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2019 Ferrari Portofino – Central New Jersey

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Hello and welcome to ferrari essential new jersey my name is tatiana and today i’m here to introduce to you the new member of the ferrari family the 2019 four dafina this ferrari is named after one of italy’s most beautiful towns portofino is known for its charming tourist location and over the years has become synonymous with elegance luxury and sportiness which

Fits this vehicle is just perfect the ferrari portofino brings an end to the ferrari california teairra but it doesn’t forget its roots it uses the same twin-turbo 3.9 liter v8 engine which is found in the 488 and the california t pushing about 592 horsepower as you can see this portofino is painted in the beautiful rosso corsa which is ferraris most famous

Color walking around the side you will notice the scuderia ferrari she’ll and if you get a little lower you’ll see the 20-inch forged diamond wheels and yellow brake calipers if you look a little closer over here you’ll notice that this ferrari comes with the anti stone chipping film straight from the ferrari factory in maranello on the front end you will notice

A more aggressive and sporty look than that of the california team they added the more narrow led headlights the parking sensors and the front grille with black chrome edges instead of the standard now let me show you what the back of the vehicle looks like as you can see it is a bit wider it has new and upgraded led tail lights the same beautiful prancing horse

Emblem and one option that was added to this portofino that you could add to yours as well is the black ceramic exhaust pipes now that you’ve all seen the beautiful exterior let’s take a look at the interior the seats are covered in nero also known as black leather with rosso stitching which perfectly welcome the rosso seatbelts the ferrari prancing horse is

Also stitched on the seats headrest these seats are full electric on this model so it’s easy to adjust your seat to your exact liking the mats are special ordered coloured ones with the logo and further in you’ll notice the aluminum passenger footrest this drivers own steering wheel is covered in carbon fiber which comes equipped with the led lights that let

You know when to switch gears on the steering wheel you have all your functions starting from the start button the wipers the turn signals the horn the manettino switch which lets you choose your preferred driver mode and the magneride dual mode suspension button that basically gives you the flexibility to have comfort and good handling at the same time this was

Designed like this so that you have no reason to remove your hands from the steering wheel the main difference in the interior is this 10.2 inch touchscreen which gives you the ability to switch between your fm and radio your usb bluetooth via a navigation system your phone the climate control of your seat and the rest of your settings the portofino features

A retractable hardtop completely redesigned and can now be open or closed in just 14 seconds even on the move at lower speeds this concludes the tour of our 2019 portofino keep in mind it is completely customizable to your own liking in our configuration thank you for tuning in to the tour of our 2019 portofino our configuration room is now open you can give us

A call at seven three two five nine three 2600 to make your appointment

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