2019+ Honda Insight Oil Change

So all right guys so we’re going to go ahead and do our first oil change on the honda insight i contacted honda and they wanted to charge about 80 to 90 bucks to be able to do the oil change on the car but i picked everything up from walmart it was only like 25 bucks for the oil which is this one right here at advanced fuel economy zero w20 and then you have

The oil filter m1 110a and go ahead and take it out and you only need about three quarts so this is one quart two three so you’re only gonna need about this much right here you shouldn’t need any more than that let’s go ahead and get started we’re gonna jack up the car and then we’re gonna start doing the oil change first things first we’re gonna go ahead and

Open up the hood and the latch is right there it’s going to pull that you will also want to go ahead and turn on your emergency brake on just go ahead and pull this up and then you will hear it turn on as well on the outside of the car along with that i would have to go ahead and chalk something on the back tire just in case so just put something right here so

The car doesn’t roll back that could be something metal just so it won’t roll back on you um when you lift up the car jack up the car alright guys so here i am under the car i wanted to show you where i jacked the car up from in order to put my jack stand over there on that side on the jacking point so you could jack it up from over there but i wanted to put my

Jack stand under there um to be more secure and i couldn’t find any jacking points like right in the middle usually there should be something uh where you can jack it up from but i don’t see like anything at all and my jack stand couldn’t really reach all the way to the back but i found this spot right here previous owner probably hit something and it left this

Area right open so i went ahead and jacked it up from my here this is really strong so it’s not gonna like bend it or anything that way i could put my jack stand over there and now i’m under the car i’m moving a few clips so the car actually has these weird looking clips right here that i’ve never seen before you’re just gonna twist it once and it’s gonna release

It so it’s kind of like a locking mechanism so you twist it to lock it and untwist it to unlock it and it has a few all around it there was quite a few missing um i guess from the previous person that changed the oil they didn’t put all the clips back on there but i only have about four of them right here but once you remove that this aluminum plate is going

To be loose and then you should be able to push it back it has like a few clips right there you can see holding it into place so we just gotta push it and it’s gonna release it now we just gotta get the other ones as well all right not sure if you guys can really see right there but the oil level is right in the middle see where the shiny parts are and

Over here is kind of dry so we hit it right in the middle that’s where we want to be at if it’s a little bit too high you’re going to take oil out if it’s too low just add a little bit of oil um it’s better to go ahead and add less oil that way you can measure it um if you have too much then you have to get under the car and then drain it out a little bit more

That’s the only way to really take it out all right so now we need to go ahead and reset the oil light for the honda insight you’re gonna press on your home button you’re gonna go to maintenance we were at five percent you’re gonna go ahead and click on that same button and then and do all do items and now you should be good oil life is now 100 all right guys

That’s going to conclude the video on changing the oil on the honda inside um as you guys can see we still have a lot left of this container right here so when you use about three quarts there’s still about two left in here so you can actually use this for your next oil change and you can buy another quart of the same exact oil that you use reminder it is zero

W20 and it’s an advanced fuel economy mobile one is actually the oil that honda uses so you’re perfectly fine as long as you check the oil has to be right at that middle level where i showed you guys it can’t be too high it can’t be too low um if it’s too high there’s too much oil in the system so it could create knock as well so you do want to be very careful

Of that making sure that you are checking the level that it cool down completely when you do the oil change let it sit for a while check it i’m going to run for a little bit and then check it again after it cools down for a while so you just want to check it at least twice just to make sure it is good before you start driving in the tools i used was the ratchet

And then i also had a 17 mil socket to remove the drain plug that’s the size of it and then i untwisted the oil filter by hand but you can purchase a tool to be able to remove it these usually sell like clamps to be able to hold it on and twist it if it’s too tight usually you can try sticking a screwdriver through it and then twisting and loosening it that way

That one’s a little bit risky because if it’s too tight on there it could actually break the filter itself you do also want to get a washer for the drain plug i didn’t change by now as long as it seals up properly then you’re good um usually if it’s been used multiple times it doesn’t really seal properly i usually keep the washers for the first two oil changes

The first one but after about three i would recommend changing the actual washer for the drain plug because sometimes it won’t create a proper seal i do have a few more parts that i want to install for the honda inside so i do have like this cover for the wheel or these little trim pieces that i want to install on there to make it look a little bit better i also

Have a wingness to want to work on i’ll be making a few videos on that so if you guys are interested in watching more videos on the honda inside and there will be more coming but thank you guys so much for watching make sure to like subscribe hit that bell notification and i’ll catch you guys the next one peace you

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2019+ Honda Insight Oil Change By Chrizleyva