2018 Toyota Prius Prime

Let’s talk a little bit about the brand new Toyota Prius Prime

Hey folks and review them here from greens toyota of lexington you’ve been looking for it you’ve been asking for it but now we have it the brand new 2018 prius pride and i’m going to tell you about today i know my previous owners have been waiting for this vehicle to get here to lexington and for some of you who aren’t in the hybrid line right now or have been

Curious about it may not know what the prius prime truly offers it is a hybrid vehicle but it also gives you the feature of being a plug-in vehicle yes this vehicle can truly run off of pure electric energy not gas not the hybrid function just pure electric unlike any other vehicle in the toyota fleet like all electric cars it does have the plug-in feature here as

You can see very easy to operate but unlike most electric vehicles who do have the plug-in feature when you purchase one you actually have to buy a base station for your home which criers a 240 outlet which can be expensive to hire a contractor or electrician to install one in your garage if you don’t have one but the prius prime doesn’t have to do that for you

Priest primes cord actually just hooks into a regular 120 outlet which i’m sure everyone has in their garage multiple ones of them so you don’t have to spend the extra money to accommodate for your new vehicle another cool feature which a lot of people don’t know is it does have charging indicator lights on the dash of the vehicle three lights lets you know that

The vehicle is completely charged one light flashing lets you know when it is charging currently as well as the indicator lights on the dash if you do get into the vehicle it will let you know what the status of your battery charge is and how long you have until it is fully charged so for my previous prius owners or my current prius owners they did not change

A whole lot on the steering wheel so it’s not going to be a new learning experience by switching to the prius prime you do have your bluetooth functions your easy speak your lane departure and your radar cruise control here as well one of the big new features of it is this huge 11 and a half inch screen that they put in the dash here for us in taking a look at

This this is the premium model so it does have integrated navigation but as well as what they’ve integrated into the home screen here is all your hvac and audio so there’s no more extra buttons on here you can do all of your hvac settings on your screen do all your audio settings am/fm satellite bluetooth auxilary usb they really just tried to simplify everything

One of the biggest things about owning this vehicle is all the savings that you get with it look at these numbers running with electric and gasoline you can average up to a hundred and thirty three miles per gallon a hundred and thirty three that is crazy with gasoline only it averages 54 miles per gallon i mean the numbers are astronomical you save up to thirty

Seven hundred and fifty dollars in fuel costs over five years annual fuel cost six hundred bucks 600 bucks for a whole year of gas that is nothing all in all you do have to give it to toyota the 2018 prius prime is a beautiful vehicle many styling cues off the previous prius but it does have quite a few of its own and as we walk around the vehicle you can see for

Yourself just how fantastic this car truly is guys thanks for watching this video again my name is andrew elam from greens toyota of lexington six-thirty easter circle road here in lexington kentucky i hope i’ve answered some questions for you if you have any more please contact me at eight five nine two two seven seven seven one two if you liked the video please

Hit it like and if you don’t mind share so all your other friends get to come see me here at greens toyota come give me a call anytime i’ll answer any questions for you come look at this beautiful prius prime and i hope to see you soon thanks

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2018 Toyota Prius Prime! By Andrew Elam