2018 RAM Promaster Cargo Van For Sale

2018 RAM Promaster Cargo Van For Sale

Hello everyone i’m seth with exotic motorsports and this is our 2018 ram promaster city it has 26 647 miles on it it’s in fantastic shape it looks great inside and out the hood is almost flawless has a few very tiny marks but not very easy to see headlights are in great shape front bumper has very minimal wear on it almost no rock chips just a couple very small

Spots that show a tiny bit of wear but overall this vehicle is in great shape that spot there is just a little bit faded under the driver’s side headlight looking at the driver’s side front fender area there are no defects there front driver side wheel got a little bit of color marking there there’s some on the bottom here as well not really a big deal driver

Side mirror looks fantastic no rock chips or anything driver’s side door no issues there the rear driver side door also in fantastic shape just a very small rock chip there that’s the only defect driver’s side rear quarter panel looks great rear driver side wheel no issue there good shape moving along to the back the rear bumper looks good and both of the rear

Doors are in great shape as well there’s a few very very tiny marks on these not very easy to spot moving over to the passenger side rear quarter panel looks great no issues there rear passenger wheel no issues there looks great rear passenger door no defects there and front passenger door also in great shape no issues passenger mirror it’s got no marks

On it looks fantastic front passenger fender also does not have any issues front passenger wheel no rash or damage anything like that so go ahead and walk around the vehicle from a one foot distance to give you a good big picture idea of exactly what condition the vehicle is in this is a very clean van typically these come through and have a little bit of wear

And tear on them from you know previous companies using them for work etc but this van looks absolutely immaculate it looks like it’s never seen a day at work in its life super clean very very very minimal defects the paint looks great the plastics still have that nice rich deep black color to them they’re not faded or washed out the clear coat is in good shape

There’s hardly any scratching or chips on it i think this van has less rock chips than a lot of used cars that i see so let’s go ahead and have a look at the interior and go over some of the features that has so on the inside here we do have a black kind of plasticish interior which is good it’s rugged and sturdy so if you’re moving stuff around in here it can

Take a little bit more wear than your typical leather interior could it’s not push started is turn key turn the air down so the dash is in great condition don’t see anywhere on there even a little cubby typically where things will slide around what not that looks good there’s no scratching passenger it’s in excellent condition there passenger door panel looks

Good as well the dash there’s no wear on any of the buttons or controls those are all still intact and looking good got two 12-volt outlets down there e-brake do you have an auxiliary plug-in as well as usb got your wipers and your turn signals there one touch driver and passenger windows door handle does have manual mirrors nothing is auto dimming but it’s

Still a good van it’ll do the work you need to so let’s go to the rear cargo area this is what i find the most interesting about these promasters they’re incredibly versatile so you do have these uh side doors here where typically that would just open on the passenger side but this one actually has two sliding doors so i’ll go ahead and open all four of the doors

Here so that was the driver’s side now we have the driver’s side rear hatch open passenger side rear hatch open and the passenger side sliding door so here you can access it from three different ways which makes moving things around in here loading it up unloading it etc makes it very very easy and it does have these built-in d-ring mounts as well you’ve got uh

Looks like six of those so six d rings to tie things down with doors close tightly and easily they don’t get bound up on anything the tracks still run really smooth the top of the back bumper here is not worn down at all typically you’ll see that in vans they get kind of roughed up from people sliding stuff in and out of the back this still looks good the plastic

Trim on the side still looks great this still looks brand new on the inside virtually we will check out the engine bay here and there’s the driver’s seat as well i didn’t show that earlier the driver’s seat is also in perfect condition no issues driver door panel as well looks great now off to the engine bay so this has the 2.4 liter multi-air four-cylinder

Naturally aspirated engine same thing that’s in the dodge dart it’s paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission so it still gets great fuel economy you can haul around a good bit of weight due to the uh the transmission that’s in it it runs very very smooth it’s very quiet you don’t really feel it shift it actually it drives around pretty nice surprisingly

For this being a somewhat bare bones just get the job done kind of van it still it does drive really nice and feels good and i would imagine it’s probably really good fuel economy too so that is our 2018 ram pro master city if you have any further questions please feel free to check out our sales listing online you can find that at www.exoticmotorsportsok.com

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2018 RAM Promaster Cargo Van For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma