2019-2020 RAM 1500 4WD Rough Country 2 in. Front Leveling Kit (w/o Air Ride) Review & Install

If your Dodge RAM 1500’s factory rake isn’t doing much for your truck’s off-road-ready style, give it some extra lift by installing Rough Country’s 2-Inch Front Leveling Kit. Like what this product implies, it’ll raise the front end of your truck by 2 inches. This results in giving the truck a more balanced and aggressive stance. This leveling kit also allows you to install larger and wider tires, completing your truck’s off-road-ready build.

For all 2019 and newer ram 1500s excluding the rebel. for one, you might be looking to get rid of off the factory line, the front end dips down but if you’re looking to get rid of that and truck, a 2-inch leveling kit is just enough it’ll also help if you guys are looking to off the factory line, you have somewhere between if you’re looking at 33s or even 34-inch tires

Turning, a 2-inch leveling kit from rough now, in this video, i’m gonna be throwing but also keep in mind rough country lets us anytime you wanna add these bigger wheels now, 35s are a whole different issue, they if you wanted to add 35s comfortably without wanna look into the offset of your wheel to now this kit here from rough country is a it’s gonna sit between your coil

Spring and so it installs a little bit differently than usually, you would just install it right to the top. this is made from an extremely durable thick it is extremely lightweight but still extremely durable and finished in black. you will be able to see it a little bit better 55 bucks making it a super affordable way now the install i am gonna give three out there’s

A little bit more work involved because that is a specialty tool. if not worked on correctly, there’s no shame overall, it’ll take about three hours from start to finish. quarter-inch ratchet, 8-millimeter deep socket, pry bar is recommended, wd-40 is also recommended ratcheting wrench is recommended, 13/16 wrench and 15/16 wrench. using a lift, or if you’re working on

The ground with the jack and jack stands. first thing we’re gonna do with the wheel that way when we’re lowering down our entire now, this line here, the abs line and the brake line are connected. follow the abs line up and it’s connected to the upper control arm. follow it back down to the spindle and there’s one more to pull out. we’re just gonna wiggle this rubber

Grommet out of that. next step, we’re gonna pick up our 21-millimeter and what i like to do is once i have that next, we’re gonna remove the bottom bolt of our strut. so i’ve got my wrench on the nut there and now, we may need a hammer to just tap this all right, next we wanna remove the bottom those things are gonna have the entire spindle and we wanna make sure we have

That weight so if you’re working on a lift, grab a pole all right, next up we’re gonna grab an 18-millimeter nut of our sway bar end link that connects to the lower control arm. it easier to do it this way just because there’s with this out of the way when we go to lower all right, so next we wanna tackle the upper control arm to the spindle bolt. in order to keep it from

Doing that to make our lives easier. now we don’t have to tighten it down, but with your lower control arm still supported, go in here and break this upper control arm to spindle nut loose. we’re not gonna completely remove the nut just yet. we need to grab a hammer and break this guy loose, so it’ll jolt free. so this is gonna help catch it, then we’ll come back and

Remove it. you don’t wanna hit the upper control arm, so we’re gonna hit this side right here on the spindle. all right, i’m gonna drop that off to the side for now. and now i’m just gonna take that nut and again, all right, now we have our truck lowered a now you’ll see the wire is actually mounted to the top of that. i have a longer guy here to give me a little bit

More leverage. otherwise, you can use a regular wrench or all right, so we got one of them off, this all right, so now we’re switching back over all right, at this point the strut is loose, so in order to do that, i’m gonna push down with our strut assembly out there’s one more compressor, and that’s grab a sharpie and on that the strut hat is still lined up with exactly how

It was off the car. now, i wanna make a line perfectly straight so this stud here was at the front, so i’m just gonna make a quick mark on it. that way you know when we assemble it again, all right, so as you can see, we’re out here what we’re basically doing is attaching these we’re gonna take an 18-millimeter deep socket taking the load off of that spring can be iif not

Done properly you risk at decompressing which can be really dangerous. so exercise extreme caution when using a compressor. so as you just saw our nut was a little too spinning and did not wanna break loose, so we also swapped over to a pass-through ratchet can get creative in your own way to break that guy loose. so what we’re gonna do now is set the top the dust boot,

And we’re gonna put our spacer so here, take the top of the spacer, the side take the spring isolator and slide that guy back through. little divot here lines up with the end coil now we can grab our strut, slide it back through, line up those lines that we made when we uninstalled our threads to come through since we added 2 inches of space. all right, so with our nut on

There, it’s it’s enough that we can decompress our spring, now we can head back to the truck and install our new strut assembly. portion going in first, line it up to our all right, so with our strut back in position, we don’t have to tighten it down too much just yet. now once we have the rest of our components so at this point, we just need to line up the opposite side.

Put the nut on the opposite side and then go back and tighten them both down. all right, so next we’re gonna focus on the spindle and the upper control arm. with that stud through, grab the nut and thread it on. now without prying down on this upper control so i like to pry down on it to put a little so let’s put our tie rod end back into that spot just to keep it

From rotating. rod end and our sway bar end link a little bit better. so i’m gonna put that nut back into place underneath. so i’m gonna grab my 18-deep socket and tighten that down. and we’re just gonna finish tightening the top three strut bolts. so if you remember we had this plastic clip let’s put that plastic clip back through the brake line and snap them shut.

Grab your wheels, throw them back on and you’re good to go. level out your truck’s appearance, making you can pick yours up right here at americantrucks.com.

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2019-2020 RAM 1500 4WD Rough Country 2 in. Front Leveling Kit (w/o Air Ride) Review & Install By AmericanTrucks Ram