2019 Honda Civic Type R vs Ford Mustang Bullitt // Clash Of Cultures

James and Thomas take the new 2019 Honda Civic Type R and pit it against the Special Edition Ford Mustang Bullitt. With massive followings from both sides of the muscle/tuner spectrum, the boys explore the cars driving dynamics and what they are like to live with every day. Why do they have such huge followings? Is it deserved? Exterior and interior styling comparisons help figure out which one takes it in the looks department, and the back roads do the rest. Watch to see the outcome. SUBSCRIBE!

You you’re watching prada house i’m thomas and i’m james and know these two aren’t really competitors for each other although i guess some people might actually crush on them yeah i mean if you’re looking for the most fun car for the money if we don’t think of it like that what we’re trying to do today is explore two unique car cultures to see what makes

Them tick and we do realize that this is the sort of comparison that results in a bloodbath in the comments yes so treat today like that time in world war one when the allies and the germans got out of the trenches and they played football on christmas day before going back to killing each other this is the mustang bullet what a regular gt fastback have been

A better price match probably but again the point of today is to really get into the culture of these cars and a special edition made famous by the legendary steve mcqueen is everything i want a mustang to be and to be fair they both have little plaques with a number on them now this bullet isn’t just a bunch of visual upgrades it also comes standard with the

Magna ride suspension and has more horsepower but today forget about the numbers we are here to share the experience the driving and living with one of these gives you and spoiler alert the bullet is really fun to drive it’s a genuine hulk of a car and at least today we can agree that between these two it’s the prettier choice yes the type o has a polarizing

Look but clearly it’s desirable enough that many dealers are asking way above msrp it’s quite fitting then that the most viewed thread on the type r forums is the naughty list of all the dealers marking them over sticker shame shame but shady sales tactics aside the type r is no regular civic it is one of the most aggressive and precise four-cylinder cars on

Sale with an exterior drama that is matched closely by its interior but does the driving experience match and is it as thrilling as that mustang we’ll have to find out but before we get started make sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and hit the notification bell so that you see our videos as soon as they come out so if you want to see

What we’re filming before it goes live on youtube follow us on instagram at the throttle house all right absolutely love it all right there’s something about the mustang that feels so unruly it feels unrefined and a little bit rough around the edges in a good way the whole body moves is that there’s a really obvious motion to it it feels big and it feels

Angry but it feels intentional okay civic type-r let’s do this the week i’ve had this car i’m near as much falling in love with it it is so good and i totally understand why this has the following in the love that it does i’ve got the exhaust in the loudest mode which is the only mode you need out here wakes your neighbours in the morning then i’ll tell you

That even though it has a quiet morning mode still really loud alright so here’s what i’ve noticed there’s only a few scenarios where you can put your foot all the way down in this car and on a dry sunny day that’s one of them even then i can feel the rear come on like this under full throttle collection so this has 480 horsepower that’s more horsepower than

The regular mustang because it’s the bullet edition 5 litre 8 cylinders this is the proper orientation for a mustang get the 5 litre v8 this is what makes this vehicle so special and not only has it been fun to live with it’s been easy to live with the clutch is forgiving it’s hard to store it has a crazy anti-stall mechanism the steering is precise but it’s

Not hard to go in the straight-line when you’re on the highway and the thing feels so light and the thing is ease light there’s no driving aids in this there’s no blind spot detection no lane keep assist no adaptive cruise control this thing just wants you to have fun in the lightest sportiest package possible and if you needed any more proof by honda that

This is just built for fun it can only come in a 6-speed manual so what’s the mustang like to drive well peak torque is at 7000 rpm that is a naturally aspirated sentence that i just said that means that you must run out the gears to get that power out of it and it is so worth it because it makes a whale of a sound even though this isn’t the gt350 the engine

Still feels exotic it just it revs really really high and it keeps pulling right to the redline you want to run out the gears in this car which is a problem because it goes really really fast at the top of the gear the shifters so purposeful you you literally can put your whole arm into shifting a gear but there’s heft to the ships and the throws are long

And i wouldn’t change it i wouldn’t put a short shifter in this thing so what have we got here we’ve got a two-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that pushes 306 horsepower and you feel every little bit of that if there’s a frantic high revving nature to this it feels insane there’s so much energy to it not as much as the civics of old but it still is

So much fun but the way that they’ve tuned this car when you accelerate it puts vibrations through the steering wheel it feels like a dual shock controller on a playstation this is vibrating and it adds that extra bit of like penis and joy i imagine it’s something to do with very solid engine mounts it does all go to the front wheels and there is torque steer

As a result and also if you really floor it from the line you will manage to spin the wheels in any temperature that i have experienced this week in that sense you might feel the wanting for all wheel drive however if that adds any weight and i mean any weight to this then you lose some of the experience so it’s i don’t know i don’t know how bad it is that

It’s only front-wheel drive because the lightness is so good the steering is actually really sharp there’s a lot of motion from the front in it and it pushes the front end a little bit in tight corners doesn’t have the precision that i power would but since its naturally aspirated i can use the throttle to adjust the car in the corner very very easily so it’s

Just a sensational driver’s car couple that with the noise the driving position and the recaro seats and you have what is the perfect back road blast car and the perfect track car so this is the bullet which means it comes standard with the make the ride suspension which has magnetic filings in it that can be electronically adjusted to change the stiffness

Of the damper in milliseconds so the car stays very flat and controlled in the corners but then that coupled with the actually the very tall sidewall of these tires means the ride is really soft so you have a car that is very comfortable to cruise in but then it just turns in and comes alive in the corners but honda’s engineering has made it so that the

Handling in this car this still handles like a king there’s so much fun axle grip in the corners and that then the diff in the front means you can stomp it coming out of the corners and you just feel so confident in this and i know i know that you can unwind all that mustang pretty easily you’d have to try really hard to maybe a spin out of control i can place

This car so precisely on the road it’s a it’s compact and it’s good i mean this car it feels like it naturally over steers in the corners despite being front-wheel drive there’s so much fun to the drive in this ok so this car has different driving modes obviously we’ve got sport plus track mode normal mode i sport plus is awesome for backroads track is this

Exhaust gets insanely loud – backs up traction control and all that stuff you can use it on the back row just to be careful because any throttle in the corner in the rear will leave you however it does have a drag strip mode and it has a line lock so you can do easy burnouts to heat the tires and this digital gauge cluster changes up in each mode this makes

The mustang feel modern so multiple personalities you can dry this in comfort sport or all mode and changing those modes changes the throttle response the steering the suspension gets all a lot sportier this is winding on 20 inch alloys right now with low profile tires and it’s a pretty harsh ride even in comfort mode you may find yourself apologizing to your

Passenger a little bit and i know the tires on that mustang a thicker than these so i’m guessing thomas doesn’t have that complaint just this turning is so tight the ratio and this is so good it feels so sporty unbelievable you can’t help but not you don’t follow you in a certificate tool this is like this is like a civic after the rocky montage of protein

Shakes and egg yolk in the morning and it just it’s not i love ya i’m not even a mustang guy but i just can’t help but understand what they’re about you don’t need to be a mustang guy you don’t worry it’s just i heard you come in this thing sounds everyone heard me come in it was ah say okay this is this is stands on its own it really does incredibly fun it’s

Incredibly fast this minute yeah that’s very pretty it actually is you know why rheem looks really good so the green looks fantastic and i love the the black wheels of the red brake callipers and the fact that the wheels don’t look so obsessively huge and modern there’s a little bit of a vintage vibe to them right i like it well we’ve lost much look imagine

And that’s a good thing it’s a clean front grille and i think it looks absolutely love the license plate that’s gone which my good it might be gone ontario where fingers crossed okay so type r this looks like a lots been done to it and in fact if you go on any car enthusiast forum yeah there’s a what did you do to your car today right there isn’t actually

One for the time it’s been done there’s everything’s been done literally what would you as a joke by the way it’s a massive massive threat or not like what would you yeah what would you do to it you couldn’t add anything the wheels look there is actually one thread about taking the wing off and then everyone’s like now and it looks really weird without the

Wing by the way it does and the wing actually does stuff that we have provides proper i think it looks really good the only thing that upsets me and we said this when we reviewed it is a these are fake like this there’s too many fake things going on there is too many fake things going on that is a honestly i forgive it it looks monstrous and when you drive

It it drives the way it looks and i guess that’s why i have a ridiculous yeah and that’s how it drives i agree she’ll do the interiors really quickly yeah let’s do it mustang first okay all right okay first of all bullet bullet white shift knob that is really isn’t that awesome yeah absolutely love it that’s really nice i think it’s really really good okay

Otherwise it is just a mustang interior in here it’s very spacious it is very spacious seats louis i say that comforting they’re $1,800 they really hold you in i like them i think that really comfy they see i have a love-hate relationship with them because when you’re when you’re absolutely caning it on a back road they really come in handy they hold you in

Yeah this thing generates a lot of emotion right but then you along cruise your lower back starts to get a little bit stiff they do it’s like a harness holes that i’m pretty sure i can use it for me yeah there’s some soft touch materials this is all a bit hard here but also the quality this is one thing that i’ve been rinsed by mustang owners before for saying

When you when you’re in a lot of cars we’re in a lot of cars you start to notice the difference in qualities of plastics and materials yeah this doesn’t have the nicest quality materials but both these cars are sacrificed like luxury for sport and fun in performance and i appreciate and that’s what they’re for yeah after for i can’t really fault it for that

Right i mean enough room for a helmet for me easily manual hand brake you one of those no i wish it did i know it honestly should have a manual hamburger yeah but ya know this is this is a the driving position is good the steering wheel is really neat um this digital gauge cluster is fantastic it’s so customizable it’s got a call player it does and it works

Fine honestly it’s not groundbreaking but it’s pretty straightforward and it’s all there i can’t believe how much space i haven’t yet yeah i know it’s it is i would have killed the person behind me i want to sit behind ya know the back seats there they’re not there it’s just like a 2+2 they’re there for show yeah how’s the sound system in here because i got

12 speakers in that thing you know i have eight cylinders fair enough pacific interior yep alright this is pretty spacious too actually yeah in front i have i have a fair amount of room and the back seats and more spacious like that they are very used if someone could sit behind you right now oh easily know that well in our review of the it’s already it’s

Still sip yeah there’s like i’m like the seats in those these are standard everybody much everything you see is down there’s not much to customize about this car this shift knob is also very cool hoodies actually yeah i got wireless charging that’s good call play android auto and the volume knob now yeah steering wheels cool red accents red everywhere this

Just red everywhere it’s really it feels heavily aftermarket in here it actually does it’s it’s been it’s like it’s like a built to be a tuner car i wish you could customize it though because there’s a lot of red saying the alcantara everywhere is loving these seats are so comfortable this seats are better than those see these are weirdly cushy for race seats

And yes still feel very simple because there’s a flat bottom and the bolsters go vertically which is the way that all these race sheet seats should be honestly yeah yeah no this is there’s a lot of space in here this is good actually more headroom of the mustang to be honest you want to drive it in here i do want to drive it can i drive it down yeah all right

Let’s not waste any time our plus mode see what you scott whoa-ohh itself it’s so insane it’s a totally different experience on the mustang really is it feels like a buzzing bee well the mustang is more like a well they named it correctly misconceive it’s a weird feeling to to grow hair on your chest and do a poop in your pants at the same time you have the

Front end and the taper is just so so sharp the steering is perfect feel the rear kind of follow the car around a little bit it’s just it’s just a really well sorted package i wouldn’t modify one of these cars i would just drive it as is cuz it is so good already oh i’m warm i’m warm so i have a woman here and i’m now warm this thing is a riot and you can

Lose the back end very very easily and you know what i totally understand having driven both of these back-to-back they’re so different but they’re so good in their home i’m not usually one to claim love for a mustang when i’m talking about cars but it’s impossible to deny so what do you get with this you get a car that feels a lot bigger than the type-r but

It’s precise in its own way you don’t feel like you’re you don’t feel like you’re planting the front corners of the car so much as you are controlling where the driver goes the type r is this small sharp really agile feeling precision tool and the mustang very precise as well but it’s it’s more of a brute it’s like it’s like choosing charmander or squirtle at

The beginning of pokemon you’re gonna have a great adventure with both they’re just different paths this car is more difficult to drive the clutch is less forgiving and you can get yourself in more trouble with it if you put your foot down in the corner so keep that in mind but then i’m sure it’s not easy to fly a dragon and daenerys looks like she’s having

Some fun but like the dragon if you can harness it and say draw karis is a fire-breathing wonderful machine so there we have it the civic type-r turns you into a boy racer with a grin on your face whether you’re doing a grocery shop run or a highway pool and the mustang is the one that’s going to make you hug your entire family at the end of the day because

It’s just that good and you almost spun out on that final corner on your way home because you got drunk on the noise at the va and didn’t account for the oversteer in the acceleration makes you feel like you had the power of a thousand suns underneath your foot which coincident it was all the way to the floor anyway yeah so james leans more towards the civic

Type-r and honestly for everyday living i do too but if i lived in a world where there was no consequences to my choices i’d take the mustang any day of the week you

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