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2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE full review

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It’s the boy tonight in the building baby good morning guys welcome back to my youtube channel today i have a 20-18 mitsubishi outlander sport this is the se model i think this one push out one hundred and forty something horsepower i’m not sure i got a double check on that i put the correction in the video like for real anyways this one arm is the 18 18 inch

Wheels some beautiful color i love the color red the 18 inch wheels right here get a good nice look around on the vehicle of the vehicle this one of course have the backup camera feature it’s a four-cylinder motor so you save a lot on gas that they give you 24 24 city and dirty highway which is not bad at all the other side of the vehicle well go back to the

To pop the trunk and show you what’s what’s in the trunk what is offers as well i like the beautiful headlights have the fog lights as well nice grill another japanese nice well-designed vehicle they have folding mirrors as well what i like is like since its keyless entry let me show you something real quick when you press the button to lock it the mirrors fold

In it’s a nice little feature i like that but it’s a lot of different vehicle also have the same feature as well so this is not the first you unlock it what i don’t like it’s the key fob don’t really give you an option to open the door like open the the lift gate so basically you have to like press a button and like pull it up and they just go up what i have on

Here is a spear i like that they give you a spare cuz you know a lot of new vehicles these days don’t give you a spare i really don’t so this one is a temporary temporary spear you know if you have a flat and the flat is yo you can’t even put no air in there you could just go replace it you got you got a nice jack right here as well just jack up the vehicle the

Tool to take off your tire right here as well so no problem is all and no problem at all so that’s what i like about it alright this is the space right here of course these seats click go down you just seems like you press a button i press this button up here and you push it and it go flat down to give you extra extra space yeah you just push it down give you

Extra space and then close this back down and let’s go into the vehicle alright look at the legroom it’s not bad at all i like the space you have people pull this down you could get give you two cupholders the windows and locks look get my legs nice legroom i have space feel nice cloth seats real soft and comfy get the front i’m gonna go to the front i’m gonna

Start it up and show you guys what this vehicle offer i might miss a few things but i’m gonna do my best to give you everything that i know so far about this vehicle all right so let’s exit out right now i’m in the front you give you a little space down here have the cup holder right here on this space right here you can put whatever in this little pad out

Right here you have all your windows your mirror up here your lock right here you could lock your window as well of course this would this right here’s the i can’t remember the name of this feature but it’s basically your blind assists or some-some assists it is and show you on the mirror when a car is close to you your sense that the car is there so when you

Go on you turn on your indicator what i like it’s gonna beep and let you know a car is in your blind spot so that’s a nice feature i don’t know i noticed a lot of new vehicles have that night nice feature as well let me slow down i’m kinda i’m getting kind of excited yes i have the bluetooth you could answer you can hang up your car hang up their calls you have

Your mode right here control everything in the in the center console you have your info button which is the for the instrument in the cluster right here and this one you could dim the lights you could turn it bright if you want the lights to be brighter this right here is a touch screen you have your ac here this is a little kind of old-fashioned but you have

An ac you could turn it on auto or you could put it manual how you want it to be you could let it show what you have a position you want it to be you have your defog over here as well have it on auto down here you have your heated seats idle coal on both side whichever side you want it to be this right here is your attraction traction control and if the road is

Wet whatever you could turn that on to give you more traction you got two usb right here you have your shifter your park reverse neutral got a little sport mode i don’t know what l mean i’ve been noticed a lot of vehicles we have an l yeah the emergency brake took up whole right here this is the dribbler passenger seat you have equal lock the doors as well and

Your mirrors of course ac vent to ac vents right here another one over here as well they will speak right there you have another cup holder you have your cool yeah glovebox is basically over here lockbox is right here i kind of like this little tray right here you could like push it back in for whatever you could remove it if you want to give you more space i

Just have about two napkins in here and you basically have another power port right there so if you want to charge your phone use your regular usb use the regular charger which i doubt a lot of people still have use them in a vehicle the emergency hazard lights of course is push-to-start you have your uh you also have your um this is for your windshield right here

You went you your windshield washer your windshield wiper right here your turn signals your lights on and off alright let’s push to start so basically what you do you put your foot on the brakes brake off course and press the button to start up the vehicle and let me go back onto the info bar n it tells you the mouse 310 miles still e it’s not completely full by

This almost probably five dollars will bring it back to four or less i didn’t drive them much i’ll just fill it up yesterday i didn’t drive that much show you the average of fuel twenty three point four miles per gallon show you the trip here bluetooth is not connected this one have the apple carplay and android auto as well so here we say apps hopefully you guys

Could see let me try to get a good focus it’s not going to say nothing because my phone is not connected but when you basically connect your phone through the usb and you accept everything the android auto or the apple carplay well you just set it up it will show all it’s real nice you show all your apps in this console right here in this touchscreen console and

You show you all your apps that’s basically on your phone that you can use yes you have bluetooth of course and click on home give you the fm the am bluetooth phone settings ipod your app series fm it’s one more thing i forgot to show you guys the look the how they look how this little motor look of this mitsubishi outlander sport so this is how it looks guys

When she wash your fluid right here this is your ac line this is the low line which is good wow your battery down here this is the coolant i really don’t want to open that when it’s hot computers right there what else your filter is in here look like that there’s your brake fluid yeah that’s where your brake fluid goes and that’s it i mean yeah it’s really clean

Well they built this store kiis-fm yeah your apps your settings go down to the middle right here it’s not giving me the option but let me click across and see the usb clock screen off daytime nighttime your gps which is not really no real gps i just show you the latitude longitude the north is not know the local gps that a lot of people known this is like the

Modern the older version type how do i go back click back on home yeah and you could this is your volume button right here you could milk it you could turn it off i think gonna see yeah when you hold it down you turn it off press it back to turn it on turn it back on the volume then click on auto ok it’s not gonna show me nothing there and click on of course i

Don’t have no ipod that’s connected you go into the settings show you all your phones that you could connect to you could connect your phone connect more than one device basically see right here got j7a galaxy s 9 galaxy s7 or moto g i don’t even know what is that another galaxy yeah so you could delete all of them you could peer more yeah i need to make a video

By show you guys how to connect to the bluetooth in this vehicle um ok so let me hit back go back into settings that’s all the settings refer okay so what about menu menu don’t show me nothing either apps is not gonna show me cuz the android auto is not connected yeah guys and that’s about it this is fortunately the motor is good on gas as i said it’s like 20

Things like 20 for city and 30 highway it’s not bad at all it drives real comfortable it’s real nice isn’t for little four-cylinder motor the japanese really did a good job on this mitsubishi i like the way we drive they have some of them in all-wheel drive they have some of them in a front-wheel drive as well some from the cvt transmission which which i hate

Because with that transmission you don’t feel the the the shift like how usually when you drive and you feel the gear just shift by itself the motor shift by itself it just keep going i hate the cvt transmission but this is the regular transmission so i like this one but uh yeah and of course you have your i can’t remember the name of this thing right here that

You said when you drive and you just set it at one speed and you keep going i can’t remember about that but hopefully you guys liked this review that i did for y’all i did my best on it huh i don’t think that i mentioned anything else and yeah that’s about it guys thanks for watching please like and subscribe and have a beautiful day today’s what wednesday ya

Have a beautiful wednesday guys enjoy ha p siding bye bye please like subscribe i’m out

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2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE full review By knightrandom