2019 / 2020 / 2021 Ram 1500 Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Don’t forget to do this! It’s easy to forget.

All right so the time has come it’s been a year now and i’m going to replace the cabin air filter if you’ve got one of these newer trucks whether it be a jeep or a ram you want to make sure you don’t forget to do this because it’s very easy to forget out of sight out of mind right so you want to make sure you don’t forget about it now your manual will tell you

How often that you need to replace this but i find that these cabin filters get dirty a little bit more quickly than the manual may suggest especially if you live in a rural area like i do i’m trying to turn it around here so you can see some numbers off of it now i chose to get a purolator brand filter this time so i’m going to replace this real quick and

Show you how to do it now there’s a guy who here lately has been leaving a lot of negative comments on my videos about how it makes him cringe to see me work on my truck in a gravel driveway and how i’m going to quote trash my truck so just for you buddy let’s uh get this thing down in here get it under gravel does that make you happy all right seriously we’re

Going to replace this thing and it’s not really a big deal you can see here where it says airflow this direction but as you can see the filter is exactly the same on both sides so it doesn’t really matter so the first thing you’re going to do is take the stuff out of your glove box otherwise you’re going to dump it and you’ll notice if you look in here that

The sides of the glove box are plastic and they’re that way on purpose so that you can gently squeeze and unhinge this thing and drop the tail uh tail guys getting right say tailgate drop the glove box down out of your way all right so when you unsnap it you can see the little snap hooks there that go into these provisions once you unsnap it you’re gonna see

This tether right there see that little tether cord don’t yank on that or pull on it too hard because you don’t want to disconnect that that would be bad and then if you look back in there behind the glove box you can see where the cabin filter lives and you can see that it’s marked for proper air flow which as you can see goes from top to bottom so we’ve got

A couple of snaps there’s one here and one on the other side over there and you just use your finger and unsnap that in this plastic door will drop down out of the way so the rest of the process is pretty self-explanatory you just reach in there and pinch that filter pull the old one out replace it and then stick that plastic door back on so you can see the

Difference between the clean filter and the one that’s been in the truck for 12 months now there’s a what appears to be a piece of plastic in there some insects lots and lots of dirt oh my gosh this thing was filthy pretty filthy on both sides so like i said this is obviously filtering the air that comes out of your hvac events so this is the stuff that you’re

You know you don’t want to breathe you want to trap this before it comes out of your vents otherwise you would be breathing it and it would get dust all over your dash and everything this helps to minimize the dust and particulates inside your cab now let me find the if you want to get the mopar one there’s the number for the one that was factory installed in

This truck it’s a 2020 model by the way if you guys haven’t been following along so anyway i just wanted to show you that real quick because it’s pretty easy to forget about this i’m going to stick the pure layer filter in and then pop my cover back on and reassemble hopefully it’s helpful i know there’s been a few videos already out there about this but i just

Wanted to show you that it’s pretty easy to do don’t want to forget about it and there’s a lot of other options besides just the mopar filter if you like to go with something different you know maybe your auto parts store won’t have the mopar one but they can cross it over to a different filter for you so all right guys i’m gonna finish this up and i’ll talk to

You later thanks he wants you to throw him one but you gotta make it float so that he can run under and catch it you gotta be a good quarterback uh-oh uh-oh a little bit over bring it back toby all right let’s try this again all right ready here we go that’s a good one nice catch that’s a good boy good catch what are you putting on there oh it sounded like you

Put gasoline on a woof just trying to go out all right toby will you catch this one he might get it oh a little bit too hard all right tucker your turn who’s gonna get it this is for the super bowl got it touchdown you’re a fun puppy now i need to teach you how to work on the truck so it’s been a little while since i did anything on this trailer project you

Know the windows have turned out pretty good it’s been raining and snowing and i haven’t seen any leaks i’ve been coming in periodically and checking for signs of water coming in and i think i’ve got them sealed up pretty good so that was a really nice addition to the trailer but it’s middle of winter and i guess i need to start designing what i’m going to do up

Here as far as a very primitive kitchen space so that i can get that going and have it done by spring like i said i’m still thinking about just doing like a basic uh some kind of a countertop so i can put a small microwave oven up there and some cabinets to keep our plates and forks and knives and all that stuff and might even do like a little sink over here if

I can maybe figure out some way to do onboard water and wire up an electric pump maybe we could have some running water in a sink i don’t know exactly how sophisticated i’m going to get with this yet but like i said this is just going to be for primitive camping so that the trailer can kind of do double duty and you know take the place of a tent and still haul

Things now the obvious thing about this trailer is that it’s big enough since it’s an eight and a half foot wide that i can haul a tractor or a car or a jeep or whatever in here so whenever i get around to getting my new sub compact or a compact tractor i can haul it in here but the cab models won’t fit and if i get an open station tractor i have to make sure

That it has foldable rops on it because i’ll have to fold the rops down to get it through the door but i’ll be able to transport the tractor and stuff in here one thing that i’m kind of thinking of doing is when i put my shelving in here i want to leave the space down here open so that obviously i can get to my d-rings but i would kind of like to put a winch back

Here in the very back corner up in the in that little v you know kind of tuck it up under my countertop um and obviously that’ll all be open so i can still get to it and you know i’m thinking if i ever want to drag a broken machine or something up in here or a dead car you know somebody in the family has a car that breaks down i need to go get it or whatever i’d

Have the winch to be able to pull it up in here but i need to do a little research on uh you know how most people are securing those to the floor because obviously a winch would put a tremendous amount of force on the floor and i mean it is three quarter inch plywood but still you know it’s just a lot of force so i’m thinking obviously you’re going to have to go

Up underneath there and do some kind of reinforcement maybe a good backing plate or a weld on plate up under there or something like that but anyway um i know it’s been a little while since i discussed this but you know it’s been the holiday season a lot of stuff going on i just haven’t really put much thought into it but next thing you know spring will be here so

I need to get on it and get that going i don’t know i think he’d probably do a better job than some of these guys that leave comments on my videos ah they like it when it kind of floats down they can run under it and catch them yeah it is pretty chilly out here today all right i guess i’m gonna go attend to this little fire try to get this stuff stoked up we’ll

Talk to you guys later thanks for watching

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2019 / 2020 / 2021 Ram 1500 Cabin Air Filter Replacement By OFFRD