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2019-21 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Air Lift EZ Mount Install

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Installation of Air Lift Second Generation EZ mount Wireless compressor on 2021 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Short Bed. Should work for 2019-2021 “ New Body Style” trucks and maybe others.

Hey guys working on the uh 2021 ram 1500 uh happens to be a laramie edition crew cab short box going to be installing the air lift easy mount wireless compressor system mount or the air lift compressor that i’m mounting their new easy mount model which is wireless i got it on amazon for about 395 bucks so it’s a little bit pricey but you can use this remote

Control no wires go to the cab so it’s a pretty simple installation it’s got a manifold and a wiring harness goes in here there’s a ground wire this red wire will hook up to the harness later on and this is the air inlet i believe and this is where our filter will be hooked up to the inlet and the outlets kind of hidden down here underneath so here’s the rest

Of the kit the remote controller directions this is an air filter we’ll install later with a couple extra elements big u-bolt will go around the frame so you don’t have to drill any holes i didn’t like the way it fit on my particular truck so i decided not to use that a bunch of zip ties t fittings for the air lines wiring harness extra tubing fittings and so

Forth even a fuse provided rams on the lift i know a lot of you guys don’t have a lift i’m pretty fortunate and the best mounting position under the passenger side that i found is right up here in front of this square crossmember there’s a large hole that you can use for one bolt and come around here i drilled a quarter inch hole here that was probably the

Hardest part of the installation because these new frames are hydroformed steel very hard so you got to be patient use smaller bits work up to a quarter inch bit so after i drilled the quarter inch hole i used one of their self-tapping bolts and it’s pretty hard to get in there i used a little machinist oil and the threads on this first one are a little bit

Gold so the kit comes with two so i’m going to use the good one to put it up and toss this one away what i do did for my install is the hole marked with the silver marker i enlarged to a half inch hole and that’s going to go through the larger hole on the frame when i mocked it up this corner of the frame hits the rear seat storage containers they’re plastic

They stick down below the body and if i just nip this off it’ll go right in there’s nothing underneath it no reason i have to have it so i’m going to cut that off and probably throw a little black paint on there for rust prevention so i just hit this with my cut off wheel and uh i’ll go throw a little paint on it and we’ll put it up on the frame here you can

See the half inch bolt and that’s the red wire we’ll hook up later here’s the self-tapping bolt i chose the inside hole to give me more room by the plastic underfoot storage container i get back here i think you can see where the bracket would have hit that if i hadn’t cut that corner off up in there hard to see but that little corners they cut off so if we

Get back that’s the underfoot storage passenger side and here’s our compressor mount a remote air intake filter they suggest drilling a 3 8 hole in the frame and you could snap it in there which would be fine it’s a really hard frame to drill into so i may zip tie it up we’ll see what works but first thing is we’re going to put this fitting on hand tight they

Say no thread sealant and that’s where the tubing will hook up to the compressor inlet instructions are not very good it came with these two elements it says to replace periodically which they don’t say what that is but so i kind of wondered well how do i get to those and i opened up the back and there’s the filter that’s provided with it but they don’t tell

You anywhere this cover has to be pried off it’s pretty tight i used a small screwdriver and popped it but just to let you know there’s little uh three little ticks inside let’s see if i can set this down and show you a little triangular tick three of them and then inside is this recess on only one side and actually as i say that there are uh three of those

Locking tabs on the housing here not one three so if we line it up because i lined it up here and i just squeeze it and it snaps down would have been nice if they were explained that to a guy i wanted to know that before i install it so when i go to change it how hard is that going to be to pop off with a mounted to the frame so locations for the air filter i

Wasn’t really happy with i have to be able to pop that off someday so i had this mocked up and if i use this hole and drill it out to 3 8 this will pop in and uh should work pretty well the hose is right underneath that which isn’t good so to be safe i’m gonna unbolt this and flop the hose bracket around the other way to get the hose inboard which should be

Fine we’ll see hose clamp to the inside which is fine and then drilled out that it’s easier to drill out a hole that’s already started of course so i like that i don’t know kind of makes it nice to be all part of the unit and it’s snapped in there really tight so i think when it’s ready to change i can get from underneath and pop that off so we’ll see how that

