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Proven time and time again the Tundra is an industry leader in quality having been built on the Toyota Racing Development’s long history of success. A capable work horse the Tundra has a great deal of towing technology support including trailer brake controller, supplemental transmission cooler and trailer sway controller too name a few. It’s capable and will look good doing it with a muscular design including a chrome grille surround. Keep your valuables safe with the Anti-theft system with glass break sensor.

Hello and welcome to another video walk around with myself alisa here at toyota northwest edmonton and today we’re gonna be taking a look at the 2018 toyota tundra limited so this is a four-door five-passenger 4×4 crewmax pickup truck and the color is called magnetic gray under the hood you’ll find a 5.7 liter v8 cylinder engine and you’ll be riding on top of

20-inch alloy wheels the some of your awesome features include your rear collision and your rear cross-traffic alert you have your front fog lamps along with your fully automatic headlamps and high beams and you have that awesome chrome grill but there’s tons happening on the inside so let’s hop in and take a look around helping you into your tundra is this handy

Dandy key with fob so you do have your lock your unlock and your panic button pushing the unlock button once it will unlock the front door and pushing it twice the unlock all four you have your great chrome handles there that come with that limited edition you also have your side blind zone alert just there you also have your heated side door mirrors again that’s

Gonna be nice for those winter days so opening this up lots of room to get in and out really nice and spacious you have a lot of storage here on your driver’s side door along with two cupholders moving a bit further up you have your power windows and your locks and your power mirrors are situated just to the left of your steering wheel here along with your light

Switches your light adjustment there you have your box lighting your automatic high beams and you have your wear window there you also have your gonna see this gorgeous wood paneling all throughout the interior you have two sets of floor mats including your all-weather floor mats to keep your vehicle nice and clean and then you have your great power adjustable

Driver’s seat so lots of different combinations to have a nice comfortable ride you have this beautiful leather interior and then moving a little bit further up you have a power tilt and slide sunroof for that gorgeous summer breeze let that in the cab open it up so we’re just gonna look at some more technology features there we go so nice ambient lighting nice

Display on the center information display they’re moving a little bit further back you have this great leather wrapped steering wheel you have all of the mounted controls that you’re going to want you have your music selection buttons and your voice command there you also have your hands-free calling and your moe changer just right underneath and then you have on

Your right hand side this is for your center information display this is going to give you your trip distance all of your your navigation system your music settings your lane departure alert any messages that your vehicle wants to give you and then you have all of your safety settings here with your forward collision alert your pedestrian detection things like

That so lots of really great information just to the push of those buttons there you also have your lane departure warning that you can turn off and on and then you have your dynamic radar cruise control so this is going to allow you to set the distance to the vehicle ahead of you on the highway and your truck will automatically maintain that distance by softly

Accelerating and decelerating that works with your cruise control just back there right behind here is your tow hull buttons your traction control this is your parking sensor alarm like your beeping that will go off and on and then you have your brake your trailer brake controller again you have that wood paneling all throughout taking a look at the entertainment

System now lots of great stuff happening here as well you have this great touchscreen give your am/fm radio you have your sirius xm cd players still and you have your usb and your audio input and you have your bluetooth audio which is going to give you your hands-free calling as well in your applications is where you’ll find your navigation really easy system to

Learn come on and play around with it plug in a couple of addresses see how easy it is to use and then you also have your phone and all of your maintenance setup and everything like that as well so lots of great stuff there popping it into reverse you do have your rear vision camera that’s going to be really handy for those tight spots and backing out of your own

Driveway making it much safer moving a little bit further down from there you have your dual zone climate control that’s gonna be really nice if somebody runs a little bit warmer cooler than you especially on those long trips and then you have your heated seats for your driver and your passenger as well moving a little bit further down from there is where you’ll

Find your to dc 12-volt dc plug case you have any other devices that you would like to charge and then you’ll find your usb and your audio input lots of cupholders you’ve got three more cupholders in the front here that nice chrome accent right back here you have your limited edition badging you have a cell phone you can plug some pop your cell phone down there so

You don’t have to touch it is you have your bluetooth that you can use for hands-free you have all of the manuals that you’re going to want right in here and then you have this double-decker center console here and this actually comes out makes for easy cleaning and it doubles as a excuse me as a filing cabinet if you want to bring your work along with you so lots

Of great stuff in terms of storage in your tundra moving a little bit further in we’re almost finished you’ve got you you have your lockable glove box and you have a nice big storage space in there to carry all of the things that you’re going to need to bring with you and again that paneling and that leather all along the – really beautiful detail on the inside so

Lots of stuff going on in the inside of your tundra why don’t we head on back and take a look at cargo taking a look at the back of your tundra now lots of great stuff going on back here as well you have all of those rear parking sensors along the back bumper there as you can see you also have all of your trailering equipment so you’re all set to go for that you

Have your lockable tailgate and you have your rear vision camera just there and i’m gonna open this up i’m gonna see if i can do it fast enough you have an easy lift and lower tailgate so it’s not gonna come smashing down on you you also have a nice bed liner and you have that rear window that folds all the way down so that’s gonna be really nice in those warm

Winter months just gonna put this back up for you here and give you a nice view of the back of your tundra giving you a final look then of the 2018 toyota tundra 4×4 crewmax limited 5.7 litre so much happening that i didn’t get a chance to go through on this brief walk around so come on in take it for a test drive ask all of the questions come in to give us a visit

We’re very easy to find we’re on the corner of 137th avenue in the st. albert trail my name is alisa thank you again for watching and until we see you drive safe

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2018 Toyota Tundra 4X4 CrewMax Limited 5.7L | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 8TU8579 By Toyota Northwest Edmonton