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2019 Ford Ranger XLT SuperCrew FX4|In Depth Review|Test Drive

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It’s been gone for 8 long years, and finally, after too long a hiatus, the Ranger returns! While the Ranger has never really left completely, it has been gone in North America. Based on the T6 platform since 2011, with a mid-cycle refresh in 2015, the new Ranger to us is indeed a pretty mature vehicle! While this model will not give us a Raptor trim like we all hoped, it has been hinted that in 2021-2022, the all-new Ranger will indeed give us the Ranger Raptor. Until then, let us enjoy the closest you can get with this XLT SuperCrew with the FX4 Off Road Package and the Sport Appearance Package!

And a special thanks and shout out to community for lincoln at bloomington indiana for allowing me to come out and film this 2019 ford ranger xlt supercrew you while this iteration of the ford ranger is new to the north american market the t6 platform is based on has been around since of 2011 with the mid-cycle refresh happening in 2015 following in line with

Ford’s connected the design language the truck has been popular in overseas markets for quite some time and in january of 2018 after an eight-year hiatus ford motor company north america reintroduced a ranger to the north american market while the previous ranger wasn’t produced at the twin cities plant in minneapolis the plant was closed in 2012 new ranger

Production is now located the michigan assembly plant and wing michigan offered in three trim levels xl xlt and lariat this xlt supercrew features the fx for off-road package and is shown in shadow black clear coat and features a charcoal black premium cloth interior being the fx for this ranger is four-wheel drive and it features ford’s electronic shift on the

Fly transfer case with trail control and an electronic locking rear differential with the terrain management system there are four terrain modes including normal grass gravel snow mud ruts and sand and the civil available engine of this time is a 2.3 litre ti-vct dual overhead cam 16-valve direct injection ecoboost inline four-cylinder it features a twin-scroll

Turbocharger and attend to one compression ratio this engine creates 270 horsepower at 5,500 rpm 310 pound feet of torque at 3000 rpm car and driver estimates that it can reach near 260 miles per hour on 6.7 seconds for the 0 to 100 mile per hour time in fifteen point six seconds top speed is limited to 155 inch wheelbase and a six thousand 50 pound gross vehicle

Weight rating for claim to 7,500 pound capacity with a 1560 pound payload capacity and the ranger features an 18 us gallon fuel tank and consumes 4.5 gallons per 100 miles driven epa fuel economy estimates are twenty miles per gallon city 24 miles per gallon highway with 22 miles per gallon combined on my 20 mile mix test drive i achieved twenty 1.2 miles per gallon

And no manual transmission is offered with only the 10 speed 10 ra.d selectshift automatic transmission barred from the f-150 as standard while the raptor is not available now ford has hinted that around 2021 to 2022 a raptor ranger is coming despite the extensive use of aluminum and the f-series pickup seeing that the ranger was out first less aluminum is used

Only showing up in the hood and tailgate around the rear the led tail lamps and turn indicators also houses the rear blind spot monitors as well as lane departure sensors the aluminum tailgate features the ranger nameplate stamped in the lower portion with the large forward oval housing in the rear camera with the 302 package the steel bumper is painted magnetic

And integrates the rotor sonic parking sensors with the trailer tow group this vehicle features a class four receiver hitch four and seven pin wiring with customizable trailer status in the driver control screens i am paying around the rear bumper as you can see this steel is stated before it does have a plastic cap on the bumper housing and does feature the 7

Pin wiring and with the four pin wiring down below you also have a spot where you can mount a ball hitch in the bumper and down below is the class four receiver hitch over i feel like the rear tail am so are kind of big and along the profile the shadow black fx4 has a great look contrasting magnetic wheel lit molding and wheels it gives it a sporty off-road look

Almost raptor like in its appearance steering is vehicle speed sensitive variable rate electronically assisted rack and pinion with the fx for the steering gear is protected by a skid plate wheels on this vehicle or a 17 inch magnet a painted aluminum and they are specific to both the sport appearance package and the fx4 package tires are hankook dyna pro atm –

65 65 are 17 off-road tires front suspension on this vehicle is fx for tuned double-a armed with nitrogen pressurize coil over monotube shocks designed for offroad stability in mind rear suspension features two-stage parabolic leaf springs without board mounted nitrogen pressurized shock absorbers for increased payload and off-road dampening and up front the

New ranger especially with the black paint and the sport appearance group looks the most raptor like without having the actual raptor grille or look the black honeycomb mesh grille is frame with a magnetic surround with ranger and blaze it across the top headlamps are halogen with smoke lenses and black bezels down below there are fog lamps that are mounted in

Inside the steel front bumper and below still that is a silver painted front bash plate with exposed dual recovery hooks and front altered mounted ultrasonic sensors over all the front-end styling of the ranger is a really tough look and i really do actually like it safety features on this truck include lane keep assist you’ve also got adaptive cruise control that

Supports forward collision and brake support as well as blind spot monitors it does feature trailer coverage as well as pre collision assist and auto emergency braking and pedestrian detection an active rear view camera with active guidance lines in conjunction with the park sensors and as well as auto lamp with auto high beam control and being the fx4 off-road

Data is very important and this beetle features eight hundred twenty six point eight inch wheelbase twenty eight point seven degree approach angle departure angle of twenty five point four degrees you’ve also had a ramp breakover angle of twenty-one point five degrees and ground clearance is eight point nine inches water fourteen depth is twelve inches at eight

Miles per hour and this vehicle is equipped with a remote start a standard so operate is easy first lock the vehicle and then double press the remote start button now this vehicle does not have ford’s intelligent access smart key access system it is just a standard switch blade style key fob with walk and lock remote start and panic and take a look inside the

Inside of the truck is actually a very nicely styled area it has shown a little bit of its age due to the fact of this an aging platform however it is still very nice with high quality materials and cloth and the door cards are pretty nicely styled they’re very utilitarian the new feature light magnetic painted inserts and of course this vehicle is equipped with

Power windows power mirrors and power door locks you’ve lost that six way power driver and passenger seat with adjustable lumbar support they are the ebony charcoal cloth premium cloth side view mirror power switch on the instrument panel automatic headlamp fog lamp control instrument panel direct brightness cargo lamp and the leather wrap tilt and telescoping

Steering wheel season the ranger are very nice and very supportive they do feature side impact airbags rem panther than here and show no more details as you can see nice fluid easy-to-use powerses it’s scary is a four-spoke steering wheel with leather coverings it stated before you do have your trip computer controls as well as your cruise control and adaptive

Cruise controls you’ve also got audio controls and seat phone controls with voice control this people does not feature the lcd digital dash it features these classic style analog gauges it does feature an lcd trip computer mounted inside a pretty standard ford trip computer and this is just a sped up view of everything you’ve also got an off road pages that shows

Before just various different setting menus and things of that nature pretty typical of ford’s all right as people to over the top of the – it is a plastic – cap you do have a molded storage tray ford sync 3/8 inch touchscreen display surrounded by two large air vents dual-zone automatic climate control you’ve also got heated front seats it does not have heated

Steering wall however it is equipped with sink phone controls as well as gps navigation you do have some apps as well settings for different vehicle settings it does feature pinch to zoom and swipe gestures place in the vehicle in reverse does activate the reverse camera it does feature active guidance signs and it also features integrated parking sensor ultrasonic

Readouts and moving down you do have redundant controls for audio and climate controls dual temperature fan speed you’ve also got two 12-volt power points to usb ports various switches for your trail control auto star automatic start/stop locking differential try to cope parking sensors maybe i’ll say your four-wheel drive switch large front cupholders conventional

Handbrake you’ve also got covered storage and the center armrest well it’s not wide it is deep all right looking overhead you do have an automatic dimming rearview mirror automatic wipers you vas got led overhead illumination over at dome light controls with dome override sunglasses storage large vinyl sun visors with non-illuminated vanity mirrors the summarizer

Is also swing out and they also slide out on extension rods and mounted on the a pillars or passenger assist handles alright now let’s take a look at the rear seat being being that this is a super krewe the rear seat room is much greater than the super cab this seats are a lot more comfortable as well and the rear seats do seat three across yeah molded bottle

Holders and the door cards i stay before the rear seats do seat three across with high dose well head restraints and all passenger seating areas you have a manually sliding rear window you also have rear window defroster grids in the glass and the center armrest does fold down it does reveal cupholders molding in the front part of it and padded armrest rusi

Passengers do have two usb charge ports you’ve also got a storage tray and the household style ac outlet there are no climate control fincen rear seat and there’s only a matte matte pocket on the back side of the passenger seat this is a single folding bench on a 60/40 bench so the whole seat bottom cushion lifts up to reveal storage as well as jack and tools

You to bed sizes are available depending on cap size super cabs get the six-foot style side box while the supercruise such as this get the 5 foot style side box tailgate is aluminum in the bed size or stamped steel instead atop a fully boxed steel frame bed dimensions are as follows the tailgate to ground lift over height or 33.8 inches total in sight

Length is 61 inches with the width between wheelhouses at forty four point eight inches inside height is twenty point eight inches for the total cargo box volume at forty three point three cubic feet all right this does conclude our review of the new 2004 drain jur if you liked this video and would like to see more like it comment down below also don’t forget

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2019 Ford Ranger XLT SuperCrew FX4|In Depth Review|Test Drive By Neighborhood Car Reviews