2018 Toyota Highlander Wont Crank or Start…Just Clicks….Solved

Hey guys what’s up welcome to my video so this video is going to be about the issues that i am having with my car right now unfortunately i was shopping at walmart and got back to my car my car won’t start um i’m a little bit peeved by this obviously you’re in the same situation bp2 this car was working fine i mean i’ve had no issues with this car for months

Having any stunning issues did not leave my lights on it’s it’s in the afternoon right now and i can’t figure out why my car is not starting so i get into my car it’s not cranking um the lights in the dash work fine the ac works fine while the ac doesn’t work fine but uh the ac works but um since the car is not running i’m not getting any kind of cold air blowing

But the blow motor is fine the radio is fine the radio works um everything works the way it’s supposed to except it’s not cranking it’s the big problem right now that i’m having with this car and um i’ve got ice cream in the back and i need to take this home or the ice creams will be melted but i think i’m probably gonna just return it hopefully let me return

It if this issue does not get resolved so basically what i’ve done so far is i’ve you know i i thought maybe it was the battery that was the problem i don’t think it’s the battery because everything works pretty good i actually turn on the headlights and uh i’m kind of like well it’s sunny out but i can actually see the headlights are pretty strong so the radio

Is good the blow motor works lights on the dash headlights work so i don’t think it’s the battery so i’m not gonna walk into walmart and uh buy a battery even though that would be the cheapest thing to do an easiest thing to do but i think i problem solved that um issue that’s not a problem it’s 45 bucks or whatever but i i’m not gonna do that because i you know

The battery that i have was from last year and uh considering that everything in the car works the way it’s supposed to um i’m not gonna have any issues i don’t think i have any issues with the battery being weak or anything like that i mean it did not turn ahead did not turn on the headlights at all so that’s not an issue i think i’ve cleared that out besides

Um i did have this jump like um it’s one more parking lot there’s a lot of cars going around i did ask a person to jump the car jumped the car some cables on it had some cables some cables on it nothing same thing same thing that’s happening i turn the uh i turn the key one click nothing else on the dash nothing that i could perceive to be an issue nothing

So i’m thinking at this point that it’s the starter because i don’t think it’s the alternator at all because my car was not running when this thing when it died and if it was the alternator putting cables onto it would have started the car up and it would have ran until the the cables were taken off so it’s definitely not the alternator it’s definitely not the

Battery and i’m thinking it could be a fuse or a relay i mean i’m hoping it’s not the starter because i did get the starter changed up like um a year and a half ago and a starter should last about 100 150 000 miles it should last a pretty long time but i will tell you guys that the starter that i got was a remanufactured rebuilt thought it wasn’t brand new but

Even if it was brand new i can assure you guys that i’ve had issues with brand new starters not dine out well before it should die out and malfunctioning well before it should malfunction so um but here’s the problem if it is the starter i mean i think i have like a warranty on it it’s probably past warranty but even if i even it was good i mean that’s not the

Bigger issue the bigger issue is having to install it and that would be a pain in the butt to do because i don’t have the time to do it i don’t want to do it but i don’t think it’s the relay and the one thing i don’t think the reason why i don’t think it’s the relay is because there’s a click i mean it’s clicking i mean for the solenoid there’s power going to

The solenoid there’s power going to the solenoid of the car of the starter and that’s why it’s clicking because if i heard nothing when i turned the key i i’m pretty sure that it would have been like a dead relay or fuse but then again i didn’t test that out so i didn’t test that out so i don’t know i i don’t think it’s the fuse or relay because i don’t like

I don’t have any issues right now with anything not working and i’ve had issues with a relay not working on this car i know well not a really not not really that’s blown but a fuse i was blown and if it was a blown fuse i would be able to at least get the car to crank but it won’t it won’t stay on it won’t no it won’t start had that issue before but uh it’s like

This is the case where i am pretty sure i am pretty sure that the starter is the problem now the other thing that i could do is i could try to find a way to bump the starter with like some kind of crowbar you know just um thump on it a couple of times see if it actually starts up uh i didn’t do that i’m probably not gonna do that because i gotta i’m probably not

Gonna do that um i could test it out but um everything kind of pretty much point to the fact that the starter is not initiating obviously the star is not initiating so at this point it’s either fuse i’ve root that out a relay it clicks it clicks so um i mean it’s not the first situation i’ve had where starter went out it’s not the first situation that i’ve had

So right now i’m like 99 sure that my starter is dead on this car um to be honest with you i don’t think i’m gonna return the starter to the shop and get another one well i can’t i think i think the warranty is like one year on the starter that i had but aside from that aside from that unfortunately um i’m probably gonna have to get one from the junkyard ebay

And oem version of it oem version probably original um here’s the thing i’ve had pretty good luck with buying stuff like uh alternators starters the original ones off of ebay used obviously i mean i’m taking chances but you’re always taking a chance i mean i couldn’t tell you the amount of times i would use alternators put it in and giving you starter you

Know um um i rebuilt alternator rebuild starter from like one of these shops um auto parts stores and put it in and like it goes out on you like six months later or whatever sucks that way but i’ve had pretty good luck with these parts from ebay so i’m gonna get like an oem part and i’m gonna put it in i mean i i don’t see what else i could do as far as that’s

Concerned so i can’t i can’t i mean i tried like turning the key i tried turning the key like you know i tried starting it so many times i’ve tried starting it so many times but it’s not doing anything i mean all right this this is new to me i mean it’d be one thing if i had this situation come up like before and then it started up after a couple tries but i

Mean the car has been running great no problems whatsoever and this happens like out of the blue so unfortunately i’m gonna have to uh return the bucket of ice cream that i bought hopefully they they take it back i’m sure they will uh before um it’s melted all right guys um stay tuned i’m gonna let you guys know um what the issue was as far as this situation

Is concerned i’m pretty sure i’m gonna have to call triple a at this point wait an hour a while and a half and then get this cartel kind of sucks all right guys so yeah it’s the next day and it was a stutter kind of sucks i had a car towed and it was just a waste of time i’m just wasting time i was just wasting time hours and hours and hours it needs a couple

Hours to get my car towed back to my house and then i had to order a part i told you guys i was gonna order probably get one from the junkyard but i was going to wait that long i didn’t want to wait that long so i ended up going to to the auto parts shop got another starter it was rebuilt because the new the new one was like a lot more expensive like 100 bucks

More expensive so i got to rebuild one so i’m thinking about maybe just going and and just buy like a starter off of ebay used one off of ebay just for the future i’m thinking about that i don’t know if i want to spend that you know i mean they’re not expensive like 40 bucks or whatever but still um i don’t trust rebuild starters i don’t trust i just don’t trust

Non oem parts but unfortunately um i’m gonna have to i did that because because i’m pretty much i didn’t have too many options but all right guys um if you guys like this video please give me a thumbs up please um if you guys have any comments please comment and please subscribe guys alright take care

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2018 Toyota Highlander Won't Crank or Start…Just Clicks….Solved By Peter L