2019 Ford Expedition XLT walkthrough | Payne Pre-Owned Harlingen | Harlingen, Texas

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Be a lot of fun for the family and your chance to win those cowboy tickets and parking passes and once again thanks to our friends at wild104 at iheartradio all right on to the business here at game pre-owned harlingen a vehicle that’s kind of close to my heart here this is a pre-owned 2019 ford expedition this is about the same kind of vehicle that i drive every

Day so guess what i know all about that wonderful ford styling also that 3.5 liter v6 in there putting out 375 horsepower may to that 10 ‘s automatic transmission and yes this thing can actually pull up to 9 300 pounds that’s right ford expedition now i drive a max which is some standard size expedition has the same kind of 20 inch wheels i love those alloy wheels

The mine has and also those wonderful step rails let’s go inside a comfortable driver station with power adjustable seats lumbar also it has the console dial there for your shifting and also you can do a manual shift plus and minus different modes also for different driving conditions big screen to play uh play for your apple carplay and also android audio and

Bluetooth for hands-free operation we’re going to go here to the second row climate control it also has usb2s and a power inverter in the back for all your fun accessories all right there is a whole lot of capability and a whole lot of room just to show you just how easy it is with one finger there she goes also yes third row capable and the third row it’s really

Great and i’m going to show you why because it’s all push button guess what that one button right there and both the third row seats go down the headrest pop and also if you are sitting in the uh third row and you need to get out you can actually hit the buttons right here on both sides for your rear third row passengers and guess what the second row seats will

Go up and also do those second row seats go up from the back yes it does let’s hit those two right there bam oh there’s the center one there’s this there’s the left side and there’s the right plenty of cargo room inside this full-size suv and guess what it is a v6 yes it it has 375 horsepower it does have the tow package beyond this cover and it tows up to 9 300

Pounds and guess what according to the book and i’ve seen it done 24 miles a gallon on the highway with a full-size suv i do it all around the valley right here on this pre-owned 2019 ford expedition right here at payne the pre-owned harlingen the whole the home five-star experience over 35 financial lenders and also hassle pre-approval don’t forget about the 72

Hour exchange price match guarantee and on their pre-hung units and available certified pre-owned warranty like any other paint auditor dealership valley wide a part of the painted.com family we have what you want you want to get us regardless

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2019 Ford Expedition XLT walkthrough | Payne Pre-Owned Harlingen | Harlingen, Texas By Payne PreOwned Harlingen