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2019 Audi S3 2.0TFSI Black Edition Quattro

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If you’re in the market for an audi s3 trust me it doesn’t get better than this this example the spec the color ara blue s3 black edition saloon on a 2019 but look at it it just looks stunning it’s got bags and bags of options which i’m going to show you the car’s just been serviced at audi 32 990 pounds under audi warranty or 2022. look at the color if you just

Zoom in i just want you to have a good look at the color of this car the ara blue crystal color paint is one of the most beautiful colors that audi have ever produced it’s stunning it’s a black edition so you’ve got the full black styling pack you’ve got a beautiful bbm style 19-inch wheels which are finished in gloss black with a silver silver circle around the

Outside with the styling pack you’ve got your around the windows everything’s de-chromed we’ve got a panoramic sunroof which is something which people always ask for hasn’t got the pan roof yes it has and it’s as good of an s3 as i’ve had for a long long time with a beautiful led rear light you’ve got that extended back bumper finished in high gloss black just

To give it that extra and i just think the way it’s been specked the color the wheels the pan roof the privacy glass it just works unbelievably well we move around the front now and look at these lights again they’re not the standard lights they’re the matrix led headlights which are an optional extra which you pay for it’s it’s a stunning car now i’ve spoke

About the outside when you’re buying an audi especially a performance audi like this people always ask for has it got the super sport seats yes it has so as we move on inside it’s got them beautiful super sport quilted upgraded seats which just set the car off unbelievably well the car is in beautiful condition as you can see you’ve got that panoramic sunroof

It’s a black edition so we’ve got the bang olufsen sound system but then there’s over and above things that this car has got so it’s it’s keyless entry keyless start and it’s in beautiful condition it it’s unmarked everywhere the leather is so crisp so let’s start we’ve got we’ve got a digital cockpit again that is not standard that is all over and above extras

And then if you look here you’ve got your usual cruise control button but if you see where it says distance it’s got adaptive cruise control so that works really really well the car slowed down brake for you so it’s got the upgraded cruise control it’s got front and back parking sensors as an added extra plus a camera so we’ve got a reversing camera i’ve spoke

About the seats which are heated sliding the panoramic roof which is is a must got this beautiful flat bottom steering wheel and the car is just it’s just beautiful all the way through it’s immaculate you know you’ve got your 3d google map navigation system as you can see which is which is so so up to date it’s it’s just a great car and sometimes you know cars

Can be beautifully specced but it’s all about the condition as well now when this car’s arrived i’ve looked round it look at the wheels there’s not a blemish on the alloy the paperwork’s stunning it’s just exactly how you would want to buy one of these cars i just think the colour the way it’s been inspect and 3290 pound that car with the spec was a 50 000

Pound car plus and the cars what it’s gone in 1920 it’s 18 months old still under audi warranty it’s just a stunning little car it’s going to go live on the website live on social media just be quick get it reserved because great spec stunning condition s3 quattro four wheel drive what

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2019 Audi S3 2.0TFSI Black Edition Quattro By Acklam Car Centre