2018 RAM 1500 Quad Cab

Very low miles Ram 1500 quad cab pickup.

All right today we’re looking at this 2018 dodge ram 1500 this thing is in beautiful shape squad cab running boards got a little wind visors on the windows nice wheels really good wrangler tires on it it’s in fantastic shape we’ll check that out when we get to the interior well isn’t meantime we’re just gonna make our way around it real quick once it’s pouring

Rain outside so we’re filming indoors got a nice liner in here and this vehicle does come equipped with a backup camera which is very slick it’s right up there and then just walking around it here in super nice safe folks and now we’ll get inside of it here in a minute show you the interior to get leather it’s a well let’s just say it’s a very nice vehicle and

The price on it’s gonna be pretty fair and it’s got low miles we’ll check that once we’re inside so let’s go ahead and do that right now well it’s still quiet in here alright here we are inside the 18 dodge ram 1500 i still call them dodges even though they insist on calling them rams now we’ve got that tilt wheel here this is our what do you call it cruise

Control and over here our bluetooth controls and our stereo controls and of course down here we’ve got our power windows power door locks power mirrors our headlights you can set an automatic or manual let’s see what else we have here oh that’s our gear shift just a rotating knob and there’s our stereo up here it does have aux and bluetooth inputs i’ll show you

Those in a second and usb our climate controls just a typical lots of room then on the floorboards and if we open up this little console here plenty of cup holders by the way if you look down there you’ll see the aux usb inputs we’ve got a couple of power taps down here on each side one on each side and then uh traction control button and this entire console can

Pull up up like so just hit a third person up here this is uh pretty nice it’s great leather it’s a really nice shape this is a just a very nice truck folks which you’d expect with nine thousand one hundred and eighty seven miles on it we’ve got a leather front and rear four doors got some nice little wind protectors here so you can crack the window if you want

And not get rain on you going down the highway so and that’s not bad fuel economy out of a take them off truck folks twenty point one average and next we’re gonna get out and take a look at the engine let’s go do that right now okay here we are into the hood would be a 20-18 ram 1500 quad cab tradesman model 3.6 liter v6 plenty of power and torque in here to get

The job done nice and clean underneath really good shape which you would expect with less than ten thousand miles on the vehicle so come on in take it for a test drive and check it out make sure to check out our website at stone’s east cars.com and as usual make sure you like and subscribe to our video channel that way you’ll be notified every time we put a new

Vehicle on the lot because you’ll get a notification that there’s a new youtube video from us you don’t necessarily have to watch but then you know to go to the website to look thanks for watching you

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2018 RAM 1500 Quad Cab By Stallons Used Cars