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2018 Nissan Texas Titan XD SV

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Hey guys matthew quesada here at joe mackins nissan in colombia getting you some information on our 2018 nissan titan xd it is an sv model with your texas tight in the dish in accent so get you the nice dark chrome wheels as well as a lot of nice chrome accents on the vehicle so you can see you’ve got running boards equipped on here tow mirrors up above crew cab xd

Gets you a reinforced frame as well as some fifth wheel capability sits up just a little bit higher than your standard titan back here you can see we’ve got some nice large tail lights rear parking sonar so one does come with this nice little kick plate pretty easy to move out with your foot not going to do with these bad boys though but yeah you can move this one

Out nice and easily nice step to get up onto the bed you can see while we’re up here we’ve got fifth wheel attachment capability up above you’ve got a nice led light right there and a power sliding heated back glass as well it’s hopping back down here you can’t kick this up into place nice and easy you’ve got a two inch receiver back here as well as a four pin and

Seven round connection backup cameras right here for you tailgate drops down nice and need to get easy giving you a nice work bench area very light as well lifted that up with just two fingers look at this in the sunlight you got this nice dark chrome here beautiful looking wheels you’ve got again keyless entry on your doors here and then here is the window sticker

Just so you guys have all the information going to scroll please pause at your own convenience you can see we’ve got our texas titan edition which gives you the 20 inch chrome wheels chrome grille metallic kick plates this also has your sv convenience package which gives you the intelligent key captain seats up front with an eight-way power driver seats leather wrap

Steering wheel front rear parking sonar power sliding rear window automatic headlights you also get your auto dimming rear view mirror with homelink running boards dual climate control rain sensing wipers nissanconnect a bunch of cool stuff you also get 120 volt in the back of the vehicle too so tons of great features here let’s go ahead and keep moving on again

Got some nice toe mirrors here these can pull out so just get a nice little tug that will move right on out for you just in case your tone you got turn indicators on here got these nice little blind spot mirrors as well as blind spot monitors on the vehicle which will do a couple things for you it’s actually right here kind of hard to focus in on there we go push

This vent in moving around the front of the vehicle you get these nice large halogen headlights front receiver hooks are available as well it’s got a lift assistant hood gas-tight is going to come with your 5.7 liter v8 let’s go ahead and hop inside the vehicle first glance you can see we’ve got a nice cloth interior with light or stitching beautiful patterns on

Here we’ve got power windows front to being automatic power locks power mirrors as well automatic headlights are going to be right here for you let’s go ahead and step on in nice flat running boards makes it easy the back or seat up a little bit some room bring it down a little bit there we go push your starts right here okay surf’s up nice and easy for us alright

So on the left hand side you can see we’ve got a switch for our power inverter which is going to be just behind the center console you can turn the cargo lamp on and off automatic headlights right here on the left hand wand you do have automatic rain sensing wipers so we can just click this up a couple ticks and it’ll automatically change wiper frequency depending

On the volume of water on your windshield for you the steering wheel itself is leather wrapped and also tilts and telescopes up-down in and out for you we’ve got some mounted controls for changing through audio sources this will change the track some presets or adjust settings on your advanced drive assist display this left and right arrow controls your advanced

Drive assist display which i’ll scroll through really quickly it’s going to show you a full range abdominus av options that are currently active ambient temperature current drive selection and your drive line as well so moving this just back to the first screen here we’ve got our chassis control screen which will show you traction control and vehicle dynamic control

Information you’ve got an off-road gauge which will show you pitch in yas well a steering angle lots of artillery gauges for transmission temperature battery ammeter oil and coolant temperature and then a back to your drive system it does have an automatic transfer case where you can set the vehicle in before high up to 60 miles per hour and then trip information

Fuel economy this does have navigation this will show you your cardinal direction and turn-by-turn information audio information your driving aids and then tire pressure information as well warning screen and then various settings for the vehicle down below you’ve got volume control and bluetooth hands-free audio streaming and calling cruise controls gonna be on

The right-hand side you’ve got a shifter on the column for the titan manual shifting capability for this 7-speed automatic and then you’ve got a tow mode right here to reduce your shifting frequency up above we’ve got an auto dimming rear view mirror with your home link garage controls sunglass holder lighting power sliding rear window option and this right here

Is a little pilot light i’ll go ahead and turn the lights on real quick that’s gonna just emit a nice soft white light into the cab for you if you’re driving at night just to make visibility a little bit easier down below is your nissan connect entertainment system you’ve got a cd player navigation sirius xm fm am the auxiliary port as well as the usb port for all

Of your media needs and charging you do have also a very nice sound system in here got one two three four speakers up front five six in the back and then as well as navigation you do have some other applications such as sirius xm traffic and travel link really good information too then down below is your dual climate automatic temperature control system putting

This in auto we can adjust it to say 72 degrees it’ll automatically control our vents and our fan speed for us and then your heated mirror and back glass option you can turn on or off right here down below we’ll be sensor features you’ve got traction control your parking sonar hazard lights and your blind spot monitors which you can turn on or off very quickly the

Xd titan comes standard with this very nice trailer break already installed for you so if you’re gonna be doing any towing this truck will do it very well for you you’ve got two twelve volt outlets right here heated seats up front nice little storage spot here customizable cup holder you can always remove it altogether as well nice removable rubberized match down

Here storage like to put this one right up front there nice large center console you can use it for a workspace nice armrest in here we’ve got utilization of the underside a nice storage tray and then a nice deep well with another 12-volt outlet for you lockable glove box will be right over here for you with your owner’s manuals and then i think that’s pretty much

It for the front seat here let’s go ahead and check out the back area we’ve got a pretty nice back seat two great features involved i’m gonna go ahead and turn the vehicle back off though she’s a noisy one okay all right so here’s our back seat you can see also one thing note here the running board actually runs all the way back to the bed here so if you need to

Give it up here nice and easily you can’t very well-thought-out feature i might add so back here you’ve got our seats special texas titan edition floor mats you’ve got rear ventilation cupholders as well as that power inverter right there you can plug just about anything into that bad boy seats right here you’re gonna have a nice armrest with cupholders you do

Have your latch system for child seats you can lift these up these lock into place you also have some nice hooks here to hang things from so you guys got a bunch of groceries hang it all right there it won’t fall around or fly around in the cab for you got some good storage in the doors here for bottles cups and anything else so and then of course your back glass

Say if you want to hang this down or you need some dual level storage these do fold up you can take the arm rests out nice and easy got your anchor points back here as well so really nice truck has a lot of great features you get a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty that wraps around the whole truck if you’d like any more information give us a call five seven three four

Four three sixteen sixty or you can check us out online at joe mackins nissan comm thanks again

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2018 Nissan Texas Titan XD SV By Car Guy Croissant