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2018 Range Rover Velar 2.0 D180 R-Dynamic HSE

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What are you thoughts on this colour combination? Kaikoura Stone with a two tone Ivory/Ebony Interior? Either way you’ll be in complete comfort and style with the R-Dynamic Bodykit & Heated/Cooled/Massage Seats

We sell lots of range rover velars every week but this car is a unique color it’s called kikira storn it’s a beautiful premium color it’s got a stunning ivory and ebony interior it’s in our dynamic so you’ve got that sportier our dynamic kit but it’s a hse as well so you get all the other luxuries the sunroof the heated and cooled seats the massage seats the

Color and the interior is stunning it’s also got a contrasting black roof now with it being in our dynamic just to show you what you get you get the gold accents which are in the front built into the front bumper and on the bonnet there it just adds to that more of a sportier look 21 inch satin black wheels they’re beautiful they’re the right size wheels for the car

And then you get these lovely inserts but because the color this beautiful stone with the black and gold bits all just looks lovely it looks classy contrasting black roof we’ve got privacy glass on the back and then as we move around again you get the r-dynamic bumpers which is finished in black now it’s a 180 so it’s 180 horsepower diesel auto so great on fuel

Fuel economy on these cars is uh is fabulous it’s keyless entry so you don’t have to the car just opens when you come to the car and then with it being that hsc look at this interior so you’ve got meridian sound system you’ve got the ivory and ebony interior look at that leather look at the steering wheel it is beautiful all the way through you can see all the

Different options there the upgraded meridian surround sound the memory seats and the follow see this ivory follows all the way through the car adjust the seats even on the headrest little things see this here you can see the the more quilted quilted interior the seats and just to show you steering column is all electric the car’s covered 17 000 miles beautiful

Mileage this car is priced at 40 just over 41 000 41 318 just to show you a cue a few great features you’ve got heated and we’ve got cooled seat as you can see and then we’ve got massage driver and passenger again all great features you’ve then got your touchscreen navigation which has got your apple carplay now the velaz apple carplay isn’t something that comes

Standard people customers ask me yes this car’s got apple carplay you’re in control apps in relation to camera you’ve got a reversing camera cruise control if you look here you’ve got them extra arrows which is adaptive cruise control and you’ve got the piano or black it’s it’s a lovely lovely car and then in the back again loads of room in a velar still people

Think they’re a smaller car they’re the same size as a range rover sport lengthwise look the interior in the back is as if it’s never ever been used that’s the condition of it it’s stunning boot space again is excellent electric tailgate you can see everything’s with the car you know parcel shelf them seats do drop and you can see you’ve got a big big boot you’ve

Got sensors front and back plus the camera you’ve got the little arch extensions there as well that car for me is just about the color in the interior also with it being a hsc you’ve got your blind spot assist so if you look a little orange light there on the mirror you’ve got xenon lights automatic lights just a stunning rare color beautiful interior priced to

Sell only 17 000 miles range rover velar

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2018 Range Rover Velar 2.0 D180 R-Dynamic HSE By Acklam Car Centre