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2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited 4WD Double Cab

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Stock Number 1981980

Hi taylor jim mccarron here at alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service just arrived at 2019 gmc sierra 1500 elevations this is the double cab the stone blue metallic paint which is a very nice color so you have the matching bumper in the front get some nice gray accents there in the front

Also this does have your black alloy wheel see they’re in good shape tires are good does have the cladding around the uh the wheels and on the bottom to protect well on the way around the wheels protect against rust here in the northeast this has your 5.3 liter v8 355 horsepower 383 foot-pounds of torque this is a double cap configuration so if you look at the

Inside you can see everything you know generous amount of room back here it’s not real big but you could have to get people back in your pad too these seats will fold up pulled up by just pulling these tabs like that so if you had to put tools or stuff in there you can this has a titanium interior you see the seats are very clean does have this is a split bed seat

In the front this will fold up if you want it does have a taller color touch screen so it does have your camera if you’re backing up does come with xm radio also uh we would get a couple months free on that would have apple carplay and android auto so you could mirror your like your maps from your phone over to that screen if you wanted to would have bluetooth here

Uh you’d have to answer your calls up here now this truck has 23 146 miles on it not very many you can get all your information here on the vehicle just by turning this knob like that like your tripedometer stuff like that cruise control would be here you just hit that and hit set it has automatic uh brake controller already built in so you can adjust your gain

There this does have fog lights with it also has powered mirrors power windows and locks the four-wheel drive on this vehicle you just pull it in here just you would just pull it down does that for low also does have a nice tonneau cover on the top once again you see the rims are good you do have a step up here if you have to get in the back the camera would be

Here it is all set up for towing so it has your engine oil color transmission cooler you would have your round seven there and your flat four there look at the inside this is your easy little tailgate it doesn’t come crashing down and it does have a sprayed embed lighter and you do have two tie downs there if you want so this is a gm certified vehicle so when

They certify them they go through 172 point check in our service department you do get a one year 12 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty on the vehicle the your power train goes out six years from the day the original owner had it or a hundred thousand miles it will pay for two oil changes and tire rotations for you and they also would have roadside assistance

For that remaining of the six year 100 000 mile period we have your elevation badging there where we’ll drive badging there look at the passenger side it’s all very clean over here the live market price on this vehicle is 36 184 so if you’d like to learn more hit the learn more button or stop down and see yourself here route 7 south in rutland vermont

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2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited 4WD Double Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC