2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Exterior & Interior Walkround

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Hi this is paul’s eggman here with grambling mitsubishi and this is the 2018 mitsubishi outlander sport now in the 2018 mitsubishi outlander sport you get all kinds of different ways to configure this vehicle two motor options you’re gonna have a 2.0 liter it’s gonna deliver 148 horsepower and you’re gonna have the 2.4 liter like in this yes all-wheel control

The 2.4 liter is gonna deliver another 20 horsepower for 168 things that i like and being in the auto industry for over a decade now i can appreciate is the look of the vehicles gotta be right it’s got to have that design and styling that attracts you to it you never want to drive it this is a great way to start and honestly i’m a big fan of the front look of

A vehicle and the wheel package that goes on a vehicle with the right kind of color in options so let’s get tearing into what’s on this 2018 outlander sport this is gonna be an 18-inch set of aluminum alloy wheels that are a machine finished with a dark inlay that’s painted i like the way that that looks that’s attractive disc brakes yup it has those and their

Standard another option is new for 2018 you have the led running lights that are gonna be in the yes and up package also they’re gonna have the limited edition package you’re gonna have fog lamps here the led running lights here and a really good-looking head like i like the black on the back side of the headlamp and then when you take a look it just carries into

The front so that gloss black look that takes the middle of that grill gives it a big open look and honestly it really gives a strong presence to the front of the vehicle and the angles that come along with it too so the thing i like about this i definitely love the color and this is the cosmic blue eye i do it goes great with the chrome it goes great with the black

And it definitely ties into the headlamps in the white way that they just wrapper on the side of the vehicle into the fender well you’ve got your fender badging as well i’d like to have a little accents there other things that i enjoy is like this mirror that’s perfect to have a painted to match mere cap but there’s other little things i pay attention to most auto

Manufacturers are gonna run this in a matte finish well this is a gloss black painted finish and it’s a standard heated mirror whether you get an es package or this the se package pane to match door handles it’s a nice accent they’re not black and standing out i’d enjoy that the other part about it is well you’ve got a the keyless entry key system here where you

Just you push it and it unlocks or locks the door for you we know within proximity and have the key on your person in your purse in your pocket anywhere with you accents that really set this one off specifically is yeah if you snowboarder if you ski or well carry a ladder or if you use anything to do with a roof rack how about biking huge into mountain biking is

Me and the camera guy who’s big fan as well taking a look at this system it’s a good looking system and the angle of those bars doesn’t cause this droning noise of wind restriction as you’re going down the road and it’s just a more sporty look i do enjoy that part of it two other things that i like is you actually have a good flare on the side of the vehicle too

So when you run through a model or if you go through the snow with your all-wheel control system that mitsubishi has set five world records in a matter of 24 hours with yeah that’s huge they love playing in the snow that that is something to keep all that off of your paint i like that backside here these are little things that i pay attention to that i think are

Awesome this carbon fiber look in the back that wraps around where your your red reflection reflector is in the back i think it’s awesome tool tow hook points as well make it very convenient to not throw something underneath if you’re gonna pull your competition out of the snowbank there in that you’re not in so this i do like to you’ve got a four wheel drive even

Though it’s an all-wheel control it’s just showing you it’s a little easier to see and yes i am four wheel drive you got your tinted glass – tinted glass every single package when you look at some other competition they bring up the cheapest model line there’s no tint on the vehicle and i think that makes the color pop that makes the whole package look right let’s

Take a look inside the back area of the vehicle – underneath you get the two-part ellipse or now puddle lamps your license plate that’s gonna be underneath there a standard backup cameras gonna be tucked up underneath as well and this has an led illumination package – how cool is that that it matches the color and it actually really does a great job of illuminating

The back of the vehicle now this is the rear cargo cover that’s available as an option is why lauren accessory now this is removable too so it’s easy to take and have out of the way let me show you how to do that it’s just as simple as moving this and moving this now in the backside here it just pops off the back out it comes so if you have a little bit larger

Cargo you’re able to store that without an issue and here’s what’s even easier the seats fold down so i mean me personally i don’t always have somebody with me oftentimes i don’t at all but this you can drop this down throw bikes inside the bikes on your roof rack system that’s inside as well but i just i like the way that everything just flows together and it’s

Really purpose-built it’s a way to not charge you through the roof on price point mitsubishi is awesome with starting this and an all-wheel control around $20,000 are you kidding me good luck finding anything in the competition that’s gonna be anywhere near that in the number one selling mitsubishi vehicle or definitely growing exponentially with this package in the

Outlander sport fold the seats down we’re gonna take a look at some of the things on the interior and we’re gonna pay attention to a couple options that are gonna be standard like seven-inch touchscreen that’s sweet that’s more to come follow me inside now let’s take a look at the back of the 2018 mitsubishi outlander sport well first of all i told you i would show

You how to fold the seats and had a few customers comment about actually sitting and seeing the room that’s in the back of these vehicles and how it is it’s easy to get in and exit all of the above before i fold that seat i did want to mention too though that you have the latch system the lower anchor tether child harness system for car seats to make that easily

Accessible they’re located with just below where these these buttons are and you can see the hooks very easily to be able to throw the car seat into well you’ve got them all the way across the back this seat pretty easy to fold you’re gonna have a push button that’s right here just disengages a latch there it folds down and you’ve got a good pitch to it too so

Excellent entry from the back you can fold it down through whatever you need to in the back of the vehicle and do that pretty comfortably if you notice i’m leaning on the armrest with two cupholders in it as well loveyou upholstery on the interior we’ll talk a little bit about more about that in the front seat so let me show you that and get you more acclimated with

What mitsubishi the outlander sport has to offer on the interior and believe me i think you’re gonna like it let’s start taking a look at some of the trim features around the vent and the touchscreen that’s the first thing that i noticed and focused on because that’s the things that you see touch in a fuel every time you go to get in the vehicle so when we happen

And you take a look at all the carbon fiber or the the simulated carbon fiber look there i love it you know and coming in here – we got our push-button start so we’re able to very easily put the vehicle into an accessory mode this is going to load your your very easily can you see your controls for your climate for your your fan speed your direction you have two

Usb charging ports you have you have your heated seats here in this package that we’re showing you you have your four wheel drive system here that you’re gonna have that touch button down below right in front of your shift knob very easy to see how the vehicle goes into the into gear and in even better i love things like chrome bezels and the gloss black look and the

Easy control so fans on too loud yeah turn it down nice and easy to do very easy to go to your home screen easy to go through your selections you have the android app or the android the carplay apple carplay and android auto simple things of just of just downloading you know at the android auto to your to your android phones and being able to pair up with a vehicle

Always recommended is well pair up to pair up to the vehicle before you plug in because it’s a default that when you plug in with a iphone it’s just gonna automatically put your phone on there but when you’re not plugged in you’re not paired up so pair up first then plug in just to make sure that when your don’t bring your cord within your not charging you’re still

Able to use the system well and use your your hands for your hands-free control so that’s that that’s just a quick overview on looking at the ease of usage on this now take a look at the interior i love it you go to sit down and you sit down on a nice comfy suede feel here i love the red stitching the outside bolsters are gonna be that that leather or the partial

Leather style here that’s going to be all of your seam lines it’s just paying attention to detail and really it’s it’s aesthetically pleasing and then it it names the name is perfect for it the outlander this is definitely a sporty feel i love the interior on this vehicle – very up-to-date on where the technology is at on this is well you can do tons of different

Options with these is wall so you can go through i’m going to read through a couple of those different features and options that are available on this vehicle and we’re going to take a look underneath the hood as well is we’ve also had some comments let’s take a look underneath the hood and see what we’re offering this is gonna be the 2.4 liter all-wheel control

So let’s take a look at what that option is offered in the 2018 outlander sport let’s take a look let’s take a look underneath the hood of the 2018 outlander sport this is gonna be the se package that is all-wheel control with the 2.4 liter mivec for sodor engine that’s underneath the hood at 168 horsepower very easy nothing too complicated an abs brake system

That’s easily easily accessible and then you have all couldve reservoirs underneath for your windshield washer fluid your coolant brake fluid very easy to manage and notice that your intake comes through the front of the vehicle and that’s managed very well as as well now on this – i just wanted to bring up for 2018 just to get things clear what our standard options

Are gonna be with the 2018 mitsubishi outlander sport now just taking a look at a couple of those first of all 30 miles to the gallon with a front wheel drive is very easily achievable that’s beautiful when it comes to a low cost a extremely long warranty it’s a decade and a hundred thousand miles yes ten years and a hundred thousand miles of limited powertrain

Warranty on this vehicle you think they built it right well they’re backing it for 10 years yes they did 35 years in the business the lascaux family has been in the automotive industry and this is the by far the longest warranty that’s offered now and it’s available now so take a look at a couple of the options that are gonna come standard – as i mentioned before

The the 18-inch wheels the automatic climate control that you saw inside the 7-inch touch panel display audio system and hd radio standard in the es model that’s starting all tinted glass on the back side of the vehicle that standard as well other things that are awesome i like the led rear combination lights well what does that mean well the entire back brake

Light system that going on very easy to see with led it’s a lot more vivid and easier on the eyes and it’s more noticeable other things to pay attention to is we do have a backup camera and bluetooth standard on every single one of the 2018 i’ll enter sports the other thing that i just want to mention is some optional equipment that you can get in here is well so

We go from an es when go to an le which is a limited edition into the se we can go to the sel i like going through this because you’re able to know what you can get down the road to so things that are an available feature like this the all-wheel control system yep that’s available and then you have the smartphone link display audio system with apple carplay and

Android auto as we mentioned are in this vehicle too in the se package advanced safety systems god have mentioned some of the advanced safety systems to seven airbags inside this vehicle including in the airbag in the vehicle as well which is where your most common injury is so that is definitely a point to mention and bring up we do have sirius xm radio and then

You have a three month subscription at no charge to you you do have the the fast key so that’s the passive entry that i mentioned on the door earlier so mitsubishi is branding that as the fast key entry so that’s push button start like we have here on the se that’s also just simply grabbing the door handle when you have the key within proximity other things that

Are available to is going to be a panoramic roof and the hid headlamps additional equipment that is available like the se has the or the sel has a touring package that’s available with it as well and then you have all-weather floor mats chrome package on exterior and you always are able to get all of the floor mats and additional accessories remote starts easily

Done at the dealership here too in grand blanc michigan so we can definitely be able to discuss and help you find the right fit for you whether it’s this octane blue or whether you decide to go with a little bit different color we have the white diamond pearl we’ve got the labrador black we’ve got some excellent color choices all throughout on this vehicle – one

Of my favorites being the mercury grey love it that’s my personal favorite i think it pops off the chrome in black really well but we just wanted to mention and show you what’s available for the 2018 mitsubishi outlander sport and this is paul’s eggman here at grand blanc mitsubishi grand blanc michigan give us a call take a look at our website shoot us an email

Be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you out with any of your sales or service we’ll talk to you soon

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2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Exterior & Interior Walkround By Grand Blanc Mitsubishi