2019 Hyundai KONA Electric Recall notice 01D0176 completed

I took our 2019 KONA Electric to have the Recall notice 01D0176 completed at Spirit Hyundai Northampton. They updated Battery Management Software (BMS) Logic, the In-Cable Control Box Protection Cover was fitted and ESC was updated too. I also leant from Hyundai Helpline that if I have a battery fault with the main battery it will show a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) code in the instrument cluster.

For the camera and failing. that’s okay,   well here we go, not doing very well this morning.  early, well early for me. what is it almost eight   o’clock. it’s december the 14th and i’m dropping  the kona into spirit hyundai in northampton   issued. we shall see how we get on. this  isn’t very exciting of me driving there

So   i’ll just show you a bit of footage of that and  checking in. i’ve got a loan car. not sure what   that’ll be. i think it’ll have an engine of the  internal combustion type rather than electric. i’d   be surprised if it’s electric. i’d like electric,  but yeah might be a bit noisy on the way home   day we’ll know

What/if there is a problem with   so car dropped in for its recall and they’re  gonna give me a ring when it’s done. the loan car   done hooray an electric. which is really  nice. so a like for like. catch you later.   hello my name’s rob i’m your hyundai technician  working on your vehicle today it’s part of our  

Service here at spirit hyundai and i’ve carried  out complimentary vehicle check on your car based   upon my inspection there are no items that require  immediate attention at this time. a service   advisor will be in contact with shortly and thank  i had a text to say that our kona is ready. we had some sunshine this morning been able

To   charge the cars. put the seatbelt on. there’s lots  right so we’re all charged up and ready to  go. i’m gonna shut this down and i will see   you when i’ve picked up the new one and let you  know what’s what. all right see you in a bit.   okay back in my car. i’ve done the swap over,  i’ve given back the courtesy car

And back in mine.   the lady at the desk. she gave me a copy of the   really look at in too much detail because i’d   seen it before and i knew it was covering just the  basic stuff in terms of tyres and what have you.   the recall because that was of interest to me.   and she said that they’d updated the esc which

I  didn’t know what that was so i had to ask. which   is the traction controller stability control. and  they also updated the bms software they which i   knew was battery management software. and they’d  also done the in-cable control box and she said   that’s the cable that you plug into the car. i was  thinking i don’t

Know, didn’t really register with   me but when i came home i checked in the boot and  that’s basically what this is here. they’ve put   a plastic box around the in-car charging cable.  the granny one for some reason. i’ve got no idea   why perhaps it gets hot. yeah hardly a big thing.  the recall is for the battery management

Software   firmware or the software version is in the   car because i checked before i put the car in  for the recall. i’ll bring that up on screen   and the firmware version is exactly the same  in the car so i would have thought if they’ve   all right interrupting my video edit as i found  a bit more information

While i was editing the   video. the bits i’ve just been talking about the  info screen and screens of firmware and software   and maps and actually nothing to do with the   actual firmware of the car. so unlike the tesla  when you know what version of the software it’s   on. this is purely for the infotainment system 

Apparently and i learned that from the ev forums.   update there and they’re also saying that   you don’t actually know there’s no where on the  car that tells you the bms software has actually   been updated so a little bit of an omission in  my opinion. but it still doesn’t help in terms   of knowing whether the problem has

Been resolved  and how i get notified and what have you. so   there’s no information from the dealers about   what’s going on, what’s the problem and has it  been fixed. it’s very very poorly communicated   and explained to people. you have to rely on doing  your own research and looking on forums, and owner   groups, and

Things like that. which is fine but  it should really come from the horse’s mouth.   it’s actually been done. i’m guessing it had  because they say they have done it but i’ve got   no indication to say it has apart from it just  being indicated here on the top of this form   to say that it’s been done under code 01d076 which 

Is battery management software logic upgrade.   so yeah we shall see. i have actually emailed  hyundai directly to ask them the question should   software update when the battery management   software has been upgraded. we shall see what  so there. they’re the changes  apparently; battery management software,   been

Updated. which really isn’t anything   coincidence that it needed to be done and   it was booked in for a recall. okay thanks for  watching and as always like, subscribe all those   good things. comment down below and i will see  you on the next one. all right, take care. bye.

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2019 Hyundai KONA Electric Recall notice 01D0176 completed By John Tisbury