto moto hata win hindi gano abilis and city cruiser so hindi namangalaga yeah it goes it’s not fast but it goes and for your daily driving means more than enough now speaking of that engine you get 11.8 kilometers

Per liters a city and 18 kilometers per liter on the highway so so mitsubishi mirage especially if you compare it to its competitors something i like this is to get you from point a to point b very comfortably and the mitsubishi mira g4 can easily do that for you no frills very comfortable uh decent seats and also low price you can always go for a mitsubishi

Mirage gu4 so once again this mitsubishi mirage g4 2018 jls 1.2 is for sale and puntalang’s website now automark dot ph acuv network acuv once again i am secondhand car my warranty this has been kyle young for audemars.ph automark.h vlog don’t forget to like this video subscribe to our channel and click that notification bell plus also share our videos thanks for watching you

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