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2019 Ford Transit 150 XL Passenger van (8066), 102k Miles, 4,995

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Good morning my name is jeremiah with affordable mobility solutions and today i’m shooting a video of our 2019 ford transit passenger van very clean van purchased from auction do a quick walk around over here show you the condition of the vehicle it’s very clean i’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s been very well kept probably highway miles on this got firestone

Tires the front tires are 6 30 seconds of tread the back tires are 7 30 seconds of tread so the tires are not brand new but they’ve still got a lot of tread left on them and they’re a good name brand like i said rear windows are tinted this is the transit 150. it’s hard to find a denture or scratch on this van again i’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s very nice

Very clean inside the van very clean interior i’m a non-smoker i can smell smoke from a mile away no signs of any smoke or unusual odors in this van the dash looks really clean really good no cracks or holes in the dash that i can see here super clean interior we always show you that vin number that way you know we have the vehicle in our possession that we’re not

Pulling some internet scan all right as far as the interior very clean this is the eight seater very clean seats look like they’ve probably ever been set in headliner looks good it’s got the rear air controls what i like about these eight seaters we’ve got a ton of room back here so if you want to use this for a work van and a family van you’ve got that option

You can fit a lot back here you can actually take out that second row that third row seat make it a five seater and have tons of room up here for you know two by fours or whatever you want to use it for very very clean lot of room we got two keys one of them works with the keyless entry one does not we’ve put a new battery in it still does not work we’ll still

Start the van just the key this entry doesn’t work so if you want us to get a second key fully functional key made on your dime we can but want to let you know up front one of the keys does not work current miles 102 832 see it’s got the back up camera great safety feature to have and i’ve got three mechanics that work for me we test everything on these vans the

Power power mirrors power windows heat air the power mirror right there heat air crews that’s why i make these videos if you know if you’ve been if you’ve been out looking at vehicles you know people hide a lot of things they don’t show you the dent in the pictures they don’t tell you about the slipping transmission they don’t tell you about the check engine light

On that is not how i do business underneath the hood idle smoothly no signs of any damage no signs of any leaks everything looks great as i crawl underneath the van very much is the same very clean no no signs of any bent metal from an accident no signs of any leaks no signs of any abnormal rust or sweat or anything and before i get the van on a test drive you

Can see here we run a free carfax report with each one of our vehicles uh shows a minor accident i’ll show that to you a very minor 11 detail records so the vehicle has been kept up it’s been serviced you can see carfax shows no total loss no structural damage airbags have never been deployed odometer checks out good so this is not a salvage title this is not a

Rebuilder and carfax guarantees no salvage junk rebuilt fire flood hail or lemon brands on the titles this is a clean title not a rebuild or not salvaged you can scroll down you see a march of 2019 rear end collision damage to the front front right airbag did not deploy minor damage says minor damage is usually cosmetic including dents or scratches to the body so

Not a major accident probably got bumped up in a parking lot or something like that you can see the service records as well so we run the carfax before we buy the vehicle so we know what we’re getting into and i’m not scared at all of a vehicle with a hundred thousand miles that’s had a bumper painted on or something like that okay the final portion of the video i

Always like to eat the vehicles out on the highway give them some gas so you can hear the engine run feel the transmission shift through all the gears and you know whether we help you arrange affordable shipping in the lower 48 states or if you come in and drive this van home we’ve done our due diligence we’ve made sure it’s road worthy it’s got good acceleration

Everything works just fine on it not a whole lot of room to accelerate here right now got a slow moving little chevy spark in front of me got about 50 miles an hour the cruise control works good steering wheel’s nice and straight i’ll get some distance here so i can get put the pedal to the metal here real quick there we go popped it up to about 65 miles an hour

It’s a very clean vehicle runs and drives nicely super clean inside now clean title with all that being said please understand this is a used vehicle we strongly recommend an affordable extended warranty with every used vehicle they go anywhere from 90 days all the way up to like eight years and everywhere in between and give a nice hard break here no grinding

No squeaking no unusual break noise or vibration so again exactly what we’re looking for and hey if you do want to come in please make sure you make that appointment with mike i know your time is valuable we don’t want to miss you 316-390-8340 that’s 390 8340 call or text mike set up that appointment he can send a credit application to your phone or email address

You can fill it out there as well we are home 100 guaranteed credit approval and we’re getting signed up with bank financing as well to get you the lowest interest rates possible so call set that up with mike and if you’d like to see our entire inventory with free carfax reports and detailed videos just like this check us out it’s approved like

Everybody’s approved ict is in the airport code for for wichita approved and as always thanks for checking out affordable mobility solutions where we specialize in mobility and wheelchair accessible vans but we’ve got a lot of great cars trucks and suvs just like this transit van on our lot so thanks for checking us out have a great day

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2019 Ford Transit 150 XL Passenger van (8066), 102k Miles, $34,995 By Jeremiah Coleman