Looks in the truck so here it is uh it up again see the air filter’s up there it clears the body gives me decent access from back here to reach up and pop that out and then from the front i think you can see the hose just kisses of the plastic storage bin but routes up to the front of the filter this the red wire from the compressor has a spade connector i don’t

Know why because the first thing to do is tell you to cut that off and use a crimp connector they provide i’m not a big fan of crimp connectors i’m going to cut this and solder it it’ll clip into the compressor and it’s got a wear red wire there that is going to connect to this red wire so i’ll go ahead and solder this and heat shrink it and get back later so

The harness has a slight in locking tab that unfortunately they designed it to go on the inside once you connect it you won’t be able to see it so you have to remember that when you go to take us out so not a big deal but you can’t see the red sliding tab it’s on the inside so if you ever go to pull that out you may fight it but it’s a nice locking tab so i’m

Routing the harness uh on top of the frame as close i can get to the top on this side the inside of this frame has the exhaust system so i want to stay away from that so as i came forward i just went above that storage unit over the uh body mounts found some handy holes in the frame uh going forward and came out by the inner fender here and i’m going up from

The inner fender see where i can route it in the engine compartment side of the engine compartment and the wires came through the inner fender up here i zipped them up here and it’s pretty cool i hope you can see this there’s a a wiring harness holder all the way in the back of the engine compartment and there’s clips that hold it in and if you gently pry that up

With a screwdriver it pops it open and i think that’s going to be pretty nice to have that hidden all the way across the engine bay so i got to tell you i’m pretty excited about that that wire routing container back there i’ve got them routed all the way through take your time pop the clips off when you get around the brake reservoir it’s got a little curve to it

It gets a little tricky if you use some screwdrivers carefully don’t damage the wire it’ll go in takes a little coaxing right about there but now i’ve got them all coming out here which is right by the battery so obviously i can hook up the positive and negative to the battery the pink wire they say should be provided with an ignition on source which they say is

Optional so i don’t really know why but i’m going to bundle that wire up and save it in case i decide to install it that way but for now i’ll finish this up so pretty much buttoned up here i got the pink wire wrapped up figure out what to do with that negative terminal positive terminal and the fuse holder i zip tied it to my other wiring didn’t put the fuse in

Yet some of you may wonder what this other wiring is that’s a circuit breaker uh 20 amp for my trailer jack i have a car hauler trailer i have a power jack so i need to provide wire to the back of the vehicle here so i have a couple wires hooked up here so i had to notch out my positive terminal cover but if you do that it’ll still it’ll still snap to place and

Good to go anyway not too bad of a job take some time and appreciate your comments thank you so my airbags came about two days after the compressor so i installed them according to the manufacturer’s instructions which was way easier than my 2014 ram i have to say they actually have you drop the springs the instructions are pretty good but let me just show you

A few tips that i learned along the way so the directions tell you to mark the spring in the spring perch top and bottom i can’t show you the top because i have my fender liners back in but the thing they don’t mention is that the top spring perch the upper spring perch goes through the mount in the body and has a little nipple that sticks up through that hole

And that has to align properly so make sure you do that when i drop this on my lift with the wheels on i have them off now the left side driver side i could not pull the spring out so i put a small bottle jack between the axle and the bump stop with a little piece of wood here to spread it open a little bit farther and then this pulled right out for some reason

The passenger side uh pulled out easily so anyway airbags are in i routed the lines over to the compressor so i routed the lines over to the rear of the compressor mount and use the t fitting and this one that goes to the compressor because the fitting is below the manifold here i have a 90 degree fitting coming because i wanted to come out and go immediately

Rearward i didn’t want to bend the hose that far so i haven’t hooked this up yet but i’ll hook this up when i get that 90 degree fitting maybe take a quick video of that so there you have it all done 90 degree fitting here coming out directing the tube backwards i think is a little bit neater and i zip tied it up try to keep it up out of harm’s way so that should do it you

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2019-21 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Air Lift EZ Mount Install By David Hartman