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2018 Ram 1500 Sport | 5.7L Hemi – Quad Cab – Sunroof – Back-Up Camera | Redwater Dodge

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Come down to Redwater Dodge and have a look and this beautiful 2018 Ram 1500 Sport with 5.7L HEMI VVT V8 engine with FuelSaver MDS, ventilated/ heated front seats, ParkView rear backā€“up camera.

Hey there internet mitchell here at red water dodgeville deep $10 oil change and rig ready rams today we’re looking at one of our newest trade ins it’s a 20-18 ram 1500 quad cab with these six for box also has the sport 20-inch rims on it it is a sport truck so it has the paint matched front rear bumpers dueling’s an exhaust class 4 hitch receiver with your 4 and 7

Pin trailer wiring connector it is 4×4 as the led tail lamps says the tri-fold telling cover on it as well power sliding rear window does have kathleen running boards on them in black paint match sport mirrors with the hidden ear signal those also have the black projector headlights in it it does have the ramp grille new for 2018 does have the projector fog lights

Rather story underneath the hood here you do have the 5.7 liter hemi making 395 horsepower and 410 foot-pounds of torque we’ll go inside and we’ll check it out so the inside of this truck does have the premium leather seating here with the perforations in the center for the heated and cooled seats thus have the ram head embossed here on the center console you open

This top lid you ever change storage along with two usb ports as well as an auxilary port there is a kind of storage up here as well open the second one and there is a ton of storage down here it’s pretty handy you have your cell phone holder here along with the 12-volt cigarette lighter style plug we do couple there was this big cubby up here as well here is all

Your buttons for your heated and cooled seats heated wheel got passenger heated and cooled seats to have your tow haul and your traction control this one does have the built-in trailer brake controller in it there is a 12-volt power outlet there as well it does have the 8.4 inch you connect screen in this one which is pretty neat does have the sirius xm capability

As well if that’s something you’d be interested in does also have the backup camera if you go over look at your backup camera very clear very nice does have the 8-speed transmission in this ii do get the dial shift there also has support about for auto 4i for low two wheel drive for autos need feature they’ve introduced in these trucks with you put the truck in

For before auto and then the truck will decide whether it needs four by four or two wheel drive based the driving based on the road conditions so if you’re on icy road it’ll put itself in four by four and if you’re on hardpack it’ll put itself a two wheel drive so you get that great fuel economy power folding mirrors does have power locks power windows headlight

Controls in here as well your hands-free phone controls are up here along with your gauge cluster controls does have the cruise control settings here on the right-hand side along with your gear limiters so if you’re pulling a trailer you can lock it in a certain gear and it’ll take that hill a little bit easier up here on the roof there is a sunroof in this truck

Which is pretty neat especially with the quad cab power sliding rear window with us have the universal garage door opener there as well does have the assist and sos features which is much like chevy’s onstar but better because it is ram obviously yeah we went to the backseat we’ll check it out backseat is a quad cabin here it does have the premium leather seating

In it as well with the perforations here in the center to carry through from the front of this also happy white contrast stitching in it flip this up does have a flat load surface you can clip out of here oh and then you have your flat load service you can store some stuff on set this a leg you kick off don’t steal better this time neck flip this up and there is

A ton of storage underneath the backseat of this truck which is pretty handy to have the cupholders for the rear seat passengers there’s also the 12-volt plug back here so you can charge your phone perhaps let’s also have a ton of storage behind the front seats which is pretty handy you want to put stuff in there power sliding rear window as previously mentioned

Do you have the light back here as well guys we were interested in this 2018 ram 1500 sport and beautiful red pearl i’ll click the link down below to take you to 30 pictures of the interior exterior also have links to the car proof all of the all of our used vehicles have been ambach inspected as well so yeah stay tuned we give us a call seven eight oh nine four

Two three six two nine or better yet you can come on in

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2018 Ram 1500 Sport | 5.7L Hemi – Quad Cab – Sunroof – Back-Up Camera | Redwater Dodge By Redwater Dodge