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2019 GMC SIERRA 1500 Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive SLT

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Head into the showroom with John Ambrozic and check out some of the accessories on this upfitted 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive SLT.

Hi folks john ambrose ik here from smail gmc i’m coming to you today from our showroom right on route 30 in greensburg i’m gonna go over truck that we have sitting in the showroom right now it’s an up fitted gmc sierra 1500 we outfitted this truck with some pretty cool different accessories so i’m gonna go over all that stuff with you right now alright so let’s

Start here in the front of the truck we got the lunge hood protector i smoke black right here but some ice that’ll protect from any rocks coming up hitting the front of your hood they’re from chips on the front emblems here we changed out to the black gmc emblem kit for the front and the rear also the front of the truck here is a little bit higher than normal we

Put a leveling kit on this here so it brought the friend end up about two inches made it level with the back of the truck and come around to the side here we have some 22 inch gm wheels here and a 33 inch nitto ridge grappler tire on there kind of give it a nice aggressive look with those you know fill out the wheel wells a little bit with those 22 inch wheels

Come along the side here we have one low profile window vent visors here front and back on both sides there and we’re gonna come around to the back here obviously we got the black emblem right here on the tailgate and one of the cool features that we added to this here this slp has the the pro grade jerald tailgate and you can kind of see we added a third tail

Light down here which is led it’s gonna act as the tail light and the turn signals so whenever you turn it turn signals on it will change from a red led light to a white one if you just hit there you’re gonna see that nice bar right there so with a speaker system that’s in the multi pro tailgate here what it’ll do is if you have once you have your phone paired

To it you compare your bluetooth use usb or an auxilary input as soon as you open this step down it powers on you don’t have to have the truck running once it pairs you’re going to see this stop blinking here it’s going to pair and it will just automatically start playing music from your paired device you have your volume buttons here up and down you have skip

Buttons here that you can skip through songs you also have your pause and play button along with your power button that you can shut off the power button then we’ll also go between your bluetooth auxilary which your inputs for those are over here you have an auxilary and a usb hid that one more time it’s going to go to the usb so you can plug it in directly to any

One of those the other nice thing is everything back here is all waterproof so regardless if it’s raining and you’re listening to the music or just the fact that those speakers are in the tailgate it’s going to be protected at all times nice rubber cover over top of all the buttons the speakers are waterproof and also the cover that goes over top of your usb and

Auxiliary plugs are also waterproof the other thing that we added is the step lights so what that’s going to do is when you come around and you turn on the bed lights for the truck if it’s dark you have an led light right here in here to light up that step for you at night so you’re able to see getting up into the truck alright guys so that was our gmc sierra that

We have up fitted any more questions come on down check it out yourself in the showroom here right off of route 30 or you can go online and check it out at smail gmc com

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2019 GMC SIERRA 1500 Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive SLT By Smail Buick GMC