2018 Toyota Tundra 4×4 Limited Double Cab

This is em lives benjamin raven unfortunately my first video from inside of the 2018 tundra 4×4 limited double cab something went wrong it didn’t save my phone or it didn’t send to my email all i know is it’s not there so forgive me this one’s coming from inside of the brand new mazda 3 but this will concern the 2018 tundra 4×4 limited double cab and boy oh boy

That was a big powerful fun smooth truck to drive and i did drive it i drove it from detroit to cadillac to traverse city over to frankfort lake michigan back to detroit and let me just say that 38 gallon tank is impressive because i’m sitting here thinking what is going on like i was assuming it had like a 24 gallon tank 21 gallon tank you know but uh because

It’s 14 miles to the gallon combined 13 miles of the gallon city and 17 miles a gallon highway not terrible for a truck that big but you kind of expected to get gas a little more often but know that 38 gallon tank you just keep on going i think i went from detroit to cadillac to traverse city and i ended up getting gas for the first time just outside a bear lake

For those of you knew bear lake is let’s just say it’s a long ways from detroit so very impressive very smooth ride a very smooth ride the horsepower was what was it 361 horses you feel every bit of it it’s not too much it’s not too little it’s right in the middle right where it needs to be smooth powerful fun to drive straight forward only negatives i’ve got to

Personally say about it is i’m just you know i mean if you put a back seat in a truck i expect that backseat to be fully functional and while the back seat had adequate leg room and space like that if you’re not six feet tall you’re gonna have a hard time getting into that back seat i had to pick up two separate people two separate people into the back seat when

I say pick up i mean pick up i’m six foot six we’ve beaten that to death before i know ben definitely fit inside of that truck i’m just saying if it’s a brand-new truck and it’s coming in north of $45,000 put one of those nice little step stools for people to get into the backseat in i didn’t need it to get in the front seat my dad who’s six foot five would join

Me in the passenger seat did not need it to get in but my girlfriend and my mother needed lifts up to get into the backseat so just something to think about like that if you’re gonna have a back seat make sure it’s accessible not every one six or six it could pick other people up like i can so that’s just something to think about other than that i thought the

Handling was beyond smooth it just kind of blew me away just because it was such a big powerful truck with an impressive huge bed a beautiful truck lining mine came in an inferno and infernal orange and woohoo not my favorite color in the world but it looked good on this truck and them school through the photos in this gallery and once again i am apologizing for

My first video not hanging through but i wanted to talk about this truck just cuz i did spend a great deal of time inside of it i loved my time with the toyota tundra limited double cab just yeah i mean in the thing they say you got a truck people are gonna help you out you know i was hauling bikes for people all of a sudden hold two mattresses for my dad odd it’s

A very just depending commuter slash work truck the the middle council you could fit a whole cooler inside of it the touchscreen was fine one other negativity i’ve got super long arms being says six foot six the radial pads i’m stretching i shouldn’t have to stretch to reach anything so my heart goes out to you normal-sized people who are probably scrunched up to

Their steering wheel just so they can change a radio station turn the volume down turn the volume up whether you’re driving or not i’m parked and i’m reaching way too far bring that screen out a little more at a stepstool and you’ve got an all around commuter working beautiful truck that at $45,000 mine came in at forty thousand forty four thousand nine hundred and

Thirty nine dollars and that was the limited double cab edition so that’s to be expected but great truck i i can fully recommend the tundra just little things like that if you have short people in your life make sure you have a car they can get inside of if you’re a short person make sure you can reach the radio dials and stuff like that so you’re not dislocated

Your shoulder trying to turn the radio station but yeah that’s about it my benjamin raven a week inside the 2018 tundra 4×4 limited double cab with the trd off-road system fun i drove it around the state paved roads dirt roads hills flatland a little bit of everything highway fun truck fun truck to drive very capable very powerful very safe very comfortable very

Dependable and man that 38 gallon tank i mean stuff like that that’s that’s nice i mean i remember of this is just one last thing i remember i was fill it up at bear lake like i said i didn’t step away because that’s illegal but i was kind of like i think i was wiping the windshield off and i looked back oh my god oh my goodness that’s up at $56 right now it’s not

Even close to stop and so that’s cool very cool highly recommended i can remember truck so i can compare it but 2018-2019 that’s the first big big good selling one like that that i’ve had the chance to get into recently so scroll through this slide shell gallery check out the photos check out the videos courtesy of toyo don’t want to give you guys all the visual

Cues that you can get from this truck because once again i do apologize for me being inside of a mazda talking about a toyota right now but hey technical stuff happens every once in a while benjamin raven m live.com thanks for reading watching and listening

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2018 Toyota Tundra 4×4 Limited Double Cab By MLive