2018 Nissan Titan XD

2018 Nissan Titan XD

You goldilocks would be disappointed in the titan xt in attempts to strike the just right balance between light and heavy duty pickups it has the trappings of a heavy duty pickup a bulky body a beefy frame and a torquay diesel engine option but in reality it’s middle incapability and performance are at best hardly better than those of like duty trucks since the

Regular titan already handles their class the xt is a perplexing in-between proposition it’s available cummins v8 diesel is exclusive to the xt model but the powertrain screw the operation in the lumia of issues be experienced with our long-term example are alarming those convinced that a big nissan can balance daily use and work abuse will enjoy a better ride than

In its hd rivals and they will appreciate supremely comfy seats and cool cargo bed options the titan xd is neither great as a light duty nor convincing as a heavy duty pickup rides better than hd rivals sensational zero gravity seats cool cargo bed accessories atrocious diesel powertrain middling towing capability their bones infotainment system perfect for those

Perplexed by all those confusing light and heavy duty pickup choices what’s new for 2018 after receiving two new body styles and a slew of new packages in 2017 the titan xd rolls into 2018 with a single alteration to the options list miss on an impact edition package it includes dark exterior elements and unique badging for a more sinister appearance the package

Is only available on crew cab sv and sl models equipped with the optional diesel engine and four-wheel drive exterior color choices are limited to magnetic black gun metallic and extra accost pearl wine what was new for 2017 the titan xd was all new in 2016 the major updates in 2017 were the addition of regular and extended cane caps to the xt lineup nissan also

Introduced five new option packages the heavy duty front gore package provides stiffer front springs the leather package covers all seats in height and adds passenger seat power adjustments the chroman texas titan edition packages slather chrome on practically every available surface including the 20 inch wheels the texas titan edition also includes unique badging

The platinum reserve bed utility package bundles a rear bumper step into power locking tailgate and it integrates storage boxes into the bed since the titan xd slots between light and heavy duty pickups we keep costs in check by selecting the sp crew cam that starts at forty two thousand six hundred ninety five dollars the diesel powertrain isn’t worth the extra

Four thousand eight hundred dollars as it lacks refinement and it’s towing and payload ratings versus the gas engine remain relatively unchanged adding four-wheel drive to any model costs about three thousand dollars and we do so because what good is a truck that can’t go everywhere you need it to go standard features on the sv include bed mounted gooseneck hitch

In class 4 trailer hitch power adjustable heated tow mirrors integrated trailer brake controller the utility package one thousand one hundred forty five dollars adds useful upgrades including a spray-on bedliner led box lighting and better rear seat storage the sv convenience package two thousand six hundred ninety five dollars is required with the utility package

And abs 20-inch wheels running boards heated front seats a 7.0 inch touchscreen active safety assists and more after all that our titan xds be costs forty nine thousand five hundred fifteen dollars thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe

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