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I spent a few weeks with the very big and very red 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT 4WD Double Cab pickup ( This is kind of the mid-range version of the Silverado and it had a lot of options. The base price is $40,200 and this truck came out to $49,365 with all the options. Here’s my full review of the Silverado 1500 LT along with a full tour of the interior and exterior.

Okay it is luxury fred sherman and i am the automotive editor for business traveler magazine and i’ve got another great claro actually truck review for you guys today this this is the 2019 chevy silverado lt 4×4 double cab so again this is the 2019 chevy silverado pickup truck and it’s the 4×4 four-wheel drive it’s the double cab which has the extra seats in the

Back there and it is the lt model which is not quite the top premium luxury level but not so here’s what you’re gonna see in this review you’re gonna see a full tour of the outside of the silverado you’re gonna see a full tour of the inside of the silverado and then i’m gonna give it my review i’ve had the silverado for about two weeks driving it all over southern

California and so yeah so you’re gonna see all that including my full review of what it’s like to drive and live with the silverado like i do with all the cars i review i really use them i use this to go to the grocery store i did some moving around the house i used it for that and you know do all those kind of normal driving things to really get an idea of what

It’s like to drive before i keep rambling on let me of course ask you to please please subscribe to my youtube channel it’s free it doesn’t cost anything what you got to do is click the little red subscribe button and i would appreciate it immensely and if you already have subscribed hey thank you very much so let’s start with a tour let me take you on a tour of

The outside and show you what the silverado looks like very quick look the outside very imposing front end do you have the optional side steps there i like the wheels and then you can see the profile with the double cab and the full-size bed there and show you the back view here and see you got the trailer hitch really read/write alright now let’s go inside

And let me give you a look around at the inside of a silverado and some of the features and functions and things like that okay so taking a look inside we have some nice you know kind of wood trim pieces here everything has a nice fit and finish no not extremely luxurious but nice pretty good build quality no rattles everything is well put together so so let me

Show you a look around kind of starting on the left here you have your lighting controls here you have your again the lights for the back of the truck this changes the brightness there this gives you your four by four settings this is your trailer control and this is two wheel drive four wheel drive for off-roading and an auto setting so then you have a basic you

Know old school analog display here you do have auto start/stop for good mileage you can change what’s what’s displayed in the middle fuel economy you’ll see you can see past 50 miles average has only been thirteen point one miles per gallon best 27 i was watching it on the freeway it was averaging about 24 mpg on the freeway here you have your cruise control and

Your infotainment controls over here then you have a very nice i like the center display here and if we put it into the home mode then you kind of go through like this for all the different services you can see that trailering whoops something interesting that i was looking at is that you have apps that you can get on this where you actually download the apps to

The car spotify and i heart radio pandora things like that and then you even have you have like a wall street journal thing that gives you i think this is podcasts so these are podcasts from the wall street journal that you can play and listen to and then same thing with usa today i was playing this i was exploring this when i was in the line at the drive-through

The other day so with usa today you have different podcasts as well that you can listen to but i like how this is kind of like a tablet that goes back and forth market place is interesting you can download some apps that allow you to buy things through the car the things that i were seeing before we’re exxon mobil gas and shale so we got a little slow down in the

Internet here so you know lots of functions here you have your camera both kind of a backup camera and then specifically for trailering you know when i turn the wheel it shows me where the hitch is by the end of that yellow thing the other infotainment controls here trailer brakes setting there again these are some things that i don’t use that much so i don’t know

What they all are something else that you have you have this big center console here but then if you put that up then you can see that you can actually fit three people in the front this middle thing becomes a little seat so this truck will fit six people you can fit three in the back and three in the front which is a lot of people in a pickup truck with the full

Bed so then you just pull that down and then that again becomes a center console and then you have a large space in here in the center see very comfortable seats this has optional front leather seating surfaces in a minute i’m going to go over all the options that this has so you know the full list and then if we so we have two glove compartments over here you have

Your overhead controls up there no sunroof in this one then if we move into the back so as i was saying before this is a double cab double cab has the seat back here but it has a little less space in the back then the crew cab but it has a bigger bed than the crew cab so if you’re going to drive people around a lot you might want the crew cab because there’s more

