2019 Hyundai NEXO – REVIEW

2019 Hyundai NEXO

Welcome everyone to the new hyundai nexo my name is travis waddles and i’m the product manager for nexo here in europe this is our future utility vehicle and when we say future of course we mean technology in terms of technology i’m not only talking about the hydrogen powertrain but i’m also talking about the design of the vehicle the features of the vehicle

As well for example you have the daytime running lights here the daytime running lights run all the way across the front of the vehicle and this is truly unique in the full automotive sector then here we’ve got the composite headlights the composite headlights of course are a hint a specific feature then we’ve got our cascading grille which is of course kinde

Pacific as well and then in the front to help with aerodynamics we’ve opened up the bumper here in the front so typically you would have a lot of air build-up this has now been opened up so that air can simply flow through and give you the most aerodynamic ride as possible here along the side of the vehicle we’ve also integrated technology into the design as

Well you see here the air dam is opened up so the air flows across the wheel of course you think wheels aren’t very aerodynamic but we’ve optimized the design of this wheel so that the maximum amount of air flows over it well the minimum amount still goes in and cools off the brake also along the side here we have retractable door handles it’s the first time

We’ve introduced them now it also helps of course aerodynamics overall here on the back of the vehicle we have the d pillar spoiler now this is an actual functioning spoiler which speeds up the air that’s coming across so that car has the best aerodynamics possible then on the back you see that we have no rear wiper it’s actually been hidden up underneath the

Rear spoiler here giving the car the best aerodynamics possible here on the interior of the vehicle we have many new innovative features such as a shift by a wire system we shift by a wire it’s a simple press of a button just like the gear that you need on top of that that shift by wire system has allowed us to open up the center console so underneath we have

The tray where you have wireless charging usb and of course storage for other items on top of all of this we offer the twelve point three inch navigation screen now this display is not only navigation but also where your power is coming from and on top of that all the fuel cell stations along to your route to make sure you get where you’re going we have a new

Innovative safety feature called blind spot view monitoring with blind spot view monitoring you turn on your turn signal and the camera here on the side mirror actually shows you what’s in your blind spot now most people would think of course why can’t i just turn around myself and look what’s in the blind spot this is cameras been optimized to see better than

What the human eye can see in the rain and at night on top of all of this in terms of safety we also have lane following this’s now lane following assist is the next step of lane keeping assist lane keeping assist typically only looks at what lane this takes it to the next step and is watching both sides of the lane or the road edge keeping the exact center all

The time that you’re driving overall there’s also remote parking assist so when you find a parking spot and perhaps it’s too small to get out of the vehicle you drive past a spot turn on the remote parking assist simply step out of the vehicle press the button on the key and the car could park itself either a 90 degree parking spot or parallel parking you

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2019 Hyundai NEXO – REVIEW By Dody Motors