2018 Toyota Tacoma SR Access Cab Rear Speakers Part 2

2018 Toyota Tacoma SR Access Cab Rear Speakers Part 2

Hey youtubers uh this is a follow-up video to my previous video on how to install rear speakers in the access cab of a toyota tacoma sr if you recall my previous video i talked about how my stereo has a fade feature but when you faded all the way the rear there was no sound because there’s no rear speakers in the back door of the sr cab tacoma so in my previous

Video i talked about how to find the wire harness which is behind this side panel there’s a plug back there plugs into the wires here unfortunately toyota did not run they stopped here and they didn’t run wires into the back door so i showed you in the first video how to locate the speaker wires back here which ones they are and how to tap into them and i routed

My speaker wire through and basically had to wire the door myself for speakers but at that time i didn’t have my rear speakers and didn’t know exactly what i was going to do so since then what i did is i purchased a set of six inch infinity speakers from crutchfield and i installed those into the hole in the doors where the speakers would belong and wired them

Up and then the trick here is the door panel so what toyota did with the sr door panel if you remember from my previous video this area right here has a plastic plate covering it which is really unfortunately a shame because the door has as you can see the mesh for the speaker is is part of the door panel already and this is probably the same door panel they

Would use on a non-sr vehicle that had rear speakers but they decided to slap that extra plate to cover this um when you don’t have speakers and what and the problem with that is the plate has six kind of plastic studs or rivets if you will and they drill through the panel to put that plate on there to weld or plastic weld that plate on there so to expose the

Mesh you have to drill out those plastic studs or rivets and i recommend you drill them out with the smallest drill bit that you can find because it does leave these big nasty holes in the panel so to cover those holes what i did was i went to amazon and i found these automotive plastic plugs trim plugs and these are probably about a centimeter across and i

Basically put them in there but i had to glue them in there because these holes that are left behind when you drill out those plastic studs the holes are pretty big so anyways i pushed these pins in there but i had to put a little glue which is why i recommend if you drill yours out use the smallest possible drill bit that you can get away with to drill out those

Studs but what you’ll see i was able to buy a bag of like i don’t know 100 of these things for like 10 bucks or something like that they were cheap on amazon drilled out the six holes carefully pulled the plastic panel off and glue in these little plastic studs and you’ll see i’ve got infinity speakers back there now where factory speakers would have been and

The door panel is back installed on the door um the other thing i would recommend you do when you pull these panels off the plastic clips that hold your door panels sometimes those things can get jacked up and break so you may want to buy you know half a dozen extra ones before you take on this project go to the toyota dealership and get some extra clips that

Hold this door panel on they’re red in color and they just they don’t all come off cleanly but anyways door panel is back on and this is what it looks like with the speaker installed using these little uh plastic plugs all right hopefully that helps and now i have sound to the rear of the cab when i fade back to rear so there you go

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