Space back here but at the expense of a little smaller vent again you can fit three people back here and it is tight but you know it’s not horrible this front seat is back a little far but you can see with that seat in the normal position that you have decent legroom and you also have decent headroom for i’m sure you can see there’s a lot of room above my head

You also have decent headroom back here and then you know nice little amenities so to speak and things like that couple functions while i’m outside the truck here like all chevy’s or most chevy’s i think you do have remote start which i love out here in hot palm springs soon as i walk out the door i can start the truck and get the air-conditioning going so by the

Time i get in it it’s a little bit cool and then we also have a remote control for the tailgate if we push that twice it goes down but it doesn’t go off automatically and then looking at the bed this does have the optional bedliner the physical bedliner and then i think it also has the spray-on bedliner in addition to the physical bedliner as well you have a power

Outlet back here you have lights back there and then you can see there’s lots of tie-downs back here as well you do have a step rear bumper and then you have a light and a window here in the back okay so i just wanted to talk quickly about the options this particular truck has that you’ve seen in the tour has the convenience package and convenience package – which

Is everything from heated seats and heated steering wheel to remote start it has the safety package which is the front and rear parking assist lane change alert things like that leather package which is the leather front seating surfaces it’s got the side tubular assist steps and then everything else is kind of self-explanatory there and with the base price is

Forty thousand two hundred and with those options plus the destination charge the truck as you see it there which is pretty much a fully loaded lt trim level is forty nine thousand three hundred sixty-five so before i start talking about my opinion let me just say that i’m not normally a pickup truck guy and by that i mean i don’t really have a job that involves

Driving a pickup i don’t have sporting interest or recreational interest or you know i don’t go camping or anything like that so i really don’t drive a lot of pickups so a couple people were asking me about this asking me hey how do you like the silverado it’s a little difficult because i haven’t driven a lot of other pickup trucks when it comes to luxury cars

And stuff like that i’ve driven lots of them so i can easily compare one with the other so i haven’t driven a dodge ram i haven’t driven a ford pickup truck pretty much only driven chevy’s i’ve driven a couple gmc trucks as well so i want to preface my review with saying that i haven’t driven those other brands i like this the first thing is it’s big it’s really

Big this is a full-size pickup truck of course and that means it is as wide as a chevy suburban as a matter of fact it is six inches longer than a chevy suburban so it’s big it takes some getting used to in terms of you know keeping it in the lane it takes some getting used to in terms of parking it that you know i’ve had to figure out how to make wide turns and

Things like that to get it into parking spaces especially like little regular parking spaces at the supermarket and things like that i really use the camera a lot to see where i am in terms of the front of the truck and so that’s a nice amenity to have this has a unique engine it has although you can get lots of different engines with the silverado this a 2.7

Liter turbocharged i-4 engine inline four with variable valve timing and dual overhead cam okay so let me give you some details now if that’s okay so that i four engine gives you it’s also has a direct injection has 16 valves that has active fuel management gives you 310 horsepower and 348 foot-pounds of torque or pound-feet of torque i always get those backwards

So 310 horsepower 348 pound-feet of torque it’s it’s interesting in that the engine is kind of quiet so when you start up most big trucks you kind of feel the engine and you you hear it this is very quiet and it really doesn’t vibrate or anything it’s very subtle in terms of power it’s very quick the turbocharged engine you know it’s a quick truck to drive it’s

Not clunky or slow or anything like that i have driven it with some full loads and you know you can start to feel the difference between the v8 engine and the v4 but it still feels powerful obviously you can get a wide range of other engines including a six-cylinder and several different v8 options this has the 8-speed automatic translation on the freeway it’s

Really nice that that size and that mass really makes it ride nice comfortable smooth definitely in terms of the power to get on the freeway and passing people no no problem whatsoever really quick and and really nicely powered for its size very quiet on the freeway very luxurious and comfortable and overall very nice experience to drive it you know it’s got it’s

Not the top of the line in terms of all the luxury amenities and things like that but it has leather seating surfaces and you know your your array of apple carplay and android auto and kind of all those those luxury features that that really make it enjoyable to drive well i think that’s it that completes my review of the 2019 chevrolet silverado lt double cab 4×4

Thank you very much for watching you can always see more on my blog at luxury fred calm please please please subscribe to my channel i appreciate that leave me a comment under the video let me know what you think let me know other things that you want to see me review other cars or trucks you can follow me of course on social media at luxury fred and my automotive

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