2018 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 1794 Edition in Smoked Mesquite Review with detailed feature description

Here we have the all-new 2018 toyota tundra crewmax 1794 edition platinum however we want to look at it this is in the smokey mesquite color now it’s got the 20 inch alloy rims comes with mud flaps chrome handles their power folding mirrors as you come around here you got the new led daytime running lights that’ll be just br on the outside new front grille it has

The sensors in the front corners just in the bottom on both sides as well as four in the back now one thing has changed 418 is you have the toyota safety cents just in the front pre-collision system lane departure alert automatic high beams radar cruise control now this color as you can see here it’s got a really nice metallic built into it it’s a lot darker than

The old sunset bronze was now here you’re gonna get blind spot monitoring in the mirror and the interiors just a shade darker than the previous 1794 not a huge difference though nice saddleback brown leather with the hand stitching along the dashes you get power passengers to eat seats fold up with the console in the door and as you can see the door is open nice and

Wide as well now in the back here this is a full power rear window so the whole window will come all the way down as we come around the back you get locking tailgate handle you get the seven and four pin wire harness it comes integrated with the brake controller full-size spare tire now it’s got a 430 rear gear differential in the back with a six-speed automatic

Transmission lock makes it locking tailgate now in the platinum’s and the 1794 as well as limited you it will come standard with the spray in box liner it says tundra comes with the bed rail system tie-downs in the four corners it’s about the tailgate assist so it’s easy to close as well as soft dropping the other thing is in the back it’s a three piece rear bumper

So should you need to either corner can be replaced or just the center piece in the backseat on this side here you’ll be able to see lots and lots of legroom now for driver’s side it’s got the tenley adjustable power driver’s seat heated and air conditioned front seats memory seats are there power folding mirrors it’s got a headlight leveling system so if you put a

Trailer on you can actually lower your headlights down or up automatic high beams automatic headlights power tilt and telescopic steering and this will have the mirrors steering wheel and the actual driver’s seat are all connected to the memory seats so it will start her up here now this one’s got three kilometers so we haven’t quite filled it up with gas now in

The information display you’re gonna have things like your instant fuel economy your current speed sway warning with the time until rest so little has a timer for that it’s got average for the take obviously this one hasn’t been driven so there’s no real data there compass but musics playing your lane departure alert settings warnings and as well as your safety

Settings now it also has our cta which is rear cross-traffic alert as you’re backing up it will detect cars coming from the left and right side now in the middle here you get the full navigation system under apps you get maintenance reminders fuel economy different settings for driver vehicle settings as well for door locks and power windows digital dual climate

Control so it’s just like your house at what temperature hit auto and it adjusts it automatically heated and cooled seats shift on the fly four wheel drive up to 100 kilometers an hour as well as the backup sensors trailer brake tow haul mode and everything in there so if you have any questions at all you can give me a call it’s my clint furman at mayfield toyota

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2018 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 1794 Edition in Smoked Mesquite Review with detailed feature description By Michael Linterman