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2019 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD High Country 4X4 – Duramax Diesel | Stock # P1226A – Redwater Dodge

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Check out this 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD High Country Crew Cab 4×4 available at Redwater Dodge. This Silverado 3500HD boasts a Turbocharged Diesel V8 6.6L/403 engine powering this Automatic transmission. ENGINE, DURAMAX 6.6L TURBO-DIESEL V8. Only 74934 kms, Trailering equipment Trailering hitch platform 2.5″ with a 2.0″ insert for HD, 7-wire harness with independent fused trailering circuits mated to a 7-way sealed connector to hook up parking lamps, backup lamps, right and left turn signals, an electric brake lead, battery and a ground, The trailer connector also includes the 4-way for use on trailers without brakes – park, brake/turn lamps., Trailer brake controller, integrated, Tires, LT265/70R18E all-season

Jason here at redwater dodge home of the 10 oil changes rig ready rams now we buy your rams guys i want to show you this beautiful 2019 chevy duramax that we just got in it’s the high country model so it’s got lots of bells and whistles on it and as you can look at it guys very clean truck hasn’t been out in the patch uh we’ll show you really in depth how it looks

Here as far as that goes but it has the box box liner has the boards on it has the high country mounting the trailer tow mounted mirrors here if you have a quick look here guys at the interior one of the true signs of how many miles you’re on a truck is by the entrance way so if you look the paint’s still on there so it doesn’t have a lot of miles getting in and

Out of it the driver’s seat’s in really good shape as well so again guys a 2019 duramax they’re hard to find right now especially with all the toys on this one it has the wrangler tires on it so an upgrade as well paint to match bumpers on the truck a little bit of chrome the air intake intake in the front here as well and again one thing i like to show people

On these used trucks very important is look at the tow hooks tow hooks don’t have any miles on them they’re not wore out it hasn’t been bush bush beaten as far as that goes pop the hood open here and again guys everybody’s after this 6.6 liter great motor very quiet and has the the beautiful transmission in here the allison transmission as well uh so lots of get

Up and go in this truck for pulling so if you need a trailer to match this up you’re going to have lots of lots of options as far as that goes and again the air intake there the duramax written on the side here again guys with the with the allison transmission in it again the high high country some badging on the side of this truck again i’m going to show you

The inside of this really quickly here just to show you if you look at the door rails here guys it doesn’t look like anybody’s been in and out of this truck as well as the wear marks on the leather so very clean truck with lots of get up and go lots of lots of options in this truck and again the back as well guys so a crew cab full crew cab truck there uh the

High country gives you the nice trim the nice stitching the leather interior on this truck as well and a couple other nice things to point out on these trucks because you can really tell on these used trucks where they came from by the looks of the box rail caps here so if you look up top here guys there’s no marks on it no marks on the paint here as well and

If you have a quick look at the duramax tires here great tire for the winter and the summer lots of tread left in there as well a very clean undercarriage on this and something nice they’ve done here is they padded this so you don’t get a lot of road noise on these trucks as well so we’ll go to the back of it you got the steps built in here as well you got your

Receivers you’ve got your trailer tow package here with your different wiring and you also have your your rear back up camera in the back of this so we’ll pop this open again guys i always like to point out the tailgate so if you look at the tailgate look at the wear marks in it and this one has the fifth wheel prep package so you basically just got to slap your

Hitch in this thing and get on your camping trips this summer so again guys a beautiful 2019 very light kilometers on this truck for for a heavy duty series truck and again if you look at the stitching and the seats again no wear marks on these seats nice embroidering on it and again it’s badged with the high country labeling here as well so you get lots of get

Get up and go lots of goodies in here you get the sunroof in here as well uh other cool things that they have in this truck as well it has the dual heated seats dual air conditioning seats in it as well it has the adjustable foot pedals the traction control assist here back up lights back up cameras as well park sensors lane departure in here as well and some

Of the other cool things and i’m going to just fire this up because a lot of people won’t know you’re driving a diesel you can hear how quiet this truck is so they’ve done a really nice job with this diesel uh all the missions and stuff in there as well shift on the fly four-wheel drive you have your brake controls you have your memory seating for for the seat

So you can set it for different positions if you like dual climate control as well the 8 inch screen on this thing so a lot of options lots of power points and a really nice console here as well and also has the built-in charger here for your phone so you simply slap your phone on there and away you go it’ll charge it up for you so again guys these trucks just

Keep getting better and better it’s it’s a crew cab truck so lots of space for the family there’s a lot of nice things and if you look at the wear marks again on the sheets it doesn’t look like anybody sat in the back of this truck whoever had it before took really good shape of it good care of it uh it’s got the flip down console here so you got your cup holders

Built in here uh and then and then it’s got the 60 40 split so depending what you’re doing you can clip one side up both sides up vice versa if you want comes with the weathertech mats in here as well so you don’t have to worry about that if we flip that back down here guys again you got your power points back in here and again lots of space and on the back of

This thing too if you have the dog in the back and you you want you can open this up it’s got a power slide window in the back here also it has the heated windows in the back of this truck as well so if you want more information on this truck simply give us a call at 780-942-3629

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2019 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD High Country 4X4 – Duramax Diesel | Stock # P1226A – Redwater Dodge By Redwater Dodge