2019 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD Regular Cab 4.3L Power Tailgate White Oshawa ON Stock #191527

View photos and more info at: This is a Summit White 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD Reg Cab 140 Review Oshawa null – Mills Motors Buick GMC with Automatic transmission Summit White color and Jet Black interior color. (Uploaded by DataDriver).

It’s a great day at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa this is the 2019 gmc sierra 1500 two-wheel drive regular cab they got the 4.3 liter engine here 17-inch aluminum wheels with the general grabber tires assist step all cloth upholstery 40/20/40 split bench seat room for three across the front electronic parking brake cargo lights on off let’s check it

Out all ready to take a work our way in here from left to right you’ve got the cruise control options on the left hand side and that’s also we’re gonna find your headlights and turn signals and intermittent wipers and the driver information center menu accessed right here with the scrolling wheel so you can take a little spin through there and it’s going to show

You all kinds of important information that you need to know here about your new regular cab truck gear shifter with tow haul over here on the right-hand side key to ignition am/fm stereo apple carplay android auto with their own separate apps camera function has trailer and trajectory guidelines and of course it’ll also operate when you throw it into reverse and

Those phone icons there allows you to pair up your devices to use for hands-free and bluetooth audio temperature controls and fan speed operator ac button front and rear defroster z’ they got the power down tailgate button we’re gonna see that in action in just a second hazards traction control and you’re a trailering mode 12-volt and usb and you have a very easy

To maintain vinyl flooring so you can just sweep out the dirt grab a damp cloth good to go cleaning that up and you’ve got a pair of cupholders here within the armrest place to rest a device and this tucks out of the way quite easily as well double glove box the lower portion locks and overhead lighting here on both sides you’ve got that power down tailgate there

I using the key fob for that you can see that you’ve got the power tailgate button and the alarm function large tailgate steps both left and right to accommodate any size work boot any size foot and you’ve got a liner right here on the tailgate itself so you’re not gonna scratch it up and dent it well protected and the cargo lights enabled nice and bright a cross

Light effect there as they point inwards more led lights above and when the cargo lights are turned on you get that bright led light there that shines down towards the hitch so if you’re hooking up a trailer in some darker conditions it’s gonna make things a little bit more visible for you hookups therefore trailer and hitch and you also have this handy carved out

To handle right there to help pull you in it out of the truck carved right into the bed rail and that’s going to do it for your look at the 2019 sierra 1500 two-wheel drive regular cab if you’ll want to see this one in person you’ll find at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa where we always do whatever it takes

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2019 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD Regular Cab 4.3L Power Tailgate White Oshawa ON Stock #191527 